Where to Put Ottoman in Bedroom?

An ottoman can be a great accent piece that will enhance the look and feel of the room. However, many people are skeptical about using ottomans outside the living room, and they couldn’t be more wrong.

Placing an ottoman in the hallway or entrance is also quite popular, but what about having an ottoman in the bedroom? An ottoman in the bedroom will not only enhance the style of the sleeping area but can also double in functionality. You can use it for storage or create a nook where you can read a book or relax by the window.

If having the comfort of an ottoman in the bedroom sounds cozy enough, stick around, as we’re going to reveal some tips and tricks that will help you decide where to put ottoman in bedroom. Let’s take a look.

Where to Put Ottoman in Bedroom

Where to Put Ottoman in Bedroom?

End of the bed

The end of the bed is undoubtedly the most logical place for adding an ottoman in the bedroom. An ottoman at the end of the bed can make a great addition to your bed and headboard, especially if you can find one in a matching design.

The best thing about placing an ottoman at the end of the bed is that you can use it as a place to sit down and get ready. It is a comfortable option for putting on your shoes in the morning, but it can also serve as extra storage. A storage ottoman could come in handy if you have many shoes, extra bed linen, blankets, or cushions.

Consider a larger rectangular ottoman or add two smaller ones to complete the visual appeal and tie the entire room together.

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Under the window

If you have an empty wall with a nice view, you can place a cozy ottoman under the window. An ottoman next to your window can create a cozy nook in the bedroom. You can use the place to read while being surrounded by sunlight or to relax and listen to music while you gaze outside.

The corner

If you don’t have many exciting options about where to place the ottoman in the bedroom, you can always go with an empty corner. If you find the right ottoman, you can create a space for relaxation and unwinding. If you have some extra floor room, you can match the ottoman with an accent chair and a lamp and create a warm nook where you can retreat after a long stressful day.

Near the closet

Having an ottoman next to your wardrobe can be very neat. You can use the ottoman as a place to sit while getting dressed for the day or night. If your bedroom extends to a walk-in closet, you should definitely put the ottoman inside.

On the sides of the bed

If you must have an ottoman in the bedroom but don’t have enough room, you can get rid of the old nightstands and use ottomans instead. The right ottoman can serve as a display piece and double as storage for all the small items that were constantly cluttering your nightstand.

Using a storage ottoman as a nightstand will make your bedroom look more organized and neat.

Underneath the vanity table

An ottoman is a must if your bedroom has a vanity table. An ottoman that matches the vanity table’s decor can be an excellent addition to the room. Consider gold or copper finishes to make a bold statement. Don’t be afraid to play around with shapes, sizes, and styles to create a masterpiece that will steal the thunder from the bed in the room.

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Ottoman in Bedroom

How Much Space to Leave Around the Ottoman

After the round-up on where to put ottoman in bedroom, let’s get into the details about the ottoman’s positioning. An ottoman can be a great addition to the bedroom, but you need to have enough room for it to blend in with the rest of the furniture. Therefore, before moving the ottoman around the bedroom, let’s take a detailed look into some generally accepted guidelines for properly positioning the ottoman.

A general rule of thumb says you should let 14 to 18 inches around the ottoman. However, if you’re aligning the ottoman to the end of the bed with a wall, then position the ottoman snuggly to the bed or the wall while leaving enough room on the other sides of the ottoman.

14 to 18 inches is a generous amount of space for you to walk freely around the ottoman without having to be extra cautious or uncomfortable.

How to Style a Bedroom Ottoman

If you’re fond of the idea of incorporating an ottoman inside the bedroom, there are several ways to decorate one. The best way to style a bedroom ottoman is using a throw blanket. A throw blanket that matches your bed linen can tie the entire room together, making it warm and inviting. It is also very practical, as you can quickly access the extra blanket if you’re cold at night.

For those who enjoy breakfast in bed, you can place a decorative tray on top of the ottoman, adding a second layer of pattern and texture to the room. For an extra finishing touch, you can place one to two decorative pieces on the tray and add visual interest and freshness to the room.

You can also use books or pillows.

Why Would You Need an Ottoman in the Bedroom?

Having an ottoman in the bedroom is an excellent way to avoid clutter. A storage ottoman can be an excellent addition to the bedrooms that otherwise lack storage, as it can serve as a great place to store linen, blankets, cushions, or even some shoes and clothes. 

Despite being practical, a bedroom ottoman will also enhance the style of the bedroom. With the right placement, you can transform your bedroom into a cozy nest with a small nook where you can sit down and relax.

Now you know where to put ottoman in bedroom, so take the next step and find one that will match your bedroom decor.

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