How to Arrange a Small Bedroom With a Queen Bed

Living in a small apartment can be challenging. Over 15% of people in the U.S. alone live in small condos and apartments, constantly struggling with tight space. It is very hard in such conditions to make arrangements for maximum space.

Since it would take an extra long article for us to cover everything about an efficient apartment layout, we decided to only focus on how to arrange a small bedroom with a queen bed. So this article is for those who wish to utilize as much space as possible while having maximum comfort while sleeping. 

Benefits of Using a Queen Bed for Your Small Bedroom

We would like to congratulate you on choosing a queen-size bed for your small bedroom. Even though it seems like an illogical choice given the limited space, arranging a small room with a queen bed is quite possible, and it has a lot of benefits as well. 

Queen-size beds are designed for comfort and come in many sizes depending on your needs. Modern queen beds are very easy to assemble, and they are specifically manufactured like this so you can easily fit them into the smallest rooms possible. We hope you also decided to purchase a disassembled bed since they can be quite heavy to maneuver as a whole unit.

Considering that you’ve taken everything into account, let’s now look at how you can arrange your small bedroom with a queen-size bed and make the most out of it.

Advice on How to Arrange a Small Bedroom With a Queen Bed

Even the smallest rooms can be fitter and arranged to look nice while utilizing their space as much as possible. Small bedrooms and queen beds can also be compatible if you know how to combine them properly. Here are some tips on best arranging your small bedroom with a queen bed.

Make an arrangement plan

Before doing anything else, make sure you have a plan or strategy for how you want your bedroom to look. You can visualize this by making a simple drawing from a 2D perspective or making it even more accurate with a 3D representation.

The thing to pay special attention to is symmetry. You should make everything look as symmetrical as possible, as this will also help maximize the space’s usability in your room. A large queen-size bed will take up a lot of space in your small bedroom, but if you place it in the correct spot, there will also be room for everything else.

Try to center the bed in the room

A common solution many people use is to center the bed in the room, with the back against one wall. This simple approach provides the most space in the room for movement and placing other furniture. 

This bed arrangement is usually followed by two nightstands on each side of the bed, on which you and your beloved can place your personal belongings before going to sleep. Each of them can also accommodate a bedside lamp for convenience.

Arranging your bedroom like this is best if you follow the room’s length, and there will also be room for a closet on the opposite side of the bed.

Try placing your bed in the corner of the room

If the space in your bedroom is so small that it is impossible to center the queen bed, then you can try positioning it in one of the corners. Depending on the space, there will be no room for a nightstand, or possibly two. 

This solution is also problematic for one person sleeping on the side of the bed close to the wall. So, you will need to consider this if you’re planning to sleep in your queen bed with another person. 

The biggest advantage of this arrangement is that there is often much more space to incorporate a large closet. So if you have a lot of clothes and shoes and live in a small apartment, you might be compelled to make this arrangement to have enough storage space.

Try to incorporate bedroom shelves for your clothes

If the room is so small that the bed has to be adjacent to three walls, you must make the most of it by incorporating shelves. This is not a visually pleasing solution, but it often gets the job done and allows as much space to move as possible.

Depending on the number of clothes you have and how you wish to store them, we suggest avoiding placing shelves on top of the bed and where you sleep, to prevent unwanted accidents. Besides, not many people love sleeping with something hanging over their heads.

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Design Ideas for More Appealing Bedroom

Design Ideas to Make Your Bedroom More Appealing

Now that we’ve discussed your small bedroom arrangement, let’s look at several things you can use to improve its overall design and feel. Just by incorporating some of these tips, the entire bedroom will feel brighter and larger, regardless of its small size.

Choosing the right paint color for your walls

Sleep is crucial for good health and proper body function. Did you know that the proper bedroom ambiance, including the colors of the walls, can impact sleep? Choosing the right colors for your bedroom will greatly impact your sleep quality.

The most popular and frequent choice of people is plain white. White is a universal color that works best in all scenarios, but you get the ideal combination if you pair it with warm blue. Warm blue gives a sense of tranquility and peace, while white amplifies that effect.

Brown and cream colors are another great color combination that works wonderfully for the bedroom. These colors add a modern feel and go especially well if you have a parquet floor or wood-colored laminate.

Different shades of gray also complement the ambiance nicely, especially if you’re a person who loves a dimmer and darker bedroom appeal. The gray shades also give out a more classic but modern look to the bedroom while at the same time enhancing its simplicity.

Use lamps accordingly

You should use lamps accordingly, depending on the effects you want to achieve. Too much lighting is not suitable for a small bedroom, but poor lighting is also not a good idea.

Depending on your chosen arrangement, you can use nightstand lamps on either side of the bed. These are great for reading before bed, but their light should not be too bright to keep you awake.

A hanging night lamp is also a good idea, but only if it’s not hanging over the bed or where you’re supposed to move. This will make the room feel more cluttered, so you can choose to use a ceiling lamp instead.

As far as light temperature is concerned, try to use lamps that emit light below 4000K. Light below this value helps in promoting better sleep, while everything above it is better for increased awareness and concentration.

Decorate your walls and floor

For a sense of completeness and aesthetics, you can hang pictures on the walls and use a small carpet or rug on the floor. This will give your bedroom uniqueness since the pictures will somewhat represent your character, while the carpet will give you a feeling of coziness and comfort.

Add curtains to your bedroom windows

Adding the right size curtains to your bedroom windows will enhance and make it look spacious. Try to choose curtains with light colors, but they shouldn’t be too bright to amplify the incoming light into the room. 

White-colored curtains are often preferable, but you can also mix other shades for better eye-soothing combinations. As far as length is concerned, they shouldn’t be lengthier than the bottom of the window, so keep that in mind. However, the curtain length may depend on your preferences.

Complement everything with an adequately-sized mirror

A mirror should be essential for any bedroom, so the last thing you should do is add one with adequate size. The mirror’s position and size are up to you, but keep in mind that it should complement the room’s other furniture and size.

Regarding placement of the mirror, you can either place it opposite a light source, like a window, or adjacent to it. 

If you place it on the opposite side of a window, the light will reflect and illuminate the room, making it look larger. Unfortunately, you will have trouble seeing yourself well in the mirror since the light source will come from behind you. 

Placing the mirror next to a window will give you better visibility of yourself since the light will illuminate you directly. 


Knowing how to arrange a small bedroom with a queen bed can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to expect and have no guidelines to follow. We hope that by reading our article, you have gained a sense of interior design which will help you make your small bedroom a little piece of heaven.

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