How to Place Accent Chairs in a Living Room

One of our favorite rooms is the living room; it’s where we gather for a movie night with the kids, cocktails with friends, and downtime while reading the latest book. One comfortable sofa won’t do for all that takes place in this room; an accent chair is needed instead. 

We’ll walk you through the most popular accent chair option and all of the essential things that need to be considered when arranging accent chairs, like how to arrange them according to the size of the room. 

Let’s dive in!

How to Place Accent Chairs in a Living Room

How to Place Accent Chairs in a Living Room

To fit a small table in the middle of a pair of accent chairs in the living room, you need approximately 42 inches between the chairs. Just position the chairs side by side if you have limited space.

Select accent chairs and sofas with seat heights no more than 4 inches apart.

Why choose accent chairs?

If you are completely redecorating your house, you might quickly become overwhelmed. Therefore, we advise starting small with items like accent chairs.

Accent chairs are the “must-have” item designers are raving about right now and for a good reason. They are the ideal way to create a focal point in just about any area. 

Accent chairs not only provide depth, interest, design, and color to any space, but they also add additional sitting.

What is the most popular type of accent chair?

There are several accent chairs, but the most renowned one is called an austerol. Although it is a classic piece of furniture, you cannot find it in your neighborhood shops.

One of their best features is that these chairs are manufactured with reversible fabric. The material might be either yellow, gray, or white.

The flooring and table you select for your home will be most influenced by the color you choose.

How many accent chairs do you need

Knowing how many chairs you want for the space can help you decide how to place accent chairs in a living room. One or two accent chairs can be appropriate for a small room, whereas four or more accent chairs in a larger room could look ideal!

As a general guideline, you should have as many seats in your living room as there are seats in your dining room. So, if your dining room table seats six people, you also want six seats in your living room.

Do accent chairs need to match?

We cannot answer this question because it is a matter of personal preference.

A matching set of anything makes us happy. We adore symmetry, and a set of matching chairs can easily add to any space. If accent chairs are placed in opposing corners of a room, you can use them without having to match.

Can you have just one accent chair?

Yes, symmetry in a living room is bright and fashionable, but many homes don’t have enough area for two.

Accent chairs are a great way to add a splash of color or a different texture to a design.

If you have an accent chair next to a single sofa, tilt it slightly toward the sofa, fireplace, or TV. However, keep the chair at a straight angle if you have an accent chair between two facing sofas.

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The best accent chair placement

Make sure to arrange accent chairs in your home’s more formal spaces, such as the living room, to promote conversation.

The purpose of placement in these areas is to make the chair placement complement the layout of the other furniture items. Accent chairs can be beneficial almost everywhere in the house; however, they are frequently combined with sofas and loveseats.

Pick a layout that complements the rest of the room’s furniture. Place an oversized chair next to the sofa or close to a window.

If there is no ottoman or coffee table, consider positioning an accent chair at an angle to face another piece of furniture. It will improve the room’s balance and aesthetic intrigue.

Things to consider when choosing an accent chair

Choose a bold accent chair shade

What’s the first thing that strikes your eye when you look at a living room? It’s the accent chair, so use your favorite shade and make it a beautiful focal point.

Compliment an existing color scheme

Look at the color scheme in your living room and choose a lighter or darker tone of the same color.

Create a balanced arrangement

Place your furniture away from the walls and set up a central seating area rather than assuming your accent chair needs to be tucked into a corner.

A square coffee table or chest next to your accent chair will give the chair the length it needs to produce a symmetrical impression, giving the area a tidy feel.

Arranging accent chairs according to the size of the room

Small living room layouts

Contrary to popular belief, placing every piece of furniture against the walls in a tiny living room is not the best option. 

As a result, there is an odd void in the center of the room, emphasizing its small size. To make a space feel more open, move furniture toward the middle.

Flexible living room furniture arrangements

Grant yourself the flexibility to adjust your living room furniture arrangement to match the occasion. Lightweight chairs that you can quickly drag into the seating area should be placed in an empty corner. 

Include furniture, such as ottomans or stools, that can be used as seating or side tables for guests.

Large living room layout ideas

Particularly long or huge living rooms can feel comfortable and intimate with careful furniture placement.

Divide the space into two conversation groups creating a walkway between them for a cozy sense of size. One sofa should be positioned with its back to this path to emphasize how distinct these two areas are.

Awkward corner

Each of us has a spot or a corner, just waiting for the right thing to transform it from unattractive to magnificent. Maybe it’s near a stairwell, the end of a hallway, or the foyer. An accent chair would look great in any of these locations. 

A tiny table and lamp complete the peaceful area you can use for reading or meditation.

Arranging accent chairs according to the size of the room


If you wanted to learn how to place accent chairs in a living room, we hope our article helped you discover the best ways to achieve that.

Remember, a single accent chair is ideal in a location with enough area for extra seating but not enough space for a second sofa, such as in front of a bi-fold door or a bay window.

If you are fortunate enough to have enough room for two sofas in your living room, replacing the second sofa with two accent chairs will give the room the impression of having more space and make it appear airier.

Avoid the temptation to place accent chairs in the corner of a living room; instead, arrange them near a coffee table or a fireplace.

Good luck!

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