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Should I throw away pillows after lice?

Ohh no! Getting head lice can be one of the least pleasant things you can go through. Lice usually survives 30 days on a human host, but a female lice can keep laying eggs, and it’s vicious cycle we need to end.

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However, don’t worry, from shampoos to other forms of easy methods, lice on a pillow and your hair can easily be dealt with.

To Throw Or To Not to Throw Away

If you recently discovered that you had lice or that your pillows had lice, then you need to take action right away. Pillows are expensive, so you might be wondering, if you should throw away your pillows and cushions after getting lice.

Remember, lice do not live more than 30 days, and it can die after 24 hours after being separated from the human host. So if you have lice on your pillows, you can leave them out on the sun for more than 24 hours and re-use them again.

However, for some paranoid folks out there, if you really want to throw away your pillows if you have lice, then that is up to you. Though, the best thing you could do to save money is to just leave your pillows, comforters, and other affected furniture or clothing out in the sun for 24 hours, wash them with hot water, which should solve the problem.

Why Do Pillows Get Lice?

Lice is transmitted from person to person, and can spread if you share towels, clothes, etc. If you were unfortunate enough to get lice from someone, it can end up on your bed once you sleep. However, most lice prefer to stick to the human host since it can’t survive more than 24 hours without food source, but sometimes they can end up on pillows, your clothes, carpet etc.

If you were even more unfortunate and got a female lice as a parasite, then it could lay eggs on your pillow and keep multiplying.

Full Proof: How To Prevent Your Pillows From Lice

While some people might consider you to be a prude or closed-off, you can decide not to share your clothes, pillows, towels, etc with people. Usually lice is transmitted through close contact, so sharing combs, towels, hats, etc are a good way to get head lice.

On rare occasions lice can crawl and latch onto clothing such as sweater, carpet, etc, so if your head gets into contact with those material, head lice can make their away onto your scalp.

What To Do In Case Your Pillows Have Lice

The best solution is to leave your house for a few days, and since head lice can’t survive more than a day without food source, they will most likely die off. However, it does not mean that the lice you have on your head will go away.

So you yourself need to take some measures to get rid of your lice on your scalp!

Lice Removal Kit

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Henna Coloring

Henna hair dye has properties that kill lice, so if you were thinking of getting some makeover, then this is a good way to get rid of your lice.

Tea Tree Oil

You have to be a little careful with tea tree oil because on sensitive hair it might cause some damage, but you can mix it up with other oils to dilute the potency and apply it on your scalp.

Rubbing Alcohol

This might be the cheapest and easiest methods to kill lice. Alhcohol and spirits kill lice, so go to your nearest supermarket and buy a few bottles of vodka and wash away!

Cleaning Your Home After You’re Done

The lice that got left behind at your home would have gone looking for some food source, they could be on your desk, sofa, carpet, etc, so after you come back, it’s time to clean everything.

Vacuum, steam, and wash your clothes, carpets, towels, etc with hot water. And viola! Everything should be lice free!


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