What Is Tufted Furniture?

Thanks to the expansion of the market, today we can choose between many different furniture styles. That said, we can easily find one to fit our interior taste. In addition, when it comes to furnishing trends, tufting is a hot topic. 

What is tufted furniture? This is a commonly asked question among many customers, especially among those who are planning a home renovation and want something new. If you are one of them, dive into our article and learn all about this unique furniture. 

What Is Tufted Furniture

What Is Tufted Furniture?

Tufted furniture is furniture with raised equal surfaces on its cushion or mattress that are sewn with buttons or stitches. These surfaces often look like “waves”. Moreover, they can come in different shapes.

Firstly, there is diamond tufting. As the name itself implies, the wavy surfaces are shaped like diamonds. If you ask us, the diamond tufted furniture looks like it’s made of many small marquise cut-out diamonds. So, the buttons are set up at a short distance since the surfaces are tightly sewn.

Secondly, there is the biscuit tufting. The biscuit tufting style refers to furniture with raised surfaces shaped like little squares. Depending on the manufacturer, these squares can be either high or low-raised.

Next, we have channel tufting. Channel tufted furniture is a type of furniture that comes with raised spaces shaped like channels. Moreover, the channels are typically positioned vertically, giving the tufted furniture a cleaner and larger look.

Lastly, you can even pick between blind or button tufting. As we said earlier, the raised surfaces can be sewn with buttons or stitches. Therefore, button tufting is with buttons. On the contrary, blind tufting refers to tufted furniture with stitches only.

How is tufted furniture made

Now that you know what is tufted furniture allow us to explain a bit more about the tufting technique. So, as we previously said, the furniture comes with raised surfaces. 

To make it, the manufacturer first pulls the fabric back. Secondly, they start folding it. After some time, the folding leads to creating evenly raised surfaces. Next, depending on the upholster’s taste or the client’s demand, the surfaces are shaped in the previously mentioned three different styles. So they can look like diamonds, channels, or squares.

The last step consists of the surfaces being sewn to the mattress or the cushion. This can be done with plain stitches, or they can be secured with buttons. Also, we must mention that typically the diamond and biscuit patterns come with buttons. 

On the contrary, the channel pattern is usually paired with the blind tufting technique. This is because the “channels” are placed vertically, and there is no space where the manufacturer can place the buttons. With buttons, the furniture would lose its clean, sophisticated look.

It’s important to mention that tufted furniture was first made in the 1800s in Victorian England. Later, it became popular in America too.

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Tufted furniture on the market today

Tufted furniture on the market today

Today, the market is limitless for almost every product, and furniture is no exception. This means you can find many different types of tufted furniture. 

So, let’s start with the ones which are sold the most – the tufted sofas. They are extremely popular among many customers. Moreover, the classic models come with high backrests and curved armrests. On the contrary, modern tufted sofas consist of low backrests and straight armrests.

The second most popular type is the tufted chair. Similar to the sofa, the tufted chair can be found in different designs. Therefore, you can buy tufted chairs with high backrests, short legs, rounded cushions, etc. What’s more, you can buy a set for the dining room too.

The market nowadays also offers you tufted ottomans and benches. In addition, contemporary designs sell furniture with tufted upholstery on only one side. Moreover, a hot interior trend is the tufted walls. Typically they are designed in the channel pattern.

Lastly, when it comes to the prices, they can vary depending on what type of furniture you want. Also, the price might depend on the material and the brand. For instance, a tufted leather sofa can cost from $250 to even $6000.

How to style tufted furniture

After learning what is tufted furniture, it’s equally useful to know how to style it in case you are planning on buying it. Tufted furniture is the perfect mix between the traditional and the modern. Therefore, regardless of your taste, you certainly won’t go wrong with purchasing it. 

If you own a small living room, then choose tufted furniture in light colors and velvet materials. We suggest white, light gray, beige, or pastels. Moreover, if your living room is large enough, feel free to pick dark colors. In addition, brown and black best suit leather tufted sofas. 

Next, take your TV or fireplace as a focal point. If you don’t own any of these, put a large painting on the wall. Then arrange the tufted furniture around it. Moreover, make sure the furniture is placed under the lights. This will emphasize its look and make it even more attractive.

If you want tufted furniture for the bedroom, then choose a tufted ottoman, armchair, or tufted headboard. Additionally, if you are decorating your dining room, simply purchase a set of tufted chairs. We recommend chairs with high backrests and no armrests. 

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Now you know what is tufted furniture – furniture with wavy surfaces. This is how you can easily remember it, in case you forget. 

Moreover, if you are planning on purchasing furniture with tufted upholstery, take into account various factors. By this, we mean to consider your taste, the space, and the style of your room. Last, but not least, don’t forget about your budget. Tufted furniture can sometimes be quite expensive. So, make sure it matches your home, as well as your budget.

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