How Big Is a California King Size Bed

Knowing how big is a California king size bed will help you choose the right mattress and determine if the bed’s frame will fit your room. The bed frame type is also crucial because it might change the total bed size.

The California king bed has dimensions of 72 inches (1.83 meters) in width and 84 inches (2.13 meters) in length. The California king bed size perfectly fits most big bedrooms and narrow ones, giving better aesthetics and comfort. The dimensions for a non-standard California king bed might vary by a few inches.

The dimensions are given for a standard California king bed size. The bed might take up more space in the bedroom, depending on the frame. Keep reading below to learn more about the frame dimensions and non-standard California king size bed types.

How Big Is a California King Size Bed

How Big Is a California King Size Bed

California king bed has the longest mattress on the market. Its 72 x 84 inches size is perfect for taller persons who feel uncomfortable sleeping on a standard bed because of its lack of length. However, we can not exclude average-height people from the list since they can benefit from the comfort of a California king bed.

The California king is a longer King size bed. The difference between these two is their shape. The California king has a rectangular shape, while the standard king looks more like a square. But, if you are interested in the total surface the California bed will take in your bedroom, you should consider more factors despite the standard California king bed dimensions.

The most significant advantage of a California king bed is that you can sleep with your children and still have a good space on the bed. The extra length can also be a perfect sleeping spot for your pet. In other words, the California king bed can bring the whole family closer.

You must know that the California king bed is quite large and difficult to move. You might also face difficulties finding versatile beddings and sheets since it is not a type of bed commonly present in people’s homes.

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Things to Consider When Searching for a California King Bed

If you think about buying a California king, you must consider multiple factors related to your bedroom space, size, and personal preferences. The main thing that makes this bed type challenging to fit in most rooms is its extra length. So, here are some things you should consider before buying a California king.

The bed frame type

The bed frame should meet the bedroom’s style and your preferences. If you opt for a platform bed frame, you do not have to leave extra space around the bed. Platform bed frames are generally as big as the mattress and do not require more space.

But, if you opt for a sleigh or storage bed frame, you must ensure your room has enough place from the sides of the bed. The sleigh bed frame takes a few more inches in length and width since it is pretty bulky. Conversely, the storage frame might not be too big, but you must leave space on both sides of the bed to open the drawers and store things under the bed.

Your bedroom size and shape

The bedroom size and shape is the second most crucial factor you should consider when buying a California king bed. You must measure the space precisely to see what type of California king bed frame you can put in the bedroom.

The California king bed perfectly fits large and long bedrooms. If your room is smaller, the California king bed might make it too crowded. So, the average bedroom size for a California king bed is over 130 ft2.

Anyway, the room shape is just as important as the room size. The California king bed also fits well in narrow bedrooms, but you should ensure space from the sides for a person to walk by.

Bed and beddings availability

California king beds are not a type that many people buy. It is a bit of a non-standard bed size because of its extra length. If you live in a region where taller people live, the chances of finding versatile bed types are quite possible.

Because of the rare purchase, you might face difficulty in finding exciting and colorful sheets for your mattress. It is not a big drawback, but there are not many different choices like for the more standard bed types.

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Comparison California King vs. King Bed Size

Comparison: California King vs. King Bed Size

The shape and dimensions are the first difference between a California king and a standard king bed. It is pretty visible that the California king bed is more elongated because it is 4 inches longer than the standard king.

Because of the extra length, the California king is way rarer than the standard king size bed. The California king is generally a suitable bed type for taller persons, who are also rarer than the shorter and average height persons.

The California king bed can fit large rooms and the most narrow bedrooms. On the other side, the standard king bed can fit shorter but wider rooms since the bed’s shape is square-like.

In the end, you will see differences in the price. It is logical for the rare option to be pricier, which is the California king bed type in this case. The standard king bed is present in most families since it has a more manageable size and shape for an average bedroom.

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If your height requires a longer bed, California king might be your best option. Also, you should consider your room shape and size because the California king can not fit in every bedroom.

We are happy if this short article has helped you find how big is a California king size bed and if the dimensions meet your personal preferences and your bedroom space.

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