Should Hallway Be Same Color as Living Room?

When you’re creating the designs of your new home, it may be overwhelming for you to make a decision on which paint color to use for your rooms. You may even start dreaming of paint chips, and it’s your biggest nightmare, especially if you don’t know what to look for. 

That’s the reason we decided to write this post and show you a few quick tips and answer the questions regarding hallway and room colors. So, should hallway be same color as living room? This shouldn’t be hard for you, and it should be fine if you can’t decide. Before you start creating memories with your partner, it’s time to create those fun laughs while decorating your home. 

Should Hallway Be Same Color as Living Room
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Should Hallway Be Same Color as Living Room? 

The quick answer to this is no. You’re not obligated to only use one color for all of the rooms in your new home. However, you can do it even if you want to. This is a matter of your own choice and what you prefer and which design you want to use when renovating your apartment depends on you. 

We are going to list a few ideas of what you can do with your hallways and how to make it all blend perfectly. As we like to think, the hallways give out the first impression when guests are welcomed into your house for the first time. And why is that so? That is because they enter your house through the hallways and not through your living room. You should make it more welcoming and warm, and that’s why choosing the right color that will blend with the other rooms’ colors is important. 

As we said, the living room and hallways don’t have to be the same color, but if through the living room you can see right through the hallway, then it’s better to use a color that flows and blends with the living room

Similar but not the same 

Let’s say you want to paint the living room with orange tones; in that case, you can use white for your hallways with some orange undertone. This way, you won’t have completely different characters in your living room and hallway. 

You may also have heard about the color card, which has one color in a few different shades. This means that you can use a light blue shade for your hallway while choosing a dark blue for your living room. This can create a gradient between the hallway and your living room, and they’ll be a lot more similar and more blending. 

Another thing is that you can use two opposite colors of the color wheel. Let’s say purple and yellow or green and red tones. Even though they are very bold colors, you can use them if you’re the type of person who likes complementary colors. So to answer if is it better and should hallway be same color as living room, we’re going to say the hallways should be the color that you feel will get your mood improved. It’s the best choice for your new home. 

Why Not Use White for Your Hallways? 

As simple as it is, even though the white color is widely used, you should avoid painting your hallway walls with it. You may wonder why and we’ll get right into answering that. As you know, the hallways are the room that has a lot of traffic, guests going and coming, kids running, and their little fingers will leave marks anywhere on the wall.

It’s unforgiving to have such a beautiful home but with every mark being exposed in the light. For that matter, you should choose pastel colors that will make your hallway appear lighter and calming but also very welcoming. 

You can even choose some neutral tones, and no, they are not boring. Neutral colors can be a great element, especially if you play with the design and the flooring in that room. We’re sure you would want to get ready and start planning in renovating your house, and that’s why you should always start with those hallways. 

Is Dark Color the Right Choice? 

If black is your favorite color, you can make the walls all black. As long as it still looks classy and warm, you can even add gold furniture to make your hallway look luxurious.

However, there is one thing that you need to keep an eye on. If your hallways are big enough, you can use darker shades. But if the hallways are small, you should use a brighter color because the darker the walls, the room will appear even smaller than it is, and you surely wouldn’t want that. 

Connected Space 

In a case where you have connected space which means that you have your living room and hallway all in one, let’s say, room, then you might rethink choosing different colors that are opposite from each other.

You wouldn’t want to create a child’s playground full of different colors that don’t blend well with each other. In this case, you can choose one color for all the walls, or similar colors, for example, like, beige with peachy undertones and adding a little orange to the white paint to create a different but similar paint. 

You can even choose the same color for the rooms with different intensities to create an illusion. And most importantly, ask yourself what color does make you calm and makes you enjoy it because that’s the color that you’re going to see for many years in your new home. 

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Should hallway be same color as living room? Now you know the answer and it’s good to remember that if you want to be bold and choose bright colors, you should just do it. Because at the end of the day it’s you who will live in that space, not us.

Suppose you feel more comfortable in vibrant colors than just do it. You should not back off from creating your dream house just because more people are deciding to use neutral tones or colors that are not darker than light yellow. We’re sure that your home would be lovely no matter the colors you choose.

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