How to Style Pillows on a Couch

In every house, the most used piece of furniture is the couch, which is not surprising as it is the main focus of the living room. So, making it look good for your guests and you is vital. 

One excellent way to liven up the living room is by knowing how to style pillows on a couch. Soon after you finish styling your couch with colorful pillows, it may feel like you are in a new room. Thus, let’s discover how you can do it!

How to Style Pillows on a Couch

How to Style Pillows on a Couch 

It is not difficult to style the pillows on a couch. You just have to consider the following tips; thus, let’s take a look.

Ensure the pillows are in a cohesive color palette

A vibrant splash of color may be added to any room with colorful sofa pillows. It is a good idea to match the colors of your pillows to the hue of the walls in your room. Mix warm reds, oranges, yellows, and browns in your pillow selection for the fall. 

Change to pillowcases with blue and nautical-themed prints in the summer. Winter is the season to embrace heavier materials and thick knits, while spring calls for blooms.

Try layering pillows in various sizes

If you want to enhance the visuals of your couch with the pillows, you can try and layer multiple pillows in varying sizes. However, remember to keep the size of your couch in mind because if you put pillows that are too big for it, they will swallow it up. 

Try mixing different textiles

Another factor that can help enhance the visual experience is mixing different textiles. You can try adding pillows with silk covers or velvet, faux fur, etc. There are plenty of textiles with which you can play around. 

Ensure to mix different pillow patterns

You can add patterned pillows or put patterned covers on the pillows you already have to add a touch of intrigue to your couch. Patterns are fun to look at and naturally eye-catching.

Try including an odd number of pillows on the couch

Many professional interior designers incorporate an odd number of pillows when designing rooms, which makes them look more attractive. 

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Things to Consider When Styling Pillows

The arrangement 

After you go out and purchase the pillows for your couch or order them online, you will need to start thinking about the arrangement. A good arrangement makes the difference between your space looking effortlessly wonderful or a mess. 

You can arrange the pillows according to their style to ensure cohesion and that they look excellent on your couch. If your living room is designed according to a specific theme, you can also purchase pillows that complement it.

The size and shape

You should also consider the size of your couch and living room. If your couch is too small, putting pillows that are too big will swallow it up. The same goes for if the room is too small, big pillows will make it look cramped. 

Using different sizes, you can achieve a more interesting and eye-catching look for your couch. Couch pillows come in various lovely shapes, including circles, rectangles, lumbar, and even spherical ball pillows.

Your entire interior design will gain visual interest if you get a little imaginative with the pillow shapes. Even better, they’ll be more distinctive, giving your house a far more individualized appearance.

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The number of pillows

Most people interested in interior design know the standard decorating advice to use objects in odd numbers, such as three or five. This design concept also applies to styling pillows, particularly if you desire a more eclectic or modern appearance.

This design rule can be disregarded if the couch you are arranging is larger. Six pillows, with three throw pillows at each end of the couch, would be an even number to use.

To properly style a couch, you should use five to seven pillows. Throw pillows should be arranged in a row with two or three at each end and a set in the center. In other words, a couch should never have just two throw pillows.

Color palettes 

Green, yellow, black, and white 

A good choice for a color palette is mixing greens and yellows. These two colors add freshness to every room in which they are incorporated. Furthermore, green comes in an array of shades from light to emerald, all of which pair great with black color. 

Green and black mix well together because the darkness of the black color allows the green one to pop more. On the other hand, yellow pairs nicely with white, gray, black, and most other colors. 

Gray and blue 

Using gray pillows is excellent to pair them against striking shades of blue such as electric blue. The neutrality of the gray color will let the blue shine when paired together. If you own a gray couch, you should consider styling it with electric blue pillows.

Berry colors

If you have a couch that is a neutral color like gray or white, you should consider adding bolder colors when choosing pillows. 

An excellent choice will be purchasing pillows in berry colors. The bold shades of berry-colored pillows are guaranteed to catch the eye of visitors and get you plenty of compliments. 

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The most important thing to remember when styling the pillows on your couch is to let your creative juices flow and have fun. There is no reason why styling your couch should feel like a chore. 

As long as you follow our tips, you will learn in no time how to style pillows on a couch. It is important to feel comfortable in your home, and having every room and piece of furniture look good will no doubt make you feel comfortable and happy.

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