How to Hide Metal Bed Frame

Metal bed frames are the sturdiest and most affordable bed frames to own. But, most of the time, they simply clash with the overall interior design of the bedroom and make it look untasteful. With the help of this article and our experts, we have delivered some amazingly useful tips and tricks on how to hide metal bed frame without replacing it with a new one and without spending a fortune.

If this sounds like something you have been struggling with for a long time, keep reading this article, and we guarantee that once you try some of our tips, your bedroom will transform into an entirely different room.

How to Hide Metal Bed Frame

Pros and Cons of the Metal Bed Frames

Owning a metal bed frame comes with a variety of pros and cons. Depending on your personal style and preferences, you will lean more toward the positive or negative sides of owning a metal bed frame. 

For instance, low maintenance is one of the biggest advantages of having a metal frame bed. Insects or pets will not impact the frame, and you can clean it from dust with only one move. Another advantage is versatility because metal bed frames come in various shapes, designs, and metal finishings. So whatever your style is, you can easily find a metal bed frame to match it perfectly. Other advantages we want to mention are the lower prices these frames have and the longer durability compared to other types of bed frames.

Regarding disadvantages, the first one we want to mention is poor quality metal. Regardless of how sturdy these frames are known to be, if the metal they are made of is poorly crafted, sturdiness will not be its strongest feature. Another disadvantage is their heaviness. As we all know, metal on its own is quite heavy. These metal frames can be a struggle to move around or even transfer from one house to another.

How to Hide Metal Bed Frame

How can you hide metal bed frame to fit your personal style

Make your own bed skirt

Why spend money on a bed skirt when you can easily make one yourself? All you will need is a little sewing experience, and if you do not have that, you can simply use sewing glue. Just measure the bed frame, cut the fabric to match the length of the sides, and pin the new bed skirt around the mattress. The greatest thing is that you can use any color, pattern, or design of the material you want so that the bed skirt is 100% personalized to your taste.

Paint the metal bed frame

To do this, you are not required to have any pre-existing experience. All you will need is a vision of how you would like your bed frame to look and some paint. For this painting job, it is best to use oil-based paints as they look amazing on metal and last the longest. The options here are endless. You can use one or multiple colors, mix and match different shades, and even use some stencils to create unique patterns. 

Use fabric to create a new bed frame

If you are a creative person by nature, this is your time to shine! Choose the fabric pattern you love, which at the same time matches your bedroom, and start being crafty. Try matching the fabric to the pillows, walls, or some statement piece decoration in the room, to achieve cohesiveness. You can use adhesives to stick the fabric on the metal in any way you like. 

Moreover, you can get extra creative and shape the fabric in many different ways to achieve a unique and one-in-a-kind look. Then, to complete the design, set some pillows up nicely, and you will achieve that put-together look in no time.

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How to hide metal bed frame traditionally

Transform the bed with frame leg covers

If you are not a big fan of bed skirts, you might consider trying leg covers. Leg covers gain more and more popularity thanks to their more minimalistic and discreet appearance. Another great thing that comes from using frame leg covers is that they can add some extra storage space underneath your bed. 

Frame leg covers come in many different materials and designs, from rubber to even mahogany, and depending on the effect you want to achieve, by utilizing these covers, you can elevate your entire room to another level of sophistication.

Find a bed skirt to match the room

Bed skirts are the most basic and affordable way of covering the metal bed frame. As they come in numerous materials and designs, choose the one you like most and finally cover that not-so-pleasant metal bed frame. If you want your bed to look super-elegant, you might want to buy a satin or silk bed skirt for an exclusive and luxurious-looking bed. Because the bed skirts are easily detachable, you can put one and remove it in only a few seconds.

How to hide metal bed frame without using a bed skirt

How to hide metal bed frame without using a bed skirt

Hang curtains above the frame

By hanging curtains above the metal bed frame, you will hide the frame as well as make your bed more private. If your bed is not built for curtains, just install a few curtain rods to the ceiling, and you are good to go.

When it comes to the type and material of the curtains, you can choose them according to your style, preferences, room design, and the effect you want to achieve. The most commonly used curtains are the velvet and chintz ones. A great advantage of this option is that you can change the curtains depending on the weather season, the decor in your room, and the mood you are in. 

For example, during the summer, you might want to use some lighter curtains, whereas in the autumn and winter, some heavier and thicker darker-colored curtains.

Use canopy

Who does not like the magic that canopy brings with itself? If you manage to place the canopy correctly, you can hide the legs of the metal bed frame like a pro. If your bed is not built for a canopy, you can do as in the previous case with curtains and install curtain rods on the ceiling on which you will attach the canopy.

If you are headed more toward an elegant and romantic look, try silk or sheer fabrics that are at the same time light and cover the metal bed legs. The combination between the light canopy and the metal bed frame makes for a unique-looking bed with a lot of character and personality. This combination is the best blend between the heavy and industrial metal and the soft and gentle sheer canopy.

The Three Easiest Ways to Hide a Metal Bed Frame

Flat sheet

We all have some sheets just laying around the house useless. With this hack, you can take that sheet and make it a great metal bed frame hider. All you need to do is just place the sheet under the mattress and make it fall until it reaches the floor so that all the metal frame legs are completely covered. 

Remember that if you want the sheet to cover all sides of your bed, you will probably need an oversized sheet. A mitigating circumstance is when your bed is in the corner, so regardless of the sheet size, you can successfully cover only the exposed part of the bed.

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Oversized blanket

An oversized blanket is an ideal choice to add layers to your bed and make it look extra cozy while also hiding the metal frame. All you need to do is find an oversized blanket that would touch the floor on all sides of the bed so that it can cover all four metal legs. 

With this hack, you also get endless opportunities and possibilities to choose a blanket that matches your style and the bedroom’s overall design. We would also recommend using a woven blanket to upgrade the level of coziness in your bed and room as well.

Large comforter

The easiest and most affordable choice to cover the metal bed frame is to buy a large comforter. Because you can just throw the comforter on the bed and all the metal frame legs are gone, you will save yourself much money and time, which you will be grateful for. 

Choose the design of the comforter according to your needs and desires, and as long as it covers the entire bed and touches the floor, you have made the right decision. Do not be afraid to experiment with different patterns and colors so that your room always looks fresh and different.

Large comforter


Whether you were looking for fancier or more on-the-budget solutions, with our hacks on hiding metal bed frames, we are sure everyone will find what works best for them. You can decide on one of the hacks or even combine a few until you are completely satisfied with the final result. Therefore, let your imagination go wild, and have fun!

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