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Things to consider before buying decoration pillows

Decorating your couch or home with pillows is one of the easiest ways you can spice up how your home looks. There are many pillows you can choose from and many different styles you can find from shopping malls and online, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding what’s a good fit and what’s not a good fit easily.

But before you go out and just buy throws and pillows for you home, you have to consider what feel you are going for, what you want it to present and how you want it to contrast with the rest of your house, because when you are decorating your home, you have to understand that it’s not just a matter of picking a few things here and there and calling it a day.

You have to get the ingredients right and you have to know what goes well with what, so here are just some tips to help you figure out what you can do to find out what will look best for your home.

What kind of Style Are You Going for?

First and foremost you have to figure out what kind of feel and style you are going for. Because different types of pillows and throws are going to give off different kind of vibes.

For example: Mongolian and Tibetan fur pillows will make the space around it cozy, fluffy or in some ways exotic. Or if you are going for a modern type of look, something with contrasting colours and sharp edges will perhaps give you a better feel and look.

So it’s always best to understand what it is that you are exactly going for when you trying to decorate your house. Here’s an exercise, what defines you as a person and what kind of characteristics do you want your home to convey. Are you adventurous? Perhaps you are more of a technology enthusiast?

Usually the best styles are the styles that define you as a person or an environment that makes you feel at ease and comfortable. A lot of studies have shown that you can affect performance, mood, and overall health just by interior design and decoration.

What Kind of Dwelling Is it?

Now that you have come up with an overall style or look you are going for, you need to take into consideration what kind of dwelling you have. Is it a summer house, cabin, or an apartment, or perhaps a house in the suburbs?

Depending on the answer, you will have make it fit correctly according to the overall theme or environment. It wouldn’t make sense to be buying futuristic and bright colourful pillows for your winter cabin, because you probably want your winter cabin to give off a warm comforting feeling, hence make sure where you live has matching or complimentary qualities to the pillows you are going to purchase.

How Big is Your Home?

Another factor is to consider the size of your house and home, otherwise, things can look way out of proportion and whack if you don’t get it right.

Small pillows in a big spacious room will look even smaller or big pillows in a smaller apartment will just look huge in comparison, so a good way to gauge the size you will need is to get an overall feel by walking around your house or whatever environment you are decorating and visualise how things will look in proportion to your overall environment.

Types of Furniture You Have

We’re getting close, but another factor before we can proceed into the finer details is, what type of furniture you already have.

Will the colour and material match with its surroundings? Do you have mostly wooden furniture or is it marble etc?

Being Mindful of Color Scheme

Color is really important if not, one of the most important aspect of home decoration. When you are choosing a decorative pillow, you need to weigh the options for how it fits with the rest of the room and furniture.

Depending on your color choice and what kind of color you choose for your pillows and cushions, the overall style and feel of your home will have a very different result.

Material of Your Sofa/Bed

Finally, consider the material of your bed or sofa where you will be using pillows for decoration. The colours have to match each other and compliment one another. Otherwise, trying to match colours that don’t go well together or buying same colour palette will just look boring.

For colour palette ideas check out Colorpalettes.net

Making It All Fit

While it’s not exactly a science, you do need to understand that a beautiful house is comprised of many different ingredients that balance each other and in some ways highlight certain aspects of one another.

It’s always a mix and mash of different materials, colours, and ideas that make the overall picture good. Think of it as making food. Too much salt and seasoning will make the food unbearable to eat, whereas just the right amount with a bit of sugar will make it fabulous, so it’s always a balance and overall picture.

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