Grey Faux Fur & Real Fur Throw Pillows/Cushions

Why “Gray” Fur Pillow?

What’s the most neutral color? Of course, it’s gray, which is a transition between two colors-black and white!  Gray is also the most impartial and detachable color in the world which can  softens and balances the colors it is paired with. Gray represents maturity, responsibility and control.

When it comes to the fur material as it’s one of the most luxury textiles on earth, the gray fur looks so elegant and formal compared to other colors.

For home decor, gray fur pillows are ideal for formal and relaxing look. Therefore gray pillows are perfect for office room. Following gray fur pillows will give you an opportunity to create a mature look at an affordable price.

Depending on what kind of grey throw cushion you are looking for the prices vary. The material quality of real fur feels amazing, and you just can’t stop snuggling it, however, the price is pretty hefty.

If you don’t care so much about material quality nor how they feel on your skin, then I would suggest you opt for the reasonably priced ones.

100% Authentic  Fur Pillows

The material for these products is actually imported from overseas, hence the prices are a bit higher. However, you are getting more of a cultural experience and the best quality fur that you can buy.

SLPR Collection

Mongolian sheep fur is one of the toughest and one of the highest quality you can find out there. The sheep endure cold and harsh winters, hence they’ve been adapted to grow wool that is very thick and coarse.

Size: 12″x 20″,  20″x 20″,  26″x 26″

Weight: 0.6 pounds

New Zealand Sheepskin

New Zealand is pretty famous for its high-quality sheep products. Australian sheep have smaller and finer strands of wool than Mongolian breed, so if you like the smooth and soft feeling on your skin, this is the one for you.

Size: 12″x 20″,  20″x 20″,  26″x 26″

Weight: 0.6 pounds

 Faux Fur Pillows

Faux fur is cheaper and is actually made out of synthetic material. They don’t last as long as real fur nor do they feel that great on your skin, but if you are just trying to make things look nice, then these will do the job.


Brentwood is one of the premium faux fur pillow makers out there in the market. You can’t go wrong this brand.

Size: 12″x 20″,  20″x 20″,  26″x 26″

Weight: 0.6 pounds


Phantascope is another brand that is well known for its faux fur throws.  Their material is made from high-grade polyester, so you can machine-wash them in cold water.

Size: 12″x 20″,  20″x 20″,  26″x 26″

Weight: 0.6 pounds

Colors That Go Well With Gray

Gray is a pretty versatile color. From light colors to dark colors you can mix a lot with them. For me personally, I love the combination of white/ivory with grey. It looks very clean and simple.

If you prefer conservative or brighter colors, you can mix pretty much any other color. You can’t really go wrong with grey.

Faux vs Real: What’s The Difference?

Real fur is harvested from sheep. Don’t worry, they are not actually hurt or harmed during the process of shearing. It is actually a natural process that occurs with the seasons.

The feeling of real fur on your skin is absolutely better and makes a whole lot of difference if you are more of a snuggler.

Faux fur on the other hand, is usually made from acrylic and polyester, which are derived from plastic. Being synthetic materials, you just don’t get the authenticity of real fur.

Other Colors: White, Brown, Black, Blue, Pink

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