How to Decorate a Glass Table Top

Glass table tops are always a great idea, be it for your living room or dining room. In this article, we will see some exciting ideas on how to decorate a glass table top and which details to pay attention to the most.

How to Decorate a Glass Table Top

How to Decorate a Glass Table Top

Glass table tops can be decorated in different ways depending on the other elements in the room, the color palette you have chosen, and the shape of the furniture.

What should you pay attention to when decorating a glass table top?

Decorating any part of your home can be exciting, but you should be aware of some essential things that can have the opposite effect. Namely, the wrong choice of elements and their combination with the rest of the furniture can make your interior look monotonous and without style. Therefore, we will show you some interesting tips to help you decorate.

Which things to avoid when decorating

Decorating with two or more of the same elements

Using two identical objects is not very good for the room’s overall interior. Namely, it is good to avoid two vases or trays that are identical. Instead, you can use two different objects with different heights. That way, your table won’t look monotonous and uninspiring.

Using decorating elements with the same material

In addition to the height of the decorating elements, pay attention to the texture and material. If you use decorating elements made of the same material, you will lose the importance of the table as the central part of the room. Don’t be afraid to be bold and use different materials for your decor pieces.

Objects of the same height

Using objects of the same height is not that creative and should be avoided. That way, you may lose the aesthetic moment you want to achieve when decorating. Read on to discover what to do instead.

What things to include when decorating?

Elements of different heights

Using elements of different heights gives your table an artistic touch and makes it look unique. For this purpose, you can combine a tall vase with a low tray.

Elements that are of different material

Instead of using elements with the same material, let your imagination and artistic spirit do the work. Do not be afraid to combine elements that are of a different material. That way, you will enrich the content of the table and get a unique look.

Glass table tops

Glass table tops

The glass table top is a common choice of the household when choosing elements for the home. Many people opt for a glass table top in the living room, but this material can often be found in the dining room. 

In addition, the glass top is also used for coffee tables, which are the choice of many households. Without going into too many details, we will pay attention to some decor ideas you can utilize for a glass table top in your home’s living and dining room.

Glass coffee table

These tables are pretty specific due to their material; therefore, you need to consider some factors. So, how to decorate a glass table top in the living room? 

For this purpose, you should pay attention to the shape, the colors of the environment, and the texture you will decide on decorating. Also, remember that the glass, which is the primary material of these coffee tables, is mostly transparent, so you should pay attention to what is under and above the coffee table.

Use a different texture

Avoiding materials with the same texture when decorating a glass coffee table is wise. Therefore, choosing a glass vase is not very interesting when decorating a glass table for the living room. 

Instead, opt for other materials such as wood, porcelain, or metal. That way, you will get an exciting combination that looks unique and stylish.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is always a great decorating idea. Therefore, including one or two elements to beautify your table can further open up the space and give it freshness. For this purpose, use your creativity. You can combine a tray with a vase or some flowers with your favorite book. That way, you will give your coffee table a unique and simple look.

Play with the height

Using objects of different heights can further open up the space and give it a visual appeal. Therefore, it is good to combine elements that have different heights. For this purpose, you can combine your favorite book with a tall vase. 

However, be careful not to overdo it with the number of elements you want to include in the decoration. Many elements of different heights have the opposite effect, and your table will look chaotic and untidy. 

The same applies to elements that have the same height. If you decide on elements with the same height, you will get a dull and styleless space.

Flowers are always a good idea

When decorating any space in your home, you can never go wrong with flowers. Flowers give the environment a fresh and natural touch and enrich the space. Therefore, a flower vase is the simplest way to enrich the glass table top in your living room. 

Whether you choose natural or artificial flowers, pay attention to the vase and its material. As simple as it may seem, the choice of a glass vase can complicate the whole picture and give you a bland decor that lacks style. 

Therefore, opt for a vase with a different texture than the glass table. In addition, when choosing the color, other elements and furniture in the living room will help you.

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Glass table top in the dining room

The dining table is a central part of the room; therefore, its appearance is significant. Note that, unlike ordinary tables, glass table tops are more impressive and shine more in the room.

Therefore, choosing the correct elements will only further emphasize its importance and give a unique style to your dining room. Let’s see some ideas that are ideal for your glass table top in the dining room.

Plants or flowers

Whether you choose flowers or plants, know that you will never go wrong. Flowers will give your dining room a natural look and make it a pleasant place to be. In addition, if you have a large dining table, do not hesitate to get a wide vase for your flowers. 

That way, the central part of the table will be richer and more stylish. If you are wondering about the choice of color, pay attention to the surrounding elements and furniture you have in the room. And not only that, it is good to use the colors that dominate your home. 

That way, your dining room will fit into the overall picture of your living space.

Minimal appearance

You won’t go wrong if you opt for a minimal look on your dining table. Choosing one or two elements on your dining table will contribute to a simple look while emphasizing the beauty of the glass top on the table. In addition, you will get more open space and a more pleasant place to stay.


Trays are the most common choice when decorating tables, whether for the living or the dining room. In addition, you can combine them with different elements and give an artistic look to your table. 

If you want a minimalist look, choosing a tray with a different texture from the table is an excellent idea. Also, if you don’t want your tray to be empty, you can enrich it with different fruits. In addition, you can combine the tray with taller objects, such as a flower vase or candles, to give your dining room a livelier look.

Thematic decor

If you don’t want to be guided by the rules imposed on you for decorating, you can always use your imagination and artistic spirit. Therefore, you can decorate your dining table thematically, according to the season or holiday. That way, you will always have a different look for your dining room, and it will never look dull.

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A glass table top is always a great idea to incorporate into your home, whether it’s the living room, dining room, or other space. In addition, glass is a material that gives extra shine to the space, and by decorating the table, you can further emphasize it. 

Therefore, if you have no idea about decorating, the minimalist look is always a winning combination. In addition, you will emphasize the table’s beauty and get more open space in the room. 

However, before decorating, pay attention to the colors, texture, and elements you will include in the decoration. For this purpose, you can use some ideas we highlighted in this article.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with decorating. Giving a personal touch to the decor is always a good idea to enrich the space.

At the very end, we hope we helped you learn how to decorate a glass table top and get a stylish and unique space.

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