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Which is Better, Mongolian Fur or Faux Fur?

Is There A Difference Between Mongolian Fur and Faux Fur?

Mongolian fur can be a great addition for jazzing up your home, but you might be wondering whether the extra price is worth it, because Faux fur is much cheaper and almost look exactly the same.

Don’t worry, we’ll go over the details, the pros and cons of each, so that you can make your own decision which best meets your needs.

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What is Mongolian Fur?

Mongolian fur is generally just animal fur that are from Mongolia. There are different Mongolian fur products such as cashmere, Yak fur, Sheep fur. To obtain the fur and wool, the animals is not harmed, it actually helps them alleviate their suffering during the summer, because excess fur during the summer is agonizing.

Most animals shed during the summer, so why not use the material to support the local economy and provide for your family if you are a nomad who sell animal products for a living?

Advantages of Mongolian Fur

Mongolian fur is great for retaining heat, and the feeling on the skin is amazing. It acts as a great insulator. In fact, a lot of winter coats and winter clothes have Mongolian fur as inner padding and insulator. Mongolian nomads in fact make thick deel (traditional Mongolian clothes) with animal fur as padding.

Winters in Mongolia can sometimes reach -40 to -50 degrees Celsius, so it’s an amazing material for maintaining body heat and weathering the harsh winter climate.

If you are not much interested in clothes with Mongolian fur however and more interested in Mongolian fur throws and cushions, then the material quality is unmatched and can last for a long time if you maintain and clean them properly comparatively with faux fur.

Disadvantages of Mongolian Fur

Mongolian fur does come with disadvantages however. It’s expensive to import and can quite heavy on the wallet. Mongolian cashmere especially is super expensive, but if you have the money for it, this won’t be much of a disadvantage for you.

Maintaining and caring for Mongolian fur is the bigger issue. If you spill things on it or wash it improperly, the texture and the overall look will suffer. However, if you are careful and don’t get stains on it and wash it properly, you can avoid this pitfall.

What is Faux Fur?

Faux fur essentially non animal material used for furniture and clothing. Faux fur can look almost identical to the real thing and are much cheaper comparatively, but for the trained eye, the material texture and overall feel is completely different when they are side by side.

Advantages of Faux Fur

Faux fur is definitely a lot cheaper and easier for people who are on a budget. Faux fur clothes, furniture, and pillows are mainly made with polyester, cotton, or material that is not related to animals.

Washing them is a lot easier and maintaining them does not require much upkeep since cotton and polyester are hardy and durable when it comes to washing chemicals.

Disadvantages of Faux Fur

There isn’t much disadvantage, but faux fur made from polyester and cotton lose their color quickly and end up looking worn out a bit faster than real fur.

Sometimes the feeling on your skin can be uncomfortable and a bit too rough, but for people who don’t mind it, it’s not much of a problem.

Is there quality difference between Mongolian Fur and Faux Fur?

There is a big difference between real Mongolian fur and faux Mongolian fur. Just running your hand through the material you’ll realize the sensations are completely different.

Authentic Mongolian fur feel soft, plush, and fluffy, whereas faux Mongolian fur are a bit “unnatural” and rough around the edges. There is a reason why there is a big price difference between faux fur and Mongolian fur.

Products Made with Faux Fur

Faux fur is a lot cheaper and a lot of brands produce clothes for the general public with faux fur. You can literally buy anything made with faux fur.

Pillows, furniture, t-shirts, coats, and many other various products related to fashion and interior decoration.

Products Made with Mongolian Fur

When it comes to Mongolian fur products, it’s pretty limited. There are Mongolian fur pillows, throws, and cushions, and sometimes coats, cashmere sweaters, and blankets, but besides that, Mongolian fur is not used in everyday household items because they are expensive and are in a limited supply.

Real authentic Mongolian fur is imported from Mongolian, Inner Mongolia, and sometimes Tibet.

Conclusion: Which Is Better? Real Mongolian Fur or Faux Fur?

This will come down to your preferences and what you are looking for. If you need something cheaper and don’t mind the feeling on your skin, or exotic/authenticity, then there is nothing wrong with faux fur.

Authentic Mongolian fur is for people who are more into cultural items or perhaps people with sensitive skin, people who want to feel the soft smooth feeling that Mongolian fur can only provide.

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