Do Mongolians Wear Fur Coats or Jackets?

Mongolian people are hardy people who live in extreme climate conditions. So you might wondering whether they wear Mongolian fur coats.

Well, to be short, YES, kind of. Although it is not what you imagine it to be. Nomads who usually live out in the steppes wear something what is called Deel. It is a traditional dress that is pretty commonly worn from winter til summer. However, depending on the seasons, the thickness of the Deel varies.

Difference Between Mongolian Fur Coat and Deel

Deels could be called Mongolian fur coat, but it is actually made from cloth and linen, stuffed with sheep or goat fur on the inside. It serves as an insulator to retain heat. They are practical and are perfect for nomads who have to survive harsh and cold winters. However, people who live in cities and live a more modern lifestyle are different.

The Mongolian fur coat or jacket you may be thinking of actually looks very different and are sewn in a different way compared to Deels.

How Commonly is Mongolian Fur Coats or Jackets Worn?

Besides winter season, people in Mongolia don’t wear fur clothing that much. People have similar fashion style to Koreans and Japanese people nowadays. However, due to its availability Mongolian fur clothing certainly was more commonly worn during the USSR period.

Modern day Mongolians who live in the city pretty much dress like everyone else from around the world. Some have fashion sense while some others don’t. However, you do see mostly women rocking some expensive Mongolian fur coat during the winter with bulky hats that of Siberia.

Did I mention it is incredibly cold during the winters? In fact, Ulaanbaatar is the coldest capital in the world and temperatures can sometimes reach -40 to -50 degrees Celsius. And no, you don’t get a day off from work or school just because it is cold outside, unless there is a weather hazard such as a blizzard which we call “zud”

What About Mongolian Cashmere?

Cashmere from goats is actually pretty popular in Mongolia than sheepskin fur. Foreigners especially buy a lot of cashmere products for discount prices when they are travelling in Mongolia. Relatively though, cashmere products are a bit expensive and can cost you about $100 and upwards from scarves to shirts.

The feeling is amazing nonetheless and it’s amazingly soft. You do need to take good care of it such as dry cleaning, not getting it moist, etc. It’s more of a luxury clothing that Mongolians wear during the winter perhaps to keep warm or for special occasions.

Where To Buy Mongolian Fur Coats, Jackets or Vests?

Mongolia is closed off to many countries because of its landlocked nature. Everything passes through either China or Russia. Airfare logistics just adds to the costs.

Though you could get it slightly cheaper in Mongolia, for international prices, you should take a look at our wares and recommended coats, jackets and vests!

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