Should I throw away old pillows?

Having a hard time deciding whether you should throw away your old pillows and replace them with new ones, well here’s a quick guide to making a decision.

As an individual who has had plenty of different kinds of decorative pillows I think the best choice would be to keep your old pillows as long as they are not worn out completely. However we all have different reasons for our choices so it will mostly depend on you.

How old is too old?

Anything above 2 years is considered old so it’s a good rule of thumb to follow. If you’re looking for new decorative hello ideas then read this.

Though to years is the baseline depending on the material, new pillows could last longer or a bit shorter. Usually synthetic materials happen to deteriorate more quickly or as wool and natural furs are more durable.

Why should you keep your old pillows

If we’re talking about decorative pillows that are mainly used for filling up spaces on the sofa and for interior design purposes than you don’t necessarily have to throw away your old pillows and throws.

It only becomes a problem when people use those pillows when they sleep. It is recommended to replace your sleeping pillows every two years because dust mites and fungal spores grow and for people with allergies and asthma it can cause problems.

However if you don’t have any allergies against dust mites and other various fungus, you can reuse you sleep intervals over and over again as long as you wash them with water temperatures above 130 degrees celsius and freeze them from time to time, which kills most of the dust mites and fungus.

Why should you throw away your pillows

It goes without saying if you pillows are worn out ripped and don’t like appealing then you probably might want to get a new pair of throws and pillows.

If you also happen to be allergic to dust and are prone to asthma, then you likely have to replace your pillows more frequently to avoid any health problems.

Neck problems with old pillows

If you are not aware, if you don’t replace your old pillows you do run the risk of developing neck problems. When the supporting foam and material deteriorate it can cause your neck to rest on unhealthy positions.

A good firm pillow should keep your neck straight when you are sleeping on your side and give a slight curvature when you facing upwards.

How to recycle old pillows?

You can use the covers as rag or a shoe cloth. For the inner foam you could probably use it as a car sponge, but if it’s further than probably there isn’t much you can do with it.

Or you could keep the whole thing and use it as floor cushions which you sit on. If you have pets this is a great way to make a better use out of it as well.

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