How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture

Having a place to relax, recharge, and forget your worries is a must in today’s fast-paced life. And a lovely and welcoming bedroom is just the right place to achieve that. Do you know that people spend around 1/3 of the day in their beds whether they sleep or rest? That’s quite a lot of time and the main reason the bedroom should be filled with positive energy and harmony.

To have that, you should place the bedroom furniture the right way, but you may ask: “how to arrange bedroom furniture?”. Don’t worry. Placing the bed centrally and arranging the other essential bedroom furniture around it will solve your problem. And we have all the tips for doing that and using your space in the best way possible, so let’s start.

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture?

Let’s start by selecting what’s the essential bedroom furniture. Whether your bedroom is big or small, there are some things that you must have there. But, it’s important to leave some free space and not overfill the bedroom with unnecessary items. So before starting to arrange the bedroom furniture, let’s define which things are the most important ones.

  • A bed
  • A comfy chair
  • A nightstand
  • A dresser

When you find the proper place for these essential things, every other additional furniture piece will fall into place easily. The following pointers will give you an idea of how you should arrange the essential things in your bedroom and how ideally your bedroom should look like. They might even inspire you to add something more. So let’s start.

The bed

The bed is, of course, the most important thing in the bedroom. As the main thing in your bedroom, everything else gets arranged according to it. So, understandable; the first thing you must do when thinking how to arrange bedroom furniture is to find the perfect spot for your bed.

Suppose you are wondering how to put a bed in your bedroom so that your nights are peaceful and provide you with quality sleep. In that case, the best way is to put the bed centrally, against a wall, but diagonally or opposite the door, so you can look at who’s entering the bedroom. But, if you don’t have the space to do that, you can also place the bed off-centered; just make sure you leave enough walking space on both sides if you share the bed with someone.

Your bed should be comfortable, cozy, and snuggly. The bed size is also important, but be careful with it because you should leave some space for other essentials in your bedroom. In no way should this room look overcrowded.

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A chair

Having a bedroom chair, of course, depending on the free space you have in your bedroom, can be very useful. If you’re a book lover and enjoy reading in a calm place, having a comfy chair in your bedroom can be the best piece of furniture you can choose to have.

You can place your chair next to your windows. This will provide you with natural light when you sit down, relax, and read your book. Also, it’ll give you an outside look when you just want to drink your tea, unwind, and do nothing.

If you can’t place your chair next to a window, you can place the chair in the corner. This way, it’ll be out of your way, making the room look big, yet you’ll have a place where you can sit and relax. Just make sure you have a lamp next to it to enjoy your books even at night.

You can play with the type of chair because there are many different options and styles. You can even get a rocking chair and have lots of fun using it.

A nightstand

Having a nightstand in your bedroom is simply a must. A place where you can leave your phone, book, candle, hand cream, water, or simply anything that you need to have within your reach. If you can find one with a drawer, even better. That’ll give you more space to put your things in.

It’s pretty obvious that the best place to put your nightstand is next to your bed. Ideally, your nightstand should be the same height as your mattress, and also, make sure to leave a couple of inches of space between your bed and the nightstand. This way, your bedroom won’t look overcrowded.

A dresser

A small dresser where you can keep your pajamas and underwear is also a necessity. Everything you need before going to bed and waking up can be put in it. You can place it next to your bed if you have a bigger bedroom. This way, a smaller dresser can also be used as a nightstand. But if your bedroom is small, the best place to put the dresser is across from the bed. Just make sure that you leave enough walking space between your bed and the dresser.

Arrange Bedroom Furniture

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Additional furniture pieces

You can add a lot of other things to make your bedroom look more stylish and welcoming, and the most common are mirrors and plants, so let’s see where you can place them.

A mirror

Placing a floor mirror in your bedroom is always a good idea. Floor mirrors are tall and vertically placed so you can take a full, quick look at yourself anytime.

You can place the mirror on the floor or mount it on the wall. If your bedroom is small, you can even put it inside a closet door, behind the door, or opposite windows because that way, it’ll reflect light and make the room look bigger and brighter.


Having plants in your bedroom can make the place look pleasant and calming. Lavender, Snake plant, Peace Lily, and Monstera Deliciosa are the best plants you can put in your bedroom. These plants purify the air and make the bedroom warmer. You can place a smaller Lavender or Snake plant on your nightstand or a bigger Peace Lily or the Monstera next to your chair.


Ultimately, the most important thing is for you to feel comfortable and relaxed when spending time in your bedroom. The tips in this article should give you an idea of what your bedroom should look like, and they should be an inspiration for you to find your own style.

So, don’t be afraid to experiment and move things around a bit. Keep in mind that there’s no wrong way to set the furniture, as long as your bedroom is comfortable for you.

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