How Big Is An Alaskan King Bed

You are probably wondering, what on earth do people do with those huge beds and mattresses?

Well, you might be surprised to hear that many other people love them too! How could they not? In the end, these extra-large beds are perfect for bigger families, especially those who like to sleep together. It’s not always about going to bed. Some people just think it’s cool to have one big space where all the fun, drama, storytimes, and movie nights take place. In other words, family time!

No matter what the reason, an Alaskan king bed is the best solution. If you’re looking for a bed for a big family that likes to sleep together, you may have heard a lot about the Alaskan king bed and its nice features.

In this article, we will tell you what an Alaskan king bed is, and we will answer one of the most frequently asked questions. That is, how big is an Alaskan king bed?

How Big Is An Alaskan King Bed

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What Is an Alaskan King Bed?

The largest bed size now available is known as an Alaskan king bed. It’s larger than the king! Up until the 1960s, the king bed was generally thought to be the most spacious option. 

After that, bed sizes known as the California king, Wyoming king, Texas king, and finally, the Alaskan king, which is the largest of all of these, entered the market under the category of custom mattress production. 

It’s preferred by people who like to move around more and have less trouble sleeping, who like to share a bed, or who find the traditional king bed too small. Its large size makes it comfortable for big and tall people to sleep on, and it can fit three to four adults, pets, or children. The majority of folks turn an Alaskan king bed into an extra-large lounge area in their expansive houses or basements.

How big is an Alaskan King Bed

An Alaskan king mattress is the largest size of mattress you can buy. The length and width are both 108 inches long (247 x 247 cm). That is, exactly 9’0″ wide and 9’0″ long, which, in the simplest terms, means it’s really big. That’s like putting two full XL mattresses together and adding 28 inches to the length. Even though it might be fun to have a bed this big and be able to brag about it, it’s probably a bit too big to use.

You can only find linens and sheets in that size on niche sites. You won’t be able to find them in regular stores. Then there’s the question of who will make the bed, which will take a lot of sweat and tears based on how big it is. It’s also hard to find space unless you have a big bedroom.

Who usually buys Alaskan King Size Beds?

In the end, Alaskan beds are a luxury item. Most people won’t buy them because of how much they cost at first, so they are usually only owned by rich and famous people. Alaskan beds do have a few special uses, especially if you have a big family, dogs, or are lucky enough to be very tall.

If you and your family like to sleep in the same bed, an Alaskan bed is a good choice. The same is true for people who sleep in the same bed as their dogs, especially if it’s a large breed. Sometimes, you need extra space.

The super king-size bed, on the other hand, is a much cheaper choice. These are smaller than the Alaskan bed (6’0″ x 6’6″), but they take up much less room and cost much less. The bed is big enough for people who need more space. It also has more options for bedsheets and is easier to keep up and clean in general.

Advantages of the Alaskan King Bed

There is no other type of bed that is built to be as large as an Alaskan bed that does not serve some special purposes. The following are some of its advantages:

Possibility for all members of the family to have a relaxing night’s sleep

This bed may be the answer to your prayers if you have young people who are reluctant to sleep on their own. If there is sufficient space, you, your partner, and your two children can all fit within, and you will still have enough personal space so that you won’t feel suffocated.

Spending some quality time with your family in bed before going to sleep is a wonderful idea. To have a good time, spread some board games in the middle of the room and sit around.

Generous space for the privacy of couples

The purchase of this bed is something to consider, even if there are only two of you who sleep in it at a time. Because there is sufficient room between each of you, you will have the impression that you are sleeping all by yourself. 

There is such a large distance, so the motion transfer is noticeably diminished. Therefore, even if your companion shifts positions or gets up in the middle of the night, it won’t prevent you from having a restful night’s sleep.

There is room for pets

Some people are hesitant to let their pets sleep on their beds out of concern that the animal might shift around in their sleep and end up hurting themselves. When you have an Alaskan bed, you won’t have to be concerned about it anymore. It is the largest bed size that can comfortably accommodate you, your children, and your pet without causing anyone to feel crowded or out of place.

Your animals would be able to enjoy a restful night’s sleep on a cozy bed without having to worry about getting jostled or moved around during the night as well.

Room to spread out and relax

Gather you all you folks who are tall! It is safe to state that the Alaskan king bed provides the most space possible when it comes to the length of the room. Therefore, even those who are taller than 6.5 feet won’t have to go around with their feet hanging off the ground!

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The appearance of luxury

Anything of substantial size can be quite intimidating whether it be the plush animals that your child keeps in his or her room or your favorite hoodie. In any case, this criterion also applies to mattresses.

The Alaskan king mattress, which is significantly larger than a standard king mattress, is a good option for upgrading your master bedroom. It adds a one-of-a-kind dash of sophistication and opulence to your establishment!

Things That Should Be Considered When Purchasing an Alaskan King Bed

You should be fully aware by this point of how the Alaskan bed would be able to meet your requirements. Therefore, if you intend to invest in one, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind before doing so. They are as follows:

Room size

You are already well aware of the massive proportions of the bed that takes up space in your room. So, even if you think the bed is comfortable, you need to make sure that there is enough room in your bedroom for it and all of your other things.

A room that is at least 16 feet by 16 feet in size is required for a bed that is 9 feet by 9 feet in size. You can quickly purchase the bed if there is enough space in your room for it. However, if the room is smaller than that, you should rethink your decision and go with a more compact option for the bed.

A frame for a bed

You need to have a quality bed frame constructed to give your mattress the best chance of lasting as long as possible. It is recommended that you purchase one before making the final purchase of a bed so that you will already have a framework in which to place it. If you waited to make the purchase, you would soon find yourself with an extra bed and nowhere to put it.

Mattress types

You need to begin by classifying the many sorts of mattresses you have available. You have access to a wide variety of options, from which you can select the one that best suits your needs. If you sleep on an organic mattress made entirely of cotton or wool, you won’t be exposed to allergens.

On the other hand, if you have issues with your back, you should consider purchasing a hybrid mattress.


The cost of the Alaskan bed is not the end of your financial obligations. In addition, you will have the bed’s box spring, blankets, and linens at your disposal. These discoveries are quite uncommon, given how difficult it can be to find beds in Alaska. 

As a result, you will most likely be required to have them shipped to you from other states or have them personalized. Therefore, keep in mind that there will also be these additional fees.

How often should it be used

Do you intend to make your new bed your nighttime abode every night? Or are you planning to make your master bedroom more of a comfortable sitting area? You will need to decide how firm you want your mattress to be based on your preferences and requirements.

People who sleep on their mattresses every night will desire a basic mattress material that supports their spine and relieves pressure points. On the other hand, a lounge mattress can be constructed out of more reasonably priced forms of foam.

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Alaskan King Bed Pros and Cons

Since you know how big is an Alaskan king bed, here are its pros and cons:


  • A great choice for big families who sleep together
  • It fits people of all heights, even those who are over 6.5 feet tall
  • There is a lot of space for each person to sleep
  • Ideal for living rooms


  • An option for a mattress that costs the most
  • It takes up a lot of room

Alternatives to Alaskan King Bed

If you sleep with children who are growing up, getting an Alaskan king bed is the most logical choice. The same logic can be applied if you and your partner both work at different times of the day or if you both happen to be extremely tall. Do you want a distance of seven feet to separate you from the foot of the bed every morning if you spend the majority of your time nestled up against one another?

We are aware that the enormous Alaskan King bed size is not going to be suitable for each customer, although it is marvelous and exquisite. So, if your bedroom is just a little bit small or you just want a little bit more space, alternative big beds can also be a good choice.

When it comes to alternatives for oversized beds, the California King Bed is by far the most popular choice. After you pass the section with the extra-large beds, you’ll come to the section with the more typical beds: King, Olympic Queen, California Queen, and regular Queen beds, all the way down to the twin bed or cot.


The Alaskan king bed is the perfect example of a bed that can meet all the needs of a large family or even a couple. It has enough room for couples who like to move around in their sleep.

The size of an Alaskan king bed also works for families who want to have room for their kids and pets while still having enough room.

If any of these applies to you, choose the option without hesitation. Just think about how much accessories will cost and how much space you’ll need.

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