What Is Tufted Upholstery?

Furniture is important. It can influence your mood and, therefore, your movie night, work performance (if you work from home), or sleep. Tufted upholstery can be a great addition to your home and might make you feel like you are in Victorian England.

Let’s discover what is tufted upholstery and why people praise it so much!

What Is Tufted Upholstery

What Is Tufted Upholstery?

You frequently see furniture with tufts in elegant ballrooms, movies, classic Victorian paintings, and even in your neighbor’s living room.

Running a thread through a cushion creates depressions at regular intervals, known as tufting.

The method was created when its main objective was to prevent the stuffing within from shifting or moving.

Today, tufting is often employed to give an item a decorative flair. The three most widely used tufting methods are diamond tufting, biscuit tufting, and channel tufting, and you’ll likely find them when looking around for furniture.

Tufting origin and use

Let’s first look into what tufting is to comprehend better what is tufted upholstery!

Around 1800, tufting first appeared in Victorian England. In its simplest form, tufting is a fabric treatment in which the top upholstery and subordinate layers of filling are closely stitched, utilizing various methods to produce a succession of repetitive geometric patterns.

The stitches create uniformly spaced indentations or dimples that have a consistent pattern. Tufts are elevated fabric pieces that result from this. These depressions may occasionally be covered with a button, knot, ribbon, or even left naked.

These days, tufted furniture includes ottomans, seats, coffee tables, and tufted sofas.

It’s not surprising that the button upholstery style is still in demand because tufted upholstery is the ideal fusion of chic and contemporary. 

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Types of tufting

Diamond tufting

Diamond tufting is one of the most well-known and well-established tufting methods. As the name implies, the pattern created by pulling and fastening the upholstery fabric is made of repeated diamond shapes.

One can make it more formal by including pleated folds or panels with seams highlighting the diamond pattern. 

This method is perfect for living and dining rooms or even soft, vintage-inspired home interior décor because of its elegance and timelessness. 

Biscuit or Bun tufting

A more contemporary technique is biscuit or bun tufting; the stitching creates square or rectangular tufts that are eight to ten inches long and are uniform and repeatable.

The depth of the dimples can vary from deep to relatively shallow, depending on your preferences. It gives furniture a modern appearance while blending beautifully with the mid-century style.

Channel tufting

This approach involves rows of lines or seams instead of indentations. The padding fills a long channel between two lines of stitching in the tufting pattern, which consists of repeating stitched lines that are either vertical or horizontal.

You can use this design for art deco, mid-century contemporary house interiors, and a simple and modern feel.

Vertical channel tufting leads the eye up and gives the appearance of higher ceilings when utilized on items like a high headboard.

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Types of tufting


There are distinct buttons in the middle of each indentation in button tufting. The stitches are shallower than diamond tufting, resulting in slight depressions in the furniture. The buttons are often the same color as the cloth, but occasionally contrasting ones are added to create interest.

However, contrasting hues and materials can be employed to provide layers of texture and visual appeal. It offers a regal and dignified appearance, excellent formal areas, and traditional-inspired home interior décor.


Blind tufting is less frequent than the methods mentioned above and has no distinguishable pattern.

Blind tufting is a method of stitching in which it is impossible to see what is holding the tufting in place. It can produce any pattern. 

The fabric is pulled back with a little stitch and then fastened with a tiny knot. Designs can be made using a range of spacing, patterns, and tuft counts. The end effect lacks any obvious embellishments and is clean and minimally elegant.

You can use this design for art deco, mid-century contemporary house interiors, and a simple and modern feel. 

When utilized on objects like a high headboard, vertical channel tufting attracts the eyes upward and gives the illusion of higher ceilings.

Single line tufting

The term “single line tufting” refers to a single, straight line of tufting typically accompanied by vertical seams stitched at an angle to the tuft. These tufts can be made with or without buttons and are often relatively shallow.

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Pros and cons of tufted furniture

Pros of tufted furniture


Although tufted furniture looks excellent in any space, a tufted sofa is a great choice for your living room. For a beautiful focal point in your bedroom, consider a tufted headboard. In a seating area, consider tufted dining and accent chairs.

Suitable for any design style

Any decor style, from modern to farmhouse, looks good with tufted furniture.


High-end designers use tufted furniture to give a space a sense of elegance. Why not follow their example?


A tufted leather sofa of superior quality will last for years and complement any decor. A tufted sofa will be pretty flexible to your newest interior design concepts as your decor style develops and evolves.

Drawbacks of tufted furniture

Functional constraints

It could be more challenging to obtain a sectional or couch bed in a tufted design.

Additional upkeep or cleaning

A tufted sofa may have lint or debris stuck between the buttons and the fabric, making cleaning a little more complicated.

Is tufted furniture in style?

What is both classic and current? Modern and traditional? Simple but fascinating Yes, of course, tufted furniture! The ideal approach to upgrade your living space from basic to fancy is with tufted upholstery. 

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Is tufted furniture in style


Using tufting depends on your taste because it is an enhancement rather than a functional component of an upholstered piece of furniture.

Tufting is a great place to start, though, if you’re interested in enhancing the appearance of your upholstered piece. Tufting gives texture and a more subtle appearance guaranteed to garner a few comments.

Now that you know what is tufted upholstery, we hope you know if it will fit your home.

Have fun if you decide to redecorate!

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