Black Faux Fur & Real Fur Throw Pillows/Cushions

Why “Black” Fur Pillow?

Black is the darkest, the most achromatic color in the world which can perfectly match all the colors. White represents  mystery, elegance, authority and sophistication. When fur, one of the most luxury textiles on earth is in a color of black, it creates a powerful and elegant look. Black fur has always been the perfect representation of power, royalty, wealth and also comfort as well as white fur.

Opt for black fur pillows if you want to bring some depth and variation of hue to the colors of your interior decoration.  They always look so unique because not everybody chooses black pillows.  If you prefer chic style which is rarely seen elsewhere, why not trying them and add some new vibe to your room?

Actually, these black fur pillows will give you an opportunity to buy a grandeur look at an affordable price.

Depending on what kind of black throw cushion you are looking for the prices vary. The material quality of real fur feels amazing, and you just can’t stop snuggling it, however, the price is pretty hefty.

If you don’t care so much about material quality nor how they feel on your skin, then I would suggest you opt for the reasonably priced ones.

100% Authentic  Fur Pillows

The material for these products is actually imported from overseas, hence the prices are a bit higher. However, you are getting more of a cultural experience and the best quality fur that you can buy.

SLPR Collection

100% authentic lamb fur with curly hair will give you extremely soft feel.  The quality of the wool is luxurious, so if you are looking for expensive looking fur pillow with premium quality, SPLR Collection can meet your demands. You will also love the long flowing hair!

If you are skeptical of the quality due to the great price, you will be pleasantly surprised by the great quality! This pillow is exactly as described and pictured.

Size: 12″x 12″,    16″x 16″,   20″x 20″,    24″x 24″

Weight: 8.8 ounces

New Zealand Sheepskin

New Zealand is pretty famous for its high-quality sheep products. They have smaller and finer strands of wool than Mongolian breed, so if you like the smooth and soft feeling on your skin, this is the one for you. Luscious to touch and lends such a nice texture/kick to decorating a room. The quality far exceeds the cost. Perfect pillow to use on your office couch!

Size: 12″x 20″,    18″x 18″

Weight: 1 pound

 Faux Fur Pillows

If you think an authentic fur pillow is too expensive, why not trying faux fur ones?  Faux fur is cheaper and is actually made out of synthetic material. They don’t last as long as real fur nor do they feel that great on your skin, but if you are just trying to make things look nice, then these will do the job.

OJIA Deluxe

OJIA is one of the better-known brands that deliver. You can’t go wrong with them. They might shed  a little when you pull them out of the packaging. In this case, just shake them out a bit and they will never shed again. They are so soft, it will make you feel like snuggling with big, black, fluffy dogs!

Size: 12″x 12″,  20″x 20″,  24″x 24″

Weight: 7 ounces


Obviously it’s faux fur, but great quality as the real ones. The shaggy textile is soft as silk, there’s no shedding. You won’t stop petting it when you’re sitting next to it on the couch!

Size: 12″ x 20″,     18″ x 18″,     20″ x 20″,     22″ x 22″

Weight: 6.4 ounces

Colors That Go Well With Black

Grey usually goes really nicely with black. So if you have a grey colored couch, you should mix in black and white throw pillows, or perhaps buy a few pillows that are a mix between white and black.

Don’t have all your throw pillows be black, you need to mix in some lighter colors to give it some character.

If you want a contrasting effect, black cushions can look really good on white couches.

Faux vs Real: What’s The Difference?

Real fur is harvested from sheep. Don’t worry, they are not actually hurt or harmed during the process of shearing. It is actually a natural process that occurs with the seasons.

The feeling of real fur on your skin is absolutely better and makes a whole lot of difference if you are more of a snuggler.

Faux fur on the other hand, is usually made from acrylic and polyester, which are derived from plastic. Being synthetic materials, you just don’t get the authenticity of real fur.

Other Colors: White, Grey, Brown, Blue, Pink

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