Why You Should Color Match When Decorating Your Home

If you are not color matching your furniture with your room, then you are not following one of the essential golden rules of interior design. The color of your room should have a certain theme and color scheme if you want it to look absolutely fabulous.

Mixing colors that don’t go well together is a recipe for disaster so before you start decorating your home, make a plan and go slowly. Here are a few tips to help you.

The color of the wall should match your furniture

If the color of your wall is of a certain color, the furniture should either complement that specific color, otherwise things will just look out of place.

Or sometimes you can use contrasting colors to draw someone’s attention to the specific furniture. For example, if you have a light blue as your wallpaper, a navy blue furniture will stand out and draw someone’s attention.

Use either bright or dark colors to make something pop or if you prefer a piece of furniture to blend in, use colors that are of a similar shade to the wallpaper.

You can find plenty of examples and inspiration online, but the best site for design inspiration is Pinterest.

Decorative pieces for furniture

Once you have the general layout of the room figured out with matching and complementary colors, you can use small decorative pieces to give it some life.

These items include stuff such as a clock, colorful decorative fur pillows, a painting, plant, etc.

You can be a little more creative with your decorative pieces because these items won’t take up much space, so there more to choose from.

Other great additions are Ottomans folding beds that turn into a storage chest, footrest, and even a coffee table. The color for these furniture pieces should be a secondary color that goes well with your wall color.

There is no formula

However, at the end of the day, there is no specific formula. Every individual has their unique taste and preference, but as long as you follow the basic principles it should be fine.

When all is said and done, it will come together nicely. Just remember to plan well and pick a good color scheme that fits well with your vision. Certain colors evoke certain types of style and feel.

Sometimes it is better to perhaps hire a professional instead of going through the hassle of color matching everything. Professionals have seen it all, so they will be able to give you a better idea of what you might actually like and be looking for.

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