How Wide Is a Queen Bed Frame

If you need precise dimensions about how wide is a queen bed frame, this article might help you out. The bed frame dimensions can help you choose a matching mattress and determine if the desired bed size can fit your room.

The queen bed frame has a dimension of 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length. It is approximately 155 cm in width and 203 cm in length. The queen-size bed is something between a full-size and king bed.

If you need more comfort than the one that your current full-size bed gives, the queen bed might be the perfect one. It is smaller than the king size, meaning you can get comfort and save more space in the room without making it overcrowded with furniture.

How Wide Is a Queen Bed Frame

How Wide Is a Queen Bed Frame

Generally, the queen bed frame size is 4 to 5 inches bigger than the full-size bed or 5 to 6 inches less in width than the king bed. The standard measures of a queen bed are 60 x 80, but some furniture companies might change them for a few inches to give a unique detail to their creations.

The queen bed size is perfect for adults who need extra comfort or couples who need a more petite bed frame to save more space in smaller rooms. The queen bed allows the sleepers to have plenty of room on the mattress, but not as much as the king bed. It might be a good option if you need a bed that will save a few inches of space in your room.

But, you must know that every queen bed has a different frame, and some of them come with a platform that might take a few inches more than the classic one. If you need a queen bed just to fit your queen mattress, you can choose any queen bed frame.

But, if the queen bed frame is the considering factor, keep scrolling to find which one will fit your room.

Types of Queen-Size Bed Frames

The queen-size bed has 60 x 80 inches standard measurements. But, the queen bed’s frame size might vary depending on the material, model, thickness, and design. If the space in your bedroom is relatively limited, you should consider the queen-size frame model and material to make a clever choice.

Platform queen bed

Platform queen beds are generally made with a sturdy base and wooden slats that support the mattress surface. The frame is usually made of wood or metal and does not take extra space in the room. The platform queen bed is perfect if you need a comfy bed that does not take up too much space.

Sleigh queen bed

This queen bed frame is bulky and takes up space in the room. If you need a queen bed because of the mattress size, you can choose a sleigh queen bed model. Sleigh bed frames look luxurious and are often made of wood, with or without upholstery.

Generally, sleigh bed frames have curved footboard and headboard, which takes up additional space in your room. Sleigh beds look excellent and rich but are heavy and hard to move around the house.

Storage queen bed

Storage beds are a little higher than platform beds. The storage queen bed has space under the mattress slats, allowing you to store things and clothes underneath and save more space in the wardrobe.

Storage queen beds might have drawers or a mechanism that allows you to lift the mattress and store stuff underneath. This is a good choice if you have no space for storing extra sheets, pillows, blankets, or clothes.

If you opt for a storage queen bed with drawers, you must leave side space in the room to open the drawers.

Adjustable queen bed

Adjustable queen beds have mechanisms to lower or raise the foot and head part of the mattress via remote or smartphone app. Often these beds are higher, but their frame does not take up too much space.

If you opt for an adjustable queen bed, you must choose a suitable mattress that can be flexible and adjustable. The mattress should bend as you adjust the height of the bed.

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Non-Standard Queen Bed Frame Sizes

Olympic queen bed

The Olympic queen bed is so similar to the king bed size. This is a good option for couples who need extra inches of room on the mattress. An Olympic queen bed size is 66 inches in width and 80 inches long. Compared to the standard queen bed, the Olympic queen bed gives 6 inches extra width.

California queen bed

The California queen bed keeps the standard queen bed width of 60 inches but has an extra 4 inches in length. A California queen bed frame is 84 inches long, so try to find a suitable mattress, or you will have space in length. This queen bed is a good choice for tall people who face difficulties sleeping in a standard-length bed.

Split queen bed

This queen bed has the exact dimensions as the standard queen bed, but it splits into two beds with dimensions of 30 inches in width and 80 inches in length. Choosing this type of queen bed allows you to place two different mattresses if you and your partner have different preferences.

Short queen bed

The last non-standard queen bed is 4 to 5 inches shorter. This might be a good choice if you are a shorter person who needs a shorter bed to save more space in the room.

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We hope this article has helped you find out how wide is a queen bed frame. The measures are generally given for a standard queen, while the non-standard queen bed frames have a few inches difference in width and length, which is also explained in this article.

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