Pink Mongolian Fur and Faux Fur Throw Blankets (100% Comfort)

Why Should You Buy Pink Mongolian Fur Throw Blanket?

If you are looking for exotic home decoration whilst at the same time want to feel warm and comfortable during rainy or snowy days, then Mongolian fur throw blanket is the perfect thing to have.

It’s comfy, cozy, and it will keep you warm as you read a book, watch a movie, or just nap.

Beside just close comforts, it’s a great piece of decor which you can use to spice up your room. It will give your room a homely, comfy, and a little bit exotic look.

How To Color Match Your Pink Mongolian Fur Throw Blanket?

For decoration purposes if you are using it on a sofa or a bed, it’s best to have similar shade of color. When the throw blanket and the bed/sofa contrast in color, it does not look that great.

So in this case, your pink Mongolian fur blanket, should be placed on a pink bed/sofa or a piece of furniture that is of a similar color shade without deviating too much from it.

For light colored sofas and beds, you should buy light or neutral colored throw blankets.

For dark colored sofas and beds, you should buy dark colored throw blankets.

For neutral colored sofas and beds, you should buy light or netural colored throw blankets.

Will There Be Any Shedding?

Depending on the quality of the product, some will shed and some won’t. It’s best to buy throw blankets that are a bit more expensive and of better quality, if you want to avoid shed.

How Comfortable Are They?

If you buy genuine Mongolian fur throw blanket, it is incredibly smooth, soft, and just feels amazing. However, they can be expensive and make your wallet cry. In that case, if you are looking for a budget option, then faux fur is a good option.

Faux fur looks almost identical to real Mongolian fur, but the feeling and comfort of the material is not as great. It is usually polyester and synthetic material, but it’s still enjoyable and comfortable enough.

Can You Wash Them In The Washing Machine?

You can wash real Mongolian fur throw blankets in the washing machine with cold water and very mild detergent. DON’T use the dryer! You should let them naturally dry outside or inside your home.

For faux fur, you should wash them as per the instructions for best results.

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