Should Accent Chairs Be Same Height as Sofa?

The sofa and accent chairs can significantly increase the size of your living room. So, making the right choice can be daunting. Always select the furniture that complements your style. That is the only way to feel at ease in the environment you’ve created with your ideas. 

You should consider the sofa and accent chair size if you want a cozy area that all your guests will enjoy. Nonetheless, do you happen to know should accent chairs be same height as sofa? If you want to discover, keep reading this article and learn about it!

Should Accent Chairs Be Same Height as Sofa

Should Accent Chairs Be Same Height as Sofa?

With today’s design and decoration, you can find from giant furniture that can fill up the whole museum to petite ones that look cute in your small apartment

How important is the size of your sofa and accent chair? Imagine your new apartment, now imagine owning this giant leather sofa, and then you see a small accent chair next to it. Do they coordinate well? If we’re going to lie, then the answer it’s yes.

However, if being honest, we’re going to say that a massive sofa and tiny accent chair look senseless. It’s like something that came out of cartoons for little kids. So, when you consider buying accent chairs, their height and the size of your sofa should be similar, if not the same.

That way, you’ll create a beautiful space that is well decorated, and it looks nice instead of funny. Choosing these two pieces of furniture with the same height makes the room more attractive and looks more put together rather than all thrown out.

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Finding inspiration

If you’re looking for more designs, colors, and fabric matchings, you can go on Pinterest, a famous app, and you’ll get new ideas and may find your perfect match there. Just keep in mind the sizes of the sofa and accent chairs, and everything else will fall into place accordingly. 

Not all sofas and accent chairs are built to the same standards, and that’s why you won’t find a sofa and accent chair that is the same. 

You’ll have plenty of time to look for your ideal sofa and chair that will bring pleasing harmony to your home. Choose the comfortable height you want to sit on and match it with the right furniture.

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Accent Chairs 

Accent chairs are typically used anywhere in your home, but you can always find them in the living room and the sofa. When you’re finally ready to make furniture purchases for your new home, it’s time to consider some things and avoid making the mistakes nearly everyone makes.

Some ground rules cannot be skipped or denied when choosing the right furniture. Like choosing the right fabric and style, accent chairs and the sofa you’re considering buying should simply match. 

If you’re more toward a cohesive design for your new living room, you can decide on coordinating the colors of your accent chairs with the sofa and the rest of the furniture. This is great for making your environment more open, inhibiting, and comfortable.

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Choose the Right Accent Chair

Matching furniture doesn’t have to be boring

When buying home furniture, you should consider its design, color, and fabric. It’s always better for your sofa and accent chair to match, but that doesn’t mean they should be ultimately the same.

If you’re going for the same color, you can choose a different fabric texture to create a flow between those two pieces of furniture. If you go for some unique design, let’s say for the sofa, you should buy a plain chair with a color that coordinates the sofa.

Make sure you put life into the furniture, not making everything monotone and boring. So, whether you choose a patterned sofa or an accent chair, the other one should be the opposite, which is a solid piece of furniture. 

You can even use bold colors like royal blue for your sofa and then combine it with a white pearly accent chair that will differentiate them from each other and make them whole.

Legs or no legs, that is the question 

Let’s say that both styles, whether you consider the sofa and accent chairs with legs or not, are incredibly stunning. However, there’s one thing that you should always remember. 

As we said, the opposites attract, which means that if you’re going for a boxy sofa with no legs, the accent chair should have a high-leg profile to create a better overall look. 

You’re creating a balance by making these two pieces of furniture opposite each other. A balance is much needed, especially if you want your home to be perfect without mistakes.

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So, before you buy the furniture for your home, as we said before, ensure you know the height that makes you sit comfortably. Too high or too low can add to your dissatisfaction with the furniture. 

Because how should accent chairs be same height as sofa if you don’t know your preferred comfortable size? You can follow many designs, fabrics, and colors, and always make sure that your space matches your personality. That’s the only way you’ll feel entirely comfortable in the environment that you choose to stay in.

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