How To Decorate Throw Pillows

If you’re one of those people that have no idea what to do with so many throw pillows, then let us tell you what they are used for and how to decorate throw pillows with ease.

How To Decorate Throw Pillows

What Are Throw Pillows Used For?

Throw pillows are great pieces of furniture with many styling options, and they are used by many people, mainly for decorative purposes. Their softness, which may come from various materials, patterns, and colors, brings comfort and coziness and improves the room’s ambiance. 

The most common furniture that throws pillows go well is sleeping beds, sofas, armchairs, or even chairs with upholstered seats. Throw pillows can also have covers made from various materials, which you can swap to give them a different look every time. 

How to Decorate Throw Pillows Using Some Simple Tips

Throw pillows can be decorated in numerous ways, and there are several things to be aware of when deciding to use them decoratively.

Some general rules to consider

Think about the size of the pillows

It doesn’t matter if you want to use one or multiple throw pillows since their size is one of the most important things to consider.

When decorating a couch, for example, it is a good idea to place smaller throw pillows in the center while placing larger ones on the sides. This will make people subconsciously sit in the center of the couch instead of the sides since there will be little room to sit there.

Standard-size throw pillows have a diagonal size of 18 inches, so this number is a good reference point from where to start when size is concerned.

Match the colors of the pillows with the room

When decorating with throw pillows, you should ensure that their color is complementary to the room’s color. This doesn’t mean the colors should be the same, but they should complement each other.

Choosing throw pillows that have a contrasting effect in the room is another way to make furniture stand out and attract attention. For example, a neutral color room would be better complemented by throw pillows with a brighter color tone and hue.

Choosing matching color patterns also falls under this category, as a beautifully stripped pillow will add a more traditional and classic look and feel to the entire room, as opposed to one with a solid color.

Choose different fabrics and textures

You can also combine pillow colors with various textures and fabrics to achieve a unique look. The texture of the pillows will add depth to the overall look, while the material will make it look aesthetically luxurious and pleasing. 

There are so many fabrics and textures to choose from, and they mostly depend on the materials of the furniture. A leather couch would go great with leather pillows, but it can also look good with pillows made from wool or linen. Sometimes a combination of several textures and fabrics will produce the look you’re looking for, so it is again dependent on your choice and preference.

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Types of throw pillows you can use

Types of throw pillows you can use

Square throw pillows

The standard and probably most popular throw pillows are the square ones. They have so many uses, and they go well with any ambiance, no matter if it is a more traditional or a modern one.

Besides decoration, square throw pillows are very comfortable for everyday use, so they can have a double role in your living room and bedroom.

Round throw pillows

Round throw pillows are great for decoration since they promote elegance and sophistication. That is their primary purpose, but you can also use them to rest your neck or back.

Depending on their shape, these pillows are commonly made from velvet or silk, attracting the most attention when manufactured using these materials.

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Rectangle and bolster throw pillows

These throw pillows have a more practical use since their main purpose is to support your back, neck, or head. Their second function is decoration, and they go well in any combination.

Bolster pillows are interesting because they are cylindrically shaped and come in various sizes. Many people use them to relax and support their lower back, so they would be a great addition to your work or office chair.

Additional tips

Number of pillows

When combining multiple pillows, it’s always better to go with an odd number. One pillow is good, but many people use three or five when decorating. For example, two larger pillows in the back and a smaller one in the front look great and have excellent symmetry.

If you have an L-shaped couch, you can place three pillows in the middle corner and two pillows in each of the end corners for a great visual look.

Decide if you want to chop-shape your pillows

What is meant by pillow chopping is the actual karate chop move which slices the upper middle of the pillow, creating two point ends at each side. This decoration method is great if you want to add a connection between pieces of furniture since the two pointing tips of the pillow can aim at something of importance, such as making them look snuggly and soft.

Decorate pillows according to the seasons

One last tip we want to give you is that you can also decorate your throw pillows according to the weather season. 

Autumn is a great season for decorating pillows with deeper textures and warm colors, which will emphasize the feeling of warmth, coziness, and comfort. 

Spring, on the other hand, is a season to which a floral decoration is better suited, as this is when nature starts reviving and everything starts to grow. So complementing your throw pillows with bright colors and tones is a great way to emphasize this season.

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We hope you will extract a small piece from each section we wrote and know how to decorate throw pillows while creating a unique and appealing design.

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