Buy Outdoor Patio Cushion Covers (100% Comfort)

Greendale Home Fashions Indoor/Outdoor High Back Chair Cushion, Marine Blue
  • 100% Polyester
  • Overstuffed construction for extra comfort and longevity.
Pillow Perfect Outdoor/Indoor New Geo Square Corner Seat Cushions, 18.5 in. L X 16 in. W X 3 in. D, Red, 2...
  • Includes two (2) outdoor seat cushions, resists weather and fading in sunlight; Suitable...
  • New and improved 100-percent polyester fiber filling offers an even cushier feel with...
Bossima Indoor/Outdoor Rust Red Deep Seat Chair Cushion Set,Spring/Summer Seasonal Replacement Cushions.
  • Including Seat Cushion and Backrest, Carefully Selected Qualified Cloth, Resilient and...
  • Variety Prints Design - The Bossima set includes Black/Gold Damask, Coffee, Green/Grey...
Greendale Home Fashions Outdoor Sunbrella Deep Seat Chair Cushion Set, Navy
  • 100% acrylic, high performance sunbrella fabric
  • Stain and fade resistant
BOSSIMA Indoor Outdoor High Back Chair Cushions Replacement Patio Chair Seat Cushions Set of 2 Light Khaki
  • BOSSIMA High back chair cushion - Carefully Selected Qualified Cloth, Resilient and...
  • Exquisite Craft - Attaches with ties can keep the cushions stay firm when sitting. The...

How Thick Should The Patio Cushions Be?

The thickness of the patio cushions will most likely depend on what is comfortable for you.

Some people prefer very thick and soft ones, whereas some others prefer cushions that dry faster and perhaps are a little firmer to sit on. You have to ask yourself, what is mostly comfortable for you?

Do keep in mind however, thicker patio cushions will more than likely retain moisture and are harder to dry. While it may feel comfortable and soft to sit on, if you live in a humid climate or happen to get them wet, they are harder to dry and will not last as long.

What is a Good Length For Ourdoor Patio Cushions?

Get a measuring tape and measure how long and wide your outdoor patio chair is. You should measure in torso or upper body length, and the lower body or leg length to get an estimate for how long and wide your cushions should be.

It’s usually better to add 2-3 inches to your measured length, because when you sit on the cushion, it actually sinks in and takes away from the length and width.

How To Pick The Right Shape and Size?

This comes down to what kind of design you are going for and what the shape of your outdoor patio chair is like. Some are wider, some are longer, shorter, etc.

If you really want, you can buy different sizes and shapes that won’t necessarily fit the shape of the furniture itself, but it will just look awkward and weird to be honest.

Is It Better to Buy in Sets or Singles?

Buying in sets is definitely a lot cheaper and will save you money than buying in singles.

However, set pieces are not necessarily of the best quality and comfort, so it comes down to whether you want to save some money or whether you are looking for comfort. If you are more concerned about comfort, get thicker single outdoor patio cushion.

What is a Good Price Range?

Depending on the thickness and quality, a single piece will cost you between $35 – $ 90.

When you buy in sets of 2 or 4, it actually becomes a little cheaper and be between $25 – $70.

Brand name plays a role for the price premium, but usually the thickness of the cushion and the features are the main determining factor for the pricing.

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