5 Best Mongolian Fur & Faux Fur Jackets, Coats & Vests of 2019

In fashion history, coats, jackets and vests made of fur have always been the most fashionable and luxury items. Because of their warmth and comfort to survive in cold winters, since anciet time, fur garments have been playing an important role in our daily lives. Today, in modern world, they are becoming more versatile while keeping its main role to make you feel warm.

If you are searching for a sleek coat or a jacket that will be sure to get some attention, well look no further, because with a Mongolian fur jacket, you not only are supporting local Mongolian nomads and a developing economy, but you will look good while doing it.

These coats and jackets that are made of pure mongolian fur are the most stylish at the most reasonable prices, so you can’t go wrong with any of them; whatever style and look that best fit your need. Keep in mind authentic Mongolian lamb fur coats and jackets are more expensive and will need proper care. However, the feeling on your skin and the subtle difference in look is well worth the extra investment.

While Mongolian lamb and sheepskin fur is not necessarily produced by slaughtering the animal, there are options to buy faux Mongolian fur coats that are less expensive. The only difference is in the material quality and the feeling on your skin, so choose wisely. From the outside, faux fur and real fur are almost identical.

So, how do you go about making your decision and which one to buy? No worries, because we will be reviewing the good, the bad, and the ugly, You can decide whether to go with authentic fur or faux fur, so read onward!

1. ANNA&CHRIS – Trim Hood Warm Winter Parka

Are you looking for more of a modern look that’s similar to other winter coats? Anna&Chris has the top of the line Mongolian fur jacket that blends the best of both worlds. The hoodie is made of authentic fur, hence your ears won’t get cold and the puffy texture makes the hoodie look stylish and unique.

The coat is made of windproof material, so it’s absolutely suitable for hiking, travelling and other activities.  And you can still feel comfy and warm in snow, because it’s water splash proof, so  an umbrella or snow-protection things are not needed. As it’s water splash proof, it will take longer to get dirty, which would save your time and money of cleaning.

As you see, ANNA & CHRIS Down Jacket  has so simple but fabolous design. The fur hood is removable. Also you can adjust the size with its zips: Zip when you want it to be tighter, and unzip if you need a wider coat! That would save your time and finance from buying another coat with different size.

Matches perfectly with casual outfits, boots, sneakers or flip-flops. The fur hood is removable.

You have the option of choosing from 2 different colours, black and green. They are a bit long and puffy, but it will be sure to keep you warm since these coats are wind and watersplash proof, as I mentioned above. Anna&Chris jackets are well known and well reviewed from many people, so this is our first top choice.

2. SPRINGWIND – Long Sleeve Jacket

For those of you who are more interested in covering yourself in Mongolian lamb fur from top to bottom and bask in the soft and smooth feeling of running your hands down the material, Springwind is the perfect choice for you. The material is 100% quality Mongolian sheep fur. The level of elegance is unmatched and it’s perfect for people who are looking for a classy look.

Also I bet  you have ever seen numoreus  top models and celebrities in this kind of flluffy, short fur coat because it can bring that chic Hollywood vibe, matching any style of outfits. When you go to parties, go shopping, go for a date or just hang out with your friends, SPRINGWIND Genuine Mongolian Lamb Fur Coat can help you look so trendy! Not only for parties and holidays, you can wear it daily because of its comfort and fancy look.

One of the advantages of SPRINGWIND fur coat is its long sleeves which make your arms feel warm, as long sleeved  coats are the most comfortable ones. Besides, lamb fur is softer than adult sheep fur, and  due to the high quality, the fur is “skin-friendly”.

They have a good selection of different sizes and the coats come in 2 different colours, black and pink. For an elegant and classy look go with the black, for cute and innocent look, go with the pink. If you seek to look genuinely stylish, this shiny and shimmering fur coat with high quality might add fresh and chic look to your wardrobe!

3. MINGCHUAN – Long Sleeve Waistcoat

Want something that’s not too over the top, but not too plain, Mingchuan fur coats should be your go to brand. While retaining a sense of a modern and youthful look, it blends in unique stripes of colours, so you’ll be sure to look a few years younger than you actually are.

Great to pair with skinny jeans. Or with evening dress and fancy high heels, you would look fabolous! There are great numbers of possibilities that you can wear with different style of outfits. Because short fur coat with long sleeves has been always considered fashionable and by stylists and fashion designers in accordance with its soft hair and chic look.

The fur is skin-friendly as well, and its simple pattern design will bring more comfort to your daily life.  Also it is designed to make you look slimmer, since fur coats, genereally tend to make us look a little bit wider. Color choices: “White-melon orange- purple grey” for soft, bright and innocent look, “Grey- pink-black” for bold, young and energetic look, “Grey-white-black” for classic, elegant or punk look. It’s your taste how to create your own look!

There are good selection of different sizes and 3 styles to choose from, but make sure you get the sizing correctly because Asian sizes tend to be smaller compared with European and American sizes.

4. Mongolian Lamb Fur Vest

Similar to the coats we reviewed above, this one also comes with a combination of 100% Mongolian fur and satin. Honestly speaking, we feel that this product should be much more popular than it is now. After all, Mongolian/Tibet Lamb fur vest does have a reputation for bringing outstanding look to your style.

This luxury sleeveless fur vest is perfect for both parties and daily lives. With its minimalistic design, you can get it paired with any type of clothes and shoes.  If you want to look luxury and elegant, fancy dress is reccomended. A hoodie in it, and jeans would look so casual but chic.

A satin lining and slit pockets let it look somewhat luxury and fantastic. Cleaning with proffesional fur method is required. A difference from other coats mentioned above is it has not a hood or a collar, and sleeves, so you can slay in it in spring, summer and fall,  it would make you feel warm. Super comfortable that it allows you to move free.

5. Fandy Lokar’s Long Overcoat

If you are looking for a winter coat which is big, warm and fancy, stylish at the same time, please take a look at Fandy Lokar White Duck Down Jacket. The jacket looks so thick, but it is super light and breathable. With its big Mongolian fur collar, Fandy Lokar coat might add a luxury and comfortable look to your daily outfits.

Highly recommended for tourists, due to its comfort, water and wind resistence, and also 2 big pockets for easy carrying.  Long sleeve cuffs for blocking cold wind and snow, come all the way down to the wrists with no ride up.

Collar is made of Mongolian fur and is also detachable.

So Where To Go From Here?

Since fur coats, especially Mongolian fur coats are considered as one of the most fashionable  clothes you must undoubtedly keep in your wardrobe, and wear whenever you want if you prefer casual but luxury look.  Before buying, carefully compare the prices, the material, the style, and what your needs are choose the one that best suit your needs. You really can’t go wrong with any of them since they have their own special unique touch and flavour, so go ahead and buy/enjoy your new fur coat or jacket

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