Does Ottoman Have to Match Couch?

Your home simply can’t be complete without an ottoman, as ottomans are stylish, practical, and very popular items. They make any room more welcoming and cozy, and their functionality is a big plus, so stop wondering does ottoman have to match couch because there are plenty of ways to coordinate them.

Your ottoman doesn’t have to match your couch exactly, but it should complement all your furniture, including the couch. You can easily do that by implementing simple matching tips and tricks, like combining different colors, materials, and patterns, using a cover, paying attention to the details of the furniture, or using pillows to bring everything together.

Does Ottoman Have to Match Couch

Does Ottoman Have to Match Couch?

If you want to include an ottoman in your room and you’re wondering does ottoman have to match the couch, the short answer is that it doesn’t. Most people are searching for an ottoman made from the same fabric, colors, and patterns as their couch, but that’s almost impossible to find. However, there’s no need for doing that.

Learning to combine different materials, colors, and patterns will allow you to easily coordinate your furniture and make your room one of a kind. So, we have some tips and simple tricks that, once you learn them, matching any kind of furniture together, especially coordinating and fitting the ottoman with your furniture, will be a piece of cake for you.

Ways to Pair the Ottoman With Your Couch

Different colors

The colors of the couch and the ottoman don’t have to be the same; they should be compatible but not clash. So, don’t search for the same shade of ottoman as your couch. Your room will become boring. Instead, go for a color that is a contrast to your couch. This way, you’ll give your room an interesting look. For example, yellow and blue are contrasting colors, so even though they’re different, one is cold, and the other is warm, they look good together. So consider mixing light and dark colors, and don’t be afraid of the results.

Another trick you can apply is to choose an ottoman that’s a lighter or a darker shade than the couch. For example, if your couch is green, look for an ottoman in a lighter or darker shade of green. The flow of the colors in the room will be outstanding.

Use a cover

What can you do if you really like a certain ottoman, but its looks, colors, and patterns don’t match your couch at all? Well, there’s a very simple solution for that too. You can always buy a cover for the ottoman that’ll match the other furniture in the room. That way, you’ll have the ottoman that you’ve wanted and use it as a footrest or as an extra seat. Or you can do the opposite. You can simply use slipcovers that slightly match the ottoman and put them over your couch. So do what’s most convenient for you.


If your couch has one color, and the ottoman has a pattern, or it’s the other way around, don’t worry. Both of these furniture pieces can still be paired and give your room a distinctive look. For example, purchasing a black and white patterned ottoman can be paired with any color of the couch, no matter if it’s dark or light. And guess what? Even if the ottoman has a pattern that includes other colors, it can still match your couch if you choose the right shades and tones, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

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Ottoman Materials and Covers


Another thing to keep in mind when trying to fit an ottoman with your furniture, especially with the couch, which takes up the most space in the room, is that they don’t have to be made from exactly the same material. Different types of materials can fit perfectly, so it’s worth the try. For example, an ottoman made of fabric or a fluffy one made of faux fur can go perfectly with a leather couch, so don’t be afraid to mix various materials. Different materials can still complement each other and give the room a unique look.


The details can be of great importance and greatly help you coordinate the furniture in your room. So, if your couch has nailhead details, look for an ottoman that also has nailhead detailing. This way, even if they’re absolutely in different colors, they’ll still match, and they’ll be a rare combination that no one else has. 

Another thing you can do is to pay attention to the other details; for example, if the couch has a floral print, the ottoman might also have flowers on it, so even if they’re in different colors, they’ll still fit perfectly.

Coordinating pillows

If you really want to buy the ottoman that you can’t possibly find a way to fit in with your furniture and that clashes with the design of your room, and you’re wondering does ottoman have to match couch, there’s a solution for that too. 

There’s nothing that a couple of pillows can’t solve. So, let’s say that the ottoman you like to buy is light green, and your couch is blue. Simply buy a couple of blue and green pillows and put them on the couch. Pillows have the power to bring all of the elements in the room together and make it cozy.


By paying attention to these simple tricks, you’ll be able to match almost any type of ottoman with your couch. There’s no need to buy them together or search for an ottoman made from the same materials as your couch. Now you know that it’s not necessary for these two pieces of furniture to be exactly the same in order to be compatible and look good together, so feel free to play with the designs, colors, and materials and make a unique combination.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and to make your room colorful creating a balanced space. Trust your gut, use some of these tips that suit your style, and enjoy making your home most comfortable and stylish.

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