What Color Pillows for Dark Brown Couch?

Does your dark brown couch look uninteresting and dull? Do you think your old pillows are outdated and old? Maybe it’s time for a change, would you agree? 

If you’re considering it’s time for a change, why not start by adding some new pillows to your couch? Let us tell you more about this, and explain what color pillows for dark brown couch will be the best choice you can make. 

What Color Pillows for Dark Brown Couch?
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What Color Pillows Go Well with a Dark Brown Couch?

In this section, we will cover which color pillows go well together with a dark brown, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste.

Try neutral color combinations

Neutral colors should be your primary choice since they strengthen simplicity and sophistication at the same time. When we say neutral colors, we mean white, black, brown, gray, cream, or beige.

Of all the neutral colors we mentioned above, we think that black would be the one to choose last since it will deepen the already dark brown color of the couch. But if you’re a person that likes this, then it will certainly be a good choice.

Choosing white or brown for your pillow colors is great since the first will give a sense of contrast and diversity, while the latter will make the pillows and the couch look like they’re one piece. 

Cream and beige are both hues of brown and go very well with a dark brown couch. Both are warm colors and promote calmness, peace, and a stylish visual appeal.

Add cooler blue-colored pillows to your brown couch

Blue pillows go very well with a dark brown leather couch. The blue color’s cool characteristics contrast with the brown’s warmth, emphasizing its richness and deepness. Even if the dark brown has cooler properties, it will work great with a darker blue with an even cooler effect.

Blue pillows best compliment a brown couch that isn’t made out of leather. They create boldness and improve its aesthetic look by creating a luxurious visual appeal. Using as few blue pillows as possible is best because you might create a feeling of exaggeration if you use too many of them on one couch.

Go with orange-colored pillows

Since brown is a hue you can achieve by mixing orange with black, it is only natural that they would go well together.

Combining brighter orange pillows with a dark brown couch manifests energy and contrast. It promotes a bold design approach, which is not usually found in a design idea. Both colors have warmer tonality, with the brown promoting safety and coziness while the orange emphasizing energy and concentration. 

Orange-colored pillows
Credit: crownpaints.ie

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Use red or yellow pillows

If you want to stick with the clean and pure end of the warm color specter, then choosing red or yellow pillows is the way to go. Both are basic colors with many tones and hues, but they are considered warm and go well together with brown.

Choosing red-colored pillows for your dark brown couch will promote a romantic ambiance, creating a more dramatic effect with a unique visual touch. Red is the color of energy and vibrance and will send a message that the couch is a place where a romantic encounter is meant to happen.

Yellow, on the other hand, introduces more contrast to a dark brown couch. You should avoid vibrant yellows, as they may exaggerate the effect, so a muted yellow with a pale tone is a better choice. This color is a pure symbol of energy since it reflects the color of the sun and promotes positivity, life, and warmth.

Introduce different color patterns and textures

Lastly, we suggest you try mixing all the above colors with different patterns and textures to achieve a unique look and feel for your couch. 

Interlocking triangle and circle patterns are a good combination if you want to add a more modern look to the couch. Intermittently combining red with gray in colored pillow patterns creates a diverse effect, for example.

You can also use different color plaid pillows to achieve a more traditional look. For example, mixing yellow with blue plaid patterns adds a kind of neutrality to the pillow for a more subtle decorating approach.

Why Use Pillows to Decorate Your Couch?

Placing pillows on top of your couch is the simplest way to decorate it since they add diversity and fill the couch space quite nicely. But even though it sounds like a simple thing to do, proper couch decoration with pillows requires the consideration of several things, among which is the pillow’s color. 

The size and shape of the pillows are important since they will empower the structure of the couch. The size and the deepness of the couch determine these factors. A smaller couch would go better with smaller pillows, while larger pillows would complement a deeper couch. Placing pillows accordingly and symmetrically is also important to give the couch a visually appealing design.

Choosing the pillow fabric also depends on the couch’s material since a leather couch doesn’t go well with many textures and fabrics, except for selected ones. On the other hand, a couch made of fabric can go well with many different pillow materials and textures, depending on your preference.

Let’s now take a closer look at what color pillows for dark brown couch to choose to emphasize their deep characteristics.

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It can be quite complex and overwhelming when deciding how to combine and decorate your couch with the proper color pillows. Not all colors go well with each other, so knowing what color pillows for dark brown couch were the best was tricky even for us. 

In the end, we hope we were able to give a general understanding of what colors to combine with your dark brown couch and that you will decorate it according to your liking.

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