Should Pillows on a Sofa and Loveseat Match?

If you are passionate about home decoration and excited about matching furniture and cushions, the following text will hook completely hook your attention. Especially, if your field of interest are sofas and loveseats. Have you ever wondered if the pillows on your sofa and loveseat should be matching? Should pillows on a a sofa and loveseat match at all? Find out the best ideas below!

Should Pillows on a Sofa and Loveseat Match

Should Pillows on a Sofa and Loveseat Match?

So, Should Pillows on a Sofa and Loveseat Match? Or can they be totally different?  Do you need a loveseat and matching sofa? What are the design rules for all of this?  Decorating is your style. There really aren’t any rules for decorating. It’s making your space more you and friendly, homey and nice.  Some people love bold prints and color while others like soft edges and quant. That doesn’t make either style good or bad, that makes them you.  Style and color is something that people can argue about for years, however, at the end of the day, your the one living in that space.

How you decorate your space is up to you.  We have noticed, however, in the designing magazines that most don’t have matching sofa’s and loveseats.  In fact, you see this in the furniture stores more than you see this in the designing magazines. And, we think we know why.  After all, the furniture stores are trying to get you to be all matchy, matchy so that you’ll buy more, right? But, your kind of stuck in how that furniture is arranged versus other ways to arrange the furniture.  

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Pillows on the Sofa and Loveseat

Pillows are a great way to pull the room together, however, they don’t have to completely match on anything.  This is apart of the design. Having pillows draw in certain elements such as colors in a rug or patterns make the room come together.  This isn’t rocket science and if you over think this, you could go terribly wrong. Not sure on the look? Grab a shirt that has similar colors, shapes, etc. that you already own and throw it on the sofa.  This will give you more of a visual if you are a visual type of person. Add more “shirt” look if it’s bigger pillows vs smaller pillows is an idea as well. Take a look on the internet or in magazines for looks you like and copy them.  We aren’t saying order the living room from the magazine but take the ideas and run with them. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and you like it. After all, you are living with it.

And, keep in mind, nothing is set in stone.  You don’t have to keep the furniture forever, pillows, rugs and curtains are something that can be switched out easy enough.  So, be bold and try new things. Put the crazy pillow combinations together and you may find, that you might just like it. Trying new things is something that many fear in doing.  And, there really is no harm here. Sure you have a few bucks into it. And, pillows are super cheap, however, if you don’t like it in the living room, can’t you find a new use, like a seating chair in the entry or your bed.  Move the pillows around and try new things.


Pillows, rugs and curtains are just small details to the overall look at feel of a room.  Match them up, change them out or make them crazy and only match in certain elements. This is all up to you.

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