Is Mongolian Lamb Fur Cruel or Inhumane?

Some people hesitate to buy anything to do with Mongolian fur products because it might seem they are supporting a practice that is not humane or healthy for animals. In this topic we will be talking about mostly Mongolian sheep throughout Central Asia and Inner Mongolia.

The short answer is, don’t worry about inhumane or cruel treatment because nomads actually tend to treat their animals and take really good care of them to live healthy and happy life.

In fact, the sheared sheep wool is an integral part of the livelihoods of some nomads since they sell the fur and wool to shops and businesses that make pillow covers made with Mongolian sheep fur.

What Is Mongolian Fur Made Out Of?

fur pillows on couch

It’s mostly made from sheep wool and fur. Nomads shear their sheep during late spring before it gets really hot. If they didn’t shear their sheep, they would be fluffy pieces of balls enduring torture because of the heat. Sheep also slowly shed during the summer months as well, so it’s a good way for nomads to support their communities and families.

Are The Lambs Killed For Their Fur?

Mongolian sheep that are raised on the steppes have a completely different way of lifestyle compared to farmed animals. They are free to roam around during the day grazing on wild grass and during the night they come back to their ranch.

nomad sheerming sheep

The nomads regularly check up on their animals for infection or signs of poor health. So they are well tended to and are cared for by their owners.

It might be taken as cruelty however if you are buying Mongolian fur pelt, or sheepskin, because the animal has to be slaughtered for their pelt and skin, but for their wool and fur, they are just sheared and actually sit peacefully and quietly during the process. Once it’s done, they are free to go.

Where Is Mongolian Fur Imported From?

Most of the products we recommend that are shown are imported from Inner Mongolia, China or from Mongolia. Depending on the brand where you buy it from, shipping might a little longer or just a few days.

Some brands such as SLPR are partnered with Amazon and other suppliers that give you a speedy shipping process.

How Is Mongolian Lamb Fur Harvested?

Once the wool has been sheared, they are sold to people who buy them and they proceed to transport them to a processing plant. In the processing plant, the wool goes through the process of tanning, washing, and yarning to have a clean and neat appearance, which then are used to make products such as mongolian fur pillows, coats, rugs, and etc.

Where to Buy Mongolian Lamb Fur Products?

Finding authentic Mongolian sheep wool products can be a little difficult if you don’t live near Mongolia, but there are a few selections and choices you can find online. They are mostly imported, or at least the material is imported from either Tibet, Inner Mongolia, or Mongolia.

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