Best Storage Ottoman Benches – UK 2022 (Our Top 7+)

An ottoman bench is essentially a settee bench with storage and offers a great way to make more use of its space by enabling you to store e.g. blankets or pillows inside. If you want to add some storage and seating capacity right into your living space, then feel free to try our selection of the best storage ottoman benches below. They look extremely elegant and coordinate well with most of your decor.

These benches are 100% comfortable to use. Let us have a look and check out other important details:

Our best 7 Ottoman Storage Benches:

GDF Studio Fabric Armed Storage Bench

This bench is very similar to the Christopher Knight leather one above but comes in a nice dark grey fabric.
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Review: GDF Studio Fabric Armed Storage Bench

GDF Studio Fabric Armed Storage Benchmark and count itself as the perfect addition right into your living room or in your bedroom.

It gives an amplified storage space where you can keep your essentials like books or magazines. It can even double as a seat.

Product details:

  • Uses: storage area, seating need, cushy seating.
  • Available colors: Dark Grey
  • Item weight: 33 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19.50”D x 50.00”W x 19.25”H

What’s Included

  • One Storage Bench.
  • Light Assembly Required.
  • It can double as a seat.

Best Use

Buying this storage bench will be a great decision from your side.

To complement the look of your bedroom or living room, place this Ottoman bench and fulfill both your seating and storage needs.

What Customers Ask About This Product?

What is the weight limit offered by this bench?

  • Can’t say for certain. But for a very similar looking bench this brand sells in America, it seems to be 250 LBS.

Is it just 13 inches low to the floor?

  • Yes, 13.25″ to be precise.

How long is the bench?

  • Seating area length is 37.5″ and total bench length is 50 inches

What are the measurements of the inside storage?

  • 37″ L x 16″ W x 7″ H

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Leather Storage Ottoman Bench With Arms “Christopher Knight”

This is not just a bench. There is a generous amount of storage space underneath the seat. All this in a package that speaks of class and sophistication.
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Review: Leather Storage Ottoman Bench With Arms “Christopher Knight”

There are very few materials in this world that speak of the quality, effort and time that you have put into the décor of your home, or office. Silk and cashmere come to mind but perhaps the most versatile of these high-quality materials is leather.
Christopher Knight have taken this material and melded it around a wooden frame, with some polyurethane stuffing, to create a work of art that could serve multiple uses wherever you put it.

Product details:

  • Uses: Not only will it add a touch of class to whatever room you choose to put it in, this bench will add functionality in that room when you consider the sizeable amount of storage space underneath the seat.
  • Available colors: Brown
  • Item weight: 33 pounds
  • Dimensions: 50 x 19.75 x 20.5 Inches (L x W x H)
  • Material: Leather and wood

Additional features:

  • Rolled arms make it a great fit for whatever design aesthetic you have going on.
  • The versatility of the storage ottoman bench makes it a must have for the office or home where clutter can become an eyesore, and you want to quickly stow away whatever is causing the clutter. Toys come to mind.
  • Tufted crystal buttons add a touch of suave sophistication, reminiscent of the Sean Connery years of James Bond.

Advantages of Christopher Knight Home Keiko Storage Bench

The Christopher Knight Home Keiko Storage Bench is more than just something you put in your bedroom, or in the hallway for convenience. First and foremost, it is a bench that adds functionality to whatever room you put it in. Want it in the bedroom, or by the door when you put on your shoes? Go ahead.

Elegant Design

Christopher Knight went above and beyond to come up with a product that will slip in seamlessly into your futuristic aesthetic, or even the mid-century nostalgia you are looking to create. The leather, accompanied by the tufted crystal buttons are nothing short of superb.
To give this beautiful storage ottoman bench a sturdy stance, birchwood has been used as the underpinnings for the frame and the seating area. It is then finished in a dark brown color that complements yet contrasts the brown of the leather.

Easy Installation

Assembling this work of art is as simple as screwing in the legs. The screws come with the package, all you have to do is break out your toolbox to get your screwdriver.

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storage ottoman bench ellis

Elegant Velvet-Finish Storage Bedroom Bench “Ellis”

This elegant storage chest offers plenty of space to store away your things and also serves as a sturdy bench for you to sit on.
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Review: Ellis Velvet-Finish Storage Chest


The Ellis velvet-finish storage chest is a storage chest fit for those who crave compact yet adequate storage. This storage chest is versatile and can double up as a seat, especially when you need to prepare yourself for the day in the morning.

Product details:

  • Uses: Storage, Seat
  • Available colors: Grey
  • Material: Velvet

Main features:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Upholstered in velvet
  • Stylish and modern


The storage chest is 49 centimeters wide, 48 centimeters high, and 142 centimeters long, which means you can store multiple items within it. Therefore, it is a good option for those looking for some extra space to store items that would otherwise be lying somewhere in the bedroom.


This storage chest features a plush velvet-finish upholstery and comes in an aesthetically appealing grey color. It also features a diamante buttoned detailing, making it an exciting piece of furniture that is both practical and beautiful. If you need to clean the upholstery fabric, lightly vacuum it or use a damp fabric to spot clean stains. However, it is best to avoid bleach or chemical stains that damage the fabric.
The storage chest rests on steady, three-pronged legs and has high-quality hinges that allow it to stay tightly closed or opened so you can easily keep your space free of clutter.
You can use this storage chest to complement a grey Ellis bed frame, Sana bed frame, and Murphy bed frame.


This storage chest comes with a one-year warranty, which means you can take your time to ascertain the performance and comfort of the Ellis storage chest once you bring it home.
However, it is safe to say that this furniture piece works as intended. It receives many positive reviews from users who see it as a perfect addition to their bed frames and ample storage for their needs.

Pros and Cons

If you wonder if this storage chest is the right fit for you, we can say that it is. It features a steady design, velvet upholstery, and three-pronged legs for extra support. It also has a one-year warranty to ascertain that the quality is up to par. The only con we have seen with this storage chest is that it comes in limited colors.
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Faux Leather Rectangular Storage Ottoman Bench “SIMPLIHOME”

Excquisite looking, contemporary faux leather bench with a huge storage compartment and upholstered seating.
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Review: Faux Leather Rectangular Storage Ottoman Bench “SIMPLIHOME”

Everyone should get the best that life can give to them. It may not be the blessing of living an entire lifetime in the paradise of Tahiti, but great comfort right inside your own is an underrated blessing. Simplihome are here to change that notion.
They have come up with an Ottoman Bench that not only looks exquisite, but also functions greater than anyone would ask from an ottoman bench. Underneath the beautiful marbling of the soft leather seat is ample storage for your needs.

Product details:

  • Uses: Great for providing seating in spaces where that may be required quickly such as in the bedroom, hallway, entryway or as a footrest. The storage space is a great bonus.
  • Available colors: Tanners Brown
  • Item weight: 25.4 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 36 x 18 x 18 inches (L*W*H)
  • Storage size: 33.5 x 15.5 x 12.5 inches (L*W*H)
  • Material: Faux leather, wood

Additional features:

  • Versatility seems to be the key reason behind this design. Here is an ottoman design that is small enough to be shoe-horned into all manner of type spaces around the home or office, and it does so while providing excellent utility for whatever you choose it for.
  • The ottoman is a product of meticulous work, all done by hand. The frame of the ottoman, stitching the faux leather around the polyurethane frame for the seat and the sides, all done by hand.
  • The ottoman radiates quality from how it looks gleaming in the light, to how it feels when you touch it, or get to settle on it. It also includes a child safety hinge to help protect against injuries.

Advantages of Simplihome Dover Storage Ottoman Bench

The Simplihome Dover Storage Ottoman Bench is a stylish storage solution for a variety of locations. You want to have some place to stow away your kids’ toys after they are done playing. This is a convenient storage location where you can begin teaching them how to clean up after themselves.
The variety of colors that are available with this design offer you a myriad of styling options for your home. Some of them will simply blend into the overall design you have chosen, while some will contrast beautifully to add interest to the room. Add the functionality of the storage space and you have a winning formula for any home or office.

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Wooden Industrial Style Ottoman Bench “VASAGLE”

Absolutely stunning industrial style bench with integrated storage compartment and shoe rack underneath. A definite eye-catcher.
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Review: Wooden Industrial Style Ottoman Bench “VASAGLE”

Here is a product with a very trendy industrial design, combining leather, wood and iron into a stunning piece of furniture that would look great as a bedroom bench or in your hallway. It’s not just a bench though. The seat pops up to give way to a sizeable storage space and provides a great opportunity to also store your shoes underneath.

Product details:

  • Uses: A multipurpose tool that can serve as storage space in the hallway or in the bedroom, and still has a comfy cushion that you can sit on to get your things done.
  • Available colors: Rustic Brown + Black
  • Item weight: 44 pounds
  • Dimensions: 39.4 x 15.7 x 18.5 Inches (L*W*H)
  • Material: Foam, PU Cushion Cover, Particleboard and Metal

Additional features:

  • A large storage space that is secured with a safety hinge you can use to store pillows or clothes if you put the storage bench in your bedroom, or shoes if you choose to put it in your hallway.
  • Excellent materials that have been used in construction of the storage box.

Advantages of VASAGLE Entryway Ottoman Storage Bench

A quick look at the catalog of Vasagle products and you can begin to see why it is a company held in such high esteem. Here is a design that is not only meant to offer great functionality in a home or an office, but also one that is aesthetically pleasing. Here is what you can expect with the VASAGLE Storage Bench.

Sturdy Build

You get a product that is built with a light steel frame. This gives it excellent strength that allows it to handle a maximum loading capacity of 264 pounds (120 kg), but still light enough to move around the house.
This is one of the sturdiest benches you will encounter on this list. However, just to ensure everyone is safe in the home, don’t allow your children to play on it. The possibility of sustaining a serious injury from a fall cannot be understated.

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Luxury SONGMICS Storage Ottoman Bench in Linen Fabric

This storage ottoman bench with a contemporary design will look not only beautiful in your bedroom but would also make a great addition to your living room.
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Review: Songmics Storage Ottoman Bench

The Songmics ottoman bench is a storage chest that is stylish, functional, and beautiful. Whether you need to sit down and tie your shoes or you need extra space where you can store your bed sheets and blankets without consuming too much space, this is the right ottoman for you.

Product details:

  • Uses: Storage, seat, ottoman
  • Available colors: light-grey
  • Material: Linen

Main features:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Made of linen and padded for extra comfort
  • Stylish and modern


This compact design is 118 centimeters deep, 45 centimeters high, and 45 centimeters wide in s rectangular shape. Due to its sturdy stature can hold up to 150 kilograms, making it a suitable storage chest for all types of items.


This storage ottoman comes in a rectangular shape, making it suitable for the bedroom and other spaces such as the living room. It is supported by a 1.6″ thick frame and has solid wooden legs for extra support.
It also features eye-catching buttons to add to the beauty of the linen-like fabric that covers the footstool. The seat is foam padded for extra comfort. It comes in luxurious light-grey color.
The ottoman comes pre-assembled. However, this should not scare you, especially if you are not a fan of handwork. All you will have to do is screw the seat and legs together as the rest of the assembly is done for you.


If you have not bought this ottoman before, you may be wondering if it’s the right fit for you or if it is as quality as we claim it is. The good news is that this ottoman comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can return the product within 30 days of delivery if you are not satisfied with it. However, according to the reviews on Amazon, the chances of not being satisfied are next to nil.

Pros and Cons

This storage ottoman is visually pleasing, sturdy, made of soft linen fabric, and can carry up to 150 kilograms of weight. However, this storage chest does not have an extensive warranty like the Ellis velvet-finish storage chest.
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storage ottoman bench bosco

Ercol Bosco Wooden Storage Bench

Wooden bedroom ottoman bench made from solid oak with three storage compartements and a soft cushioned seating area.
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Review: Ercol Bosco Wooden Storage Bench


The Bosco Storage Bench is part of the Ercol Bosco bedroom collection of wooden furniture. This piece is specially designed and handcrafted with oak and finished with a clear matt lacquer that highlights the natural variations in the grain.

Product details:

  • Uses: Storage, Seat
  • Available colors: Oak
  • Material: Wood

Main features:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Stylish and modern


The chest is 48 centimeters high, 40 centimeters deep, and 135 centimeters wide, making it desirable in any room in the house.


This furniture piece is built from solid oak and finished with oak veneers, making it an outstanding piece for your home, whether a bedroom or hallway. Natural wood has a beautiful grain that becomes even better with time.
It features rounded corners and a clear lacquer finish, adding aesthetic value. It also has attractive finger joints and recessed semi-circular handles.
This piece is highly functional as the top raises thanks to the hinges’ gas lift mechanism easily. The storage chest has three compartments, giving you enough space to store anything from toys to clothes and blankets. The top of the storage chest is upholstered in a soft and neutral fabric, making it an excellent addition to the home.


Interestingly, the storage chest comes with a 5-year Guardsman Furniture Protection plan to help cover you against accidental damage for up to 5 years.

Pros and Cons

This beautiful piece stands out from the rest in this review because it is mainly wood-made. Because of its specific look however, it only blends in with certain interior designs and therefore may only fit with the room you’re currently planning to place it in but if you were to change your mind in the future, it may not look as spectacular in other rooms.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Buy a Storage Ottoman Bench?

If your seating and storage needs are not fulfilled in a proper way and manner, then a Storage Ottoman Bench can be a great solution. These benches look beautifully and are highly functional. You can either choose an armed bench that could act as a small sofa or even the more simplistic alternative without arms can prove to be a great addition to your home.

This is all-in-one furniture gives a personalized touch to your house, looks versatile, is relatively mobile and provides a great storage opportunity.

How Portable Are Storage Ottoman Benches?

These Storage Ottoman Benches are relatively easy to move around. So if after a while you’re up for another change, you could easily move them from your bedroom to your entryway or lounge. But, as they’re available in different sizes, please doublecheck before ordering whether or not they’ll easily fit somewhere else in your home too!

What’s the ideal spot in your home for that new piece of furniture?

A lot of people have these kind of benches in front of their bed. Adding additional storage capabilities and a comfortable spot in the morning to get dressed. If you’re a person who likes it really tidy, then combining both an ottoman bench with storage and e.g. a double ottoman bed is the ultimate solution. You’ll have plenty of space to store all your items in the storage compartments inside your bed and your new bench and therefore have no longer anything in your room laying around. Depending on the style you choose however, these benches also work brilliantly in your entryway or as additional seating and storage function in your living room. Simply add a few pillows and perhaps a throw blanket on top and you have another mini-couch once you have guests coming around.


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