Blue Faux Fur & Real Fur Throw Pillows/Cushions

Why “Blue” Fur Pillow?

“Blue” is one of the three primary color pigments, is also a favorite color of many people. You may have heard that it’s considered to have the most calming effect on brain.  Blue represents the sky, ocean, peace, freedom, confidence, wisdom and stability.

For home decor, blue pillows bring peaceful and calming vibe. They are  perfect for bedroom due to the calming effect which allows you relax better during the day or before sleeping. Also you can add some cool color to anywhere with blue fur pillows.

If we consider the textile fur, it tends to have its own natural color, such as white, black, brown and beige.  When a natural product has a bold, bright color, it makes it unique and modern so it’s possible to create a fresh look with it.

I hope  blue fur pillows will help you decorate your room  as a great place for comfort and relaxing.

Depending on what kind of blue throw cushion you are looking for the prices vary. The material quality of real fur feels amazing, and you just can’t stop snuggling it, however, the price is pretty hefty.

If you don’t care so much about material quality nor how they feel on your skin, then I would suggest you opt for the reasonably priced ones.

Real 100% Authentic Fur Pillows

The material for these products is actually imported from overseas, hence the prices are a bit higher. However, you are getting more of a cultural experience and the best quality fur that you can buy.

SLPR Collection

Mongolian sheep fur is one of the toughest and one of the highest quality you can find out there. The sheep endure cold and harsh winters, hence they’ve been adapted to grow wool that is very thick and coarse. Therefore, the texture is so luxury and soft.

Also the fur hair don’t shed, that’s one of the greatest property of a real fur. Every pillow case has a zipper closure to easily get in and out the filling, but SPLR’s zipper closure is well-hidden, so it makes the design so clean.

About the color, this pillow is “Nordic blue” in color  which is a medium darker shade of a color “cyan”.  This is such a luxury color, so it will add sophistication, elegance and fresh look to your home. Suitable for any kinds of, especially traditional interior design.

Generally, fur pillows can match with any type of couches, beds or chairs. With their premium quality and versatile look, you can brighten up any room you desire.  Nordic blue, fur pillows look perfect with black, brown, white, beige, maroon and red couches or chairs.

Gentle Nature

Another Mongolian fur pillow. Gentle Nature is not as well known, but they have a premium quality pillow in a color “Prussian blue” in store specifically for your needs.  As a 100% real sheep fur, the quality is high as SPLR pillows, there’s also no hair shedding or color fading.

Do you like the feeling of a soft, fluffy fur? The fur hair of Gente Nature’s pillows is so soft and curly, and for me, I prefer curly fur to straight one because it feels more satisfying and fluffy. If you touch this pillow, you will feel like you’re petting a cute small lamb.

What color matches with prussian blue? The prussian blue color, itself is classified in a group of cold colors and it has very dark tone. Thus, warm colored couches, beds and chairs need this pillow. Also you can get it paired with different shades of blue because sometimes different tones of same, general colors look great together.

Blue Faux Fur Pillows

Faux fur is cheaper and is actually made out of synthetic material. They don’t last as long as real fur nor do they feel that great on your skin, but if you are just trying to make things look nice, then these will do the job.

OJIA Brand

OJIA is considered one of Amazon’s top choice when it comes to faux fur pillows. You can’t go wrong this brand. If you are bored of solid colored pillows, why not trying an ombre colored one? The upper half of the pillow is white, and the bottom half is “midnight blue”. Ombre colored pillows are suitable for solid colored couches, beds and chairs.

When it comes to color matching, grey, beige, blue, green colors are recommended. Not suitable for bold, bright colors including yellow, orange,  red and pink. This pillow is perfect for living room, guest room or work room because the the interesting, gradient color will bring a fresh, contemporary look to your environment.

I really satisfied the textile because it’s so thick and soft as a real fur.  The fabric is also breathable and eco-friendly, these are the must-have standards for any home decor products, especially for throw pillows since the textile touches our skin.

The fur hair is long and straight, just a single brushing will make it fresh and softer . Moreover, there are four different sizes you can select from, so just pick the size for your sofa proportion.


Phantascope is another brand that is well known for its faux fur throws. Their material is made from high-grade polyester, so you can machine-wash them in cold water.  The material is super durable, so it will be your long-lasting friend at home.

One of the best benefits you will receive from this product is it gets fluffier and newer as it lasts longer when other pillows get older day by day. You just need to brush it for the fist few days since unpackaging, then boom, you have a better pillow!

This pillow is “navy blue”. As a dark, cold color, it will be matching perfect with brighter colors. Especially, white, beige, red, orange, green, blue, grey colored couchs are the best fits. Not just solid colored couches are needed, you can try them on striped, gradient, spotted sofas as well.

Did you now that the “Navy blue” color is considered as the most relaxing color in the world according to the recent studies? If you can’t believe, you can check it on google. So this pillow is perfect for bedrooms, patient rooms and anywhere else where you need to relax very well and feel peaceful.

Colors That Go Well With Blue

Blue is a tricky color. You have to be careful with matching the color blue with different types of palettes. Since the color blue is strong, you can’t really mix it with other bright and heavy colors.

Opt for sofas and rugs, that are light in colors such as grey, white, ivory, or beige.

Faux vs Real: What’s The Difference?

Real fur is harvested from sheep. Don’t worry, they are not actually hurt or harmed during the process of shearing. It is actually a natural process that occurs with the seasons.

The feeling of real fur on your skin is absolutely better and makes a whole lot of difference if you are more of a snuggler.

Faux fur on the other hand, is usually made from acrylic and polyester, which are derived from plastic. Being synthetic materials, you just don’t get the authenticity of real fur.

Other Colors: White, Grey, Black, Brown, Pink

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