PRC Home Collection

Product Details:

PRC Home Collection is a brand that is not as well known as SLRP and Unite Down, but it does offer colour and pattern choices that are unique, especially gradient and frosty blue touch of colours. The fur quality is geniunely authentic and is derived from Tibetan and Inner Mongolian fur.

Besides just fur cushions and pillows, they have other products and selections such as the Mongolian fur rug and throw, which are imported from China. It’s usually low on stock, so if you want of those products, making an order early will help speed up the process.

Available Sizes:

Their most popular size is 18×18, but you can also find 12×20, 11×22, 16×16, 24×24, 26×26. However, for different sizes, they don’t usually have all of them in stock and are quite random.

Shipping & Returns:

If you have prime, there is free shipping and return, but otherwise if you are purchasing other products of PRC Home Collection, you will have to pay extra for shipping and wait a while. Returning will also take a while and to get a refund.

User Reviews:

Like many other fur pillows, it offers good genuine quality for a bit higher prices. Since PRC Home Collection is imported from overseas, their slightly higher prices reflect it however it is not the most expensive brand out there.

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