6 Best UGGs Mongolian Sheepskin Fur Boots

6 Best UGGs Mongolian Sheepskin Fur Boots

There are variations and styles of Mongolian UGGs fur boots, but for simplicity, I would recommend the ones without the shaggy sheepskin covering the outer cuff. The outer cuff can get dirty easily and if you get it wet, cleaning it is a hassle.

The Classics

UGG Women's Classic Short II Boot, Chestnut, 5
  • This product is made in China
  • Fully lined with fur. Sheepskin insole

You can’t go wrong with the classic style and design. It has been around for more than a decade since 2008.


– 100% Sheepskin Suede
– 1 inch thick heel
– Pretreated to repel moisture and stains
– Treadlite outsole technology

Available Colors:

Black, Chestnut, Pink, Chocolate, Brown, Gray, Navy, Beige, Sky Blue


Bailey Button Medium Arch

UGG Women's Bailey Button II Winter Boot, NAVY, 8 M US
  • Sheepskin lined
  • Treadlite by UGG outsole for cushion, traction and comfort

This design gives you a winter hardened look, with some fur sticking out. It’s perfect for a hipster and vintage look.


– 100% Sheepskin Suede
– Easier to clean and put on
– UGG Pure wool insole
– Pretreated to repel moisture and stains
– Treadlite outsole technology

Available Colors:

Black, Chestnut, Navy, Grey, Pink, Maroon, Red, Olive, Chocolate, Brown, Sand, Purple

Quilted and Fashionable

UGG Women's Fluff Mini Quilted Boot, Black, 9
  • - 17mm Twin face lining and Insole
  • Outsole: Tread lite by UGG

The quilted UGGs are going to be harder to keep clean and maintain. But they do look very fashionable and chic. Whenever you wear them make sure to keep them away from moist and wet environments.


– Real authentic fur
– Treadlite outsole technology
– Leather Suede
– Fashionable

Available Colors:

Black, Pink, Gray, Yellow


Sheepskin Cuff Design

UGG Short Sheepskin Cuff Boot Black 7
  • Get cute and cozy in the luxurious Short Sheepskin Cuff Boot from UGG®.
  • Cuffed, Twinface Mongolian sheepskin uppers with a round toe.

These are shaggy and wild. It goes well with other Mongolian fur products if you want to complete the look. Because of the authentic fur, it is a little more expensive and there isn’t much color choice.

Baley Button High Arch

These are both fashionable and warm. If you want to look good while staying warm, the length of these boots will protect your legs and the fur will keep your lower body warm and comfortable.


– 100% Cow Suede
– 11.5 inches of shaft
– Nylon binding

Available Colors:

Gray, Black, Chestnut


Fur “Converse Sneakers”

UGG Women's Antoine Fur Fashion Sneaker, Chestnut, 7.5 M US
  • Rich suede upper with fixed sheepskin cuff
  • Medial zip

UGG designs are changing over the recent years and they are trying some designs that are a bit different. If you want to stand out and mix the style of UGG with sneakers and converse, try these pair!


– Exotic design
– 100% sheepskin cuff
– Rubber Sole

Available Colors:

Chestnut, Black, Gray

What Are UGG Made Of?

The outer material of the UGG boots is mostly made of suede. The suede is made and designed to repel any stains and water. So compared with other brands, you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty or wet as much.

However, they will get wet and dirty if you expose them to too much water and are a bit careless.

The insides of the boots are either made with faux fur or Mongolian sheepskin fur depending on which type of UGG you buy. The genuine fur feels softer and is less harsh on the skin, but either way, the inside fur helps keep your feet warm and insulated for winter weather.

If you have a good pair of socks, UGGs can still keep your feet warm up to -30 degrees.

The sole is made out of patented treadlite technology which provides extra cushions, 16% extra durability, 20%, 25% more durability better traction than your average EVA outsole.

Can Men Wear UGG?

There are UGGs for men, however, the selection is small compared to women and it’s not as popular with men. Men usually think it’s effeminate or emasculating to wear UGGs, but in some progressive parts of the world, people don’t care whether you are wearing them or not.

Are They True to Size?

On average, 75%-85% of people said the UGGs fit as expected. Compared with other brands, the sizing is pretty accurate and good, so make sure to know your true feet size before ordering a pair.

How Warm Are They?

The inside part of the boots are made with fur, so it will keep your feet very warm in winter months. With a thick pair of socks, your feet can stay warm up to -30 degrees, but it’s most suitable in climates that are around -10 degrees.

How Comfortable Are They?

If you have not tried wearing sheepskin fur, you can go to your nearest mall or furniture store and try running your hands through Mongolian fur. It is very soft and smooth. Though I do not recommend you to wear UGGs without any socks, they are incredibly comfortable and delightful on the skin.

One of my male buddies didn’t care about UGGs being specifically for women; he liked the feel of the boots and wore them almost every day.

Are They Durable?

From personal experience, my friend wore UGGs for 2 winters (2 years) and his pair of UGGs still looked in good shape. And I am talking about him wearing his pair of UGGs pretty much every day during the winter in -30 degrees weather of harsh Mongolian climate.

Of course, you have to be careful and depending on the person it might last longer, but UGG is an Australian brand and their products are not cheap. You can be assured you are getting a quality product.

The sole is made out of patented treadlite technology which provides extra cushions, 16% extra durability, 20%, 25% more durability better traction than your average EVA outsole.

How To Clean Them?

Though the UGGs are specifically designed and made out of material to repel stains and water, sometimes they can get dirty when exposed to harsh climates and environments for too long.

The UGG brand actually has its own cleaning kit. It will take you 2-3 days to fully clean your boots, but it’s fairly simple. It’s a matter of spraying their cleaning liquid, brushing, washing, and drying.

For detailed instructions read: https://www.ugg.com/care-and-cleaning-instructions.html

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