How To Tell Genuine Mongolian Lamb Fur Jackets and Coats

On the hunt for some genuine Mongolian fur coat? Well then… here is a guide for you to read.

Telling apart faux/fake fur from real Mongolian fur is tricky if you don’t get close and personal with the product, because in pictures they can pretty much look identical.

Fake lamb fur usually looks more colourful and sharp. So it really comes down to your eyesight and how well you can distinguish colours from pictures, albeit, it is more difficult and sometimes rather impossible if the pictures are photoshoped or retouched.

I would suggest to read the description of the product and do some digging on the brand for an accurate answer, or read some of the reviews from the people who actually bought the product.

Can You Tell Faux Fur In Person?

If you happen to be browsing through some wares while shopping in mall, it is much easier to tell genuine Mongolian fur jackets from faux ones.

Mongolian fur actually feels rather coarse and thick. If you think it is rather smooth like butter, you are mistaken. The sensation is smooth, but there is a thickness to the material that faux fur can’t really mimic. If you also look closely, you can tell some imperfection in real lamb fur. Products coming from Inner Mongolia, Tibet or Mongolia actually have imperfections and the fur colour looks as if it has some mix of something else in there.

Unless of course the fur has been dyed and processed to be as clean as possible. Looks wise in that case can be a little trickier, but try to feel the material. Faux fur usually feels more synthetic and has less texture.

Going By The Price Tag

If the sellers are honest and have some integrity, they will advertise their coats or jackets either as real genuine fur or faux. Usually you can tell from the price tag and how much it costs, if the materials are not shown or if the sales associates don’t know the composition.

Faux fur jackets, coats etc go for about ~100 USD, however real ones are perhaps twice to three times more expensive. Why you might ask? Well, getting the fabric imported from another country and manufacturing them elsewhere etc have some additional costs attached to it.

In some certain cases, it is more expensive just because it is “real” like synthetic diamonds made in labs vs ones dug out from the ground. But unlike diamonds, real Mongolian fur actually looks and feels different.

In Short Summary

From pictures it is rather difficult to tell, especially if it’s photoshoped. So please read the description and do your research. If you are buying in person, get a sense of feel for the material and compare how they feel on your skin. Usually genuine sheep fur will feel thick coarse with a rich deep texture whereas faux ones don’t give that feeling.

If all fails, compare similar coats and jacket brands by the price tag. Usually the expensive one is the real deal.

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