How to Fix Scratches on a Leather Couch

Leather is glamorous and adds an edge to any room; there is no doubt about that. And when you decided to buy a piece of the leather couch, you probably thought that one day you’d come face to face with the harsh truth that you’ll need to deal with scratches. Whether it’s the work of your naughty kids or furry friend, it will ruin the beauty of your couch. 

Since you are here, chances are you are looking for a solution on how to fix scratches on a leather couch, and we will be honest with you. Don’t fail to despair just yet cause we have good news, and you can get rid of this problem in many ways. 

The truth is, not many of the tips around the internet are genuinely helpful, and this is why we made our guide to share with you those that we have tried and found work the best. 

How to Fix Scratches on a Leather Couch
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How to Fix Scratches on a Leather Couch: Effective Ways to Fix

If we are talking about a minor scratch on a surface level, there are a few tricks to repair it instantly with some basic supplies you already own at home. 

Before you try any of these methods, prepare the place where your leather is damaged using a leather cleaner or white vinegar by softly cleaning it using a cloth. Test the product on any non-visible area of your couch to ensure it won’t cause discoloration.

Leather conditioner 

This probably came first to your mind, too, and a leather conditioner might be the best way to revitalize a piece of leather instantly. It might not eliminate the scratch; however, it might be of help. Rub the leather conditioner gently on the damaged area and then allow it to dry completely.

Leather marker

If the conditioner cannot fix the scratch, then the leather marker might as well save the day. You can use it to fill in the gaps. However, make sure the marker’s color matches the leather color. 


It’s a no-brainer that Vaseline can fix anything, and in most cases, it can be an effective way to treat scratches. Rub Vaseline onto the damaged area on your leather couch and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes, then wipe off the excess.

Tips for Fixing Deep Leather Scratches

One thing you must know if you are wondering how to fix scratches on a leather couch is that each leather piece is different. This means that it will require a specific treatment when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. And if we are talking about deep scratches, the situation might be trickier but not impossible. 

These tips might be your best bet as they are some of the universal methods we have found to work the best. 

Special kit for leather restoration

Deep scratches might require more effort than conditioners and balms, so a specialized leather kit restoration comes to the rescue in this case. 

These kits are equipped with all the essential products for repairing the damaged leather, raising the scratch flush with the undamaged area, and a coloring solution for final treatment. 

Suppose there is a specialized kit from the designer of your couch that is the best option to choose. The leather scratch repairment kits come with detailed instructions, so make sure you follow them carefully.

Fixing Deep Leather Scratches
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Shoe polish

Get a shoe polish without any color if you can’t manage to find a colored one that matches the tone of your furniture. Show polish has wax in its composition, which can help fill in the gaps of the scratches. 

Apply a small amount to a shoe polish using a dry cloth. Leave the treated area to dry for several hours and test whether it has completely dried out before you remove any polish residue. 

Olive oil

Using olive oil can be one of the most budget-friendly and surprisingly effective treatments for fixing scratches on leather couches. 

Put a few drops of olive oil directly on the damaged place and then spread it across the scratch using a cotton swab or Q-tip. Let it stay for a couple of hours, then wipe the oil using a clean cloth. 

You might need to repeat this process if the scratches are deeper and leave it to dry between reapplication.

Leather oil paint 

If you have tried anything under the sun when it comes to conditioning and polishing and it still didn’t work, you can try leather oil paint specially designed to recolor scratches. 

Apply the paint to the damaged area according to the instructions presented on the product. 

Clear nail polish

Another cost-effective option that may come through for you when you are looking for an instant solution to fix a deep leather scratch is using clear nail polish. 

Be careful when applying the nail polish, and only use a small amount to spread over the scratch. Please wait for it to dry for an hour, and then wipe over the area using a clean, soft cloth to remove any excess nail polish from the surface. 

Talk to a professional 

This was somewhat predictive, but if the leather is damaged and the repair seems beyond your capabilities, the best option is not to experiment and risk ruining it; instead, seek professional help that knows how to fix scratches on a leather couch.

This might be the best solution to reverse the damage and make your leather couch look new

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If you face the terrifying reality that your dear leather couch got scratched, of course, you have googled how to fix scratches on a leather couch. Leather couches can get easily scratched with sharp objects, fingernails, pans, or sharp shoes if you aren’t very careful. 

With so many tips circling the internet, it is hard to know which one really works, and experimenting isn’t always a good idea. Luckily most of them require products that you already own in your house, so you don’t have to worry if you are looking for an instant solution. 

We have done our best to find the most effective ways to fix this problem that has worked in most cases where people had this kind of issue with their leather furniture.

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