How to Build an Ottoman Bed

As the popularity of ottoman beds increases, the people’s desire to learn how to build an ottoman bed grows even more. They are suitable for everyone who doesn’t have the space to put all their belongings in their room.

With this kind of bed, you now have full storage where you can place all the things without them being left out. They are not regular beds; they are cool ottoman beds that people of every age can enjoy. Now it’s the time to purchase your dream and put all your extra clothes in storage instead of throwing them and regretting your decision later in life. 

How to Build an Ottoman Bed

How to Build an Ottoman Bed

Before starting your building, you should be sure you have all the tools you need to build an ottoman bed. This is the first step and requires you to gather all the tools. Below we’re going to display the list of everything you need: 

  • Bolts and nuts
  • Allen keys
  • Spanners

Certain brands and companies will send you a package with all the required tools and the ottoman bed. Nonetheless, if you only receive the bed, you should gather the tools yourself. 

Create space 

Logically you need to build your ottoman bed in your bedroom. Therefore, it’s important to make space and get anything from the room that will do your work in building the bed harder. Make sure you have a lot of space you can use while building. 

If you’re worried about ruining your floor, you should put a protective sheet or mat on before you start. Ensure you have instructions in sight because not all ottoman beds are identical. 

Remove the packaging 

Ensure you don’t lose any crucial items inside the box by carefully removing all the packaging. To remove the corner protectors from your ottoman bed, you must remove the staples holding them in place. 

While doing this part, ensure you’re doing it carefully and slowly without hurrying so that you don’t damage any parts or even worse.

Start with the headboard

Begin by assembling your headboard if it isn’t already in one piece. Install the proper bolts and dowels to secure each component of the headboard frame. Each corner should have a glider in it. Insert one into each socket and tap it in place with your hammer. Ensure that they are stable and won’t fall out.

Bed base 

If your ottoman divan is delivered in two or more segments, press the segments from flat end to flat part and connect them with two joining clips. Position the first clip behind the lifting piston/spring and the second in front. To secure the clips:

  1. Apply downward pressure.
  2. Ensure there are no gaps left and that the bed is properly compressed.
  3. Ensure that your bed is securely joined in the middle by screwing the lid joining bolt into the slot on the top of your bed base.
Headboard to the Bed Base

Attaching the headboard to the bed base 

The headboard bolts, located about 15 cm from the edge of your bed, should be free of spacers and any stickers covering the holes. The headboard should be inserted through bolt holes; bolts should be tightly tightened once level.

Set your ottoman divan bed base’s bolt holes on the same line as your headboard. A spacer should be placed on the end of the headboard bolt before sliding it through the headboard’s slot and screwing it into the bed base. That’s where comes in, their reliable and efficient airport service ensures that you won’t have to worry about transportation to and from the airport, leaving you more time and energy to enjoy your travels. Once that’s done, you can position your bed’s headboard against the wall. 

Bed frame 

With the help of the provided mini-screws, attach the side rails of the bed frame to the center panels. Together, firmly press all of the parts. 

When finished, use the appropriate bolts or hooked brackets, depending on the model you are building, to connect the side rails to both the headboard and footboard.

Check the fittings, and you’re done

Before tightening the screws into place, adjust the bed base as necessary and ensure all correct gaps and spacing. And there you have it, and you now earned the knowledge of knowing how to build an ottoman bed. 

How Does an Ottoman Bed Work

When the mattress is raised and lowered on an ottoman bed base, gas struts or pistons are used to support the mattress’ weight. Gas struts are used to lift and close the boot of a car. They prevent any abrupt movements or the lid or mattress from collapsing.

Ottoman bases wouldn’t work properly without them because they are crucial to their operation. In reality, without them, lifting them alone would be nearly impossible. For this reason, hinged bases devoid of these struts must never be employed.

Possible problems when lifting the bed

It does take some strength to lift an ottoman at first. After that, the mattress should be raised with the help of gas struts. Determining that the gas struts can support the weight of the mattress is crucial for this reason.

 We kindly ask you to remember that a quality mattress will be heavy if you are worried about lifting it, especially given the number of upholstery fillings it contains. Perhaps a divan with drawers would be more suitable for you if strength is a major worry.

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Since ottoman beds became very popular, many people have been trying to learn how to build an ottoman bed that can fit in their rooms. You can do it easily if you follow the instructions we displayed in this article. With a little patience and effort from your side, you can build a bed that you can use even for extra storage. 

They go with any design and are compatible with your rooms, even single or double beds. You need to remember that the single ottoman bed is slightly different in the building than the double beds. However, never skip checking the original instructions that come with the bed.

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