Best Ottoman Chairs for Bedrooms & Living Rooms, & Entryway

If you are looking for one of the versatile and multi-functional furniture pieces out there, then Ottoman furniture is exactly for you.

They are versatile enough to be used in several ways such as footstool, extra seating, table, sofa, storage, etc. Not only do they have amazing practicality and functionality, but they also have an elegant look that can complement your room.

We have picked out the best ottoman chairs for your bedroom, living room, dorms, and desks. All of them are great in quality, design, functionality, and overall look.

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Ottoman Chairs for Bedroom

Bedrooms won’t have much space, so you should opt for smaller chairs that go well with your bed or your desk.

Ottoman chairs are rather short, so it goes better with coffee tables, or as a secondary chair/footstool for your futon or sofa chair. They are however really soft and plush making it really comfortable for your bottoms.

Cristopher Knight’s Bench Ottoman

Christopher Knight Home Rosalynn Tufted Fabric Ottoman /...
  • Constructed from beautiful beige fabric
  • Contemporary style will add elegance to any room

Christopher Knight is a well-known brand with amazing and unique designs. The neutral white color for this ottoman will go well with almost any other furniture and color.

Try placing this near your make-up desk, close to the door, or any other tiny space in the room that looks rather empty.

Amazon Basics’ Classic

You have a lot more color choices with Amazon Basics. They don’t take up much space and sleek enough to look good in any bedroom. You can put these in a corner for a private reading or relaxation spot.

Otherwise, these ottomans can go really well next to a desk or your piano or work station.

Nathan James Brand

Another ottoman chair that can fit perfectly in a bedroom is from the Nathan James brand. It is well received by hundreds of customers with stellar reviews and has that classical ottoman feel/look.

They are quite affordable and won’t cost much. So get one or two of these and use them to fill out any odd spaces in your bedroom as a side table or just a chair in the corner to sit and rest.

BELLEZE Modern Lounge Chair

The BELLEZE brand is more suited for lounge or chill environments, but it does not mean it can’t be a great piece for your bedroom.

If you want something that is neither too big nor too small, then chairs from BELLEZE are the perfect choice for you.

It comes with a unique accent and color design with comfy/sturdy cushions. It can be a great gaming chair, just grab a pair and set it up in from of your TV. Otherwise, somewhere in the corner is also a very good place to set it.

Ottoman Chair for Living Room

When you are choosing ottoman chairs for the living room, you have to consider where it will be placed. Sometimes it can be in the middle of the sofa, or on the corner, or even separately as a reading chair, so there are many different styles that you can choose from.

Diophros Folding Ottoman Chair

You have a greater selection of color choices with the Diophros brand. If you need something in between a sofa chair and a bed, then this is perfect for you!

When you are just relaxing during the day, you can easily set it up in a reclined position and watch away your favorite TV shows, or if you are an avid reader, grab a book from your shelf and enjoy yourself.

It’s also a great choice for someone who hosts a lot of guests as it can fold itself into a bed that is more than comfortable enough. It’s as simple as folding a few bars to set up, which takes a minute or two.

The adjustable backrest ensures extra comfort and the durable gear guarantees stability.

Design and decoration wise, it goes really well with a living room couch or next to a window or near a corner.


The Belleze brand also goes really well in any living room. Although it is fairly compact, the design and the elegance are unmatched.

Since you have a variety of colors to choose from, depending on your living room color theme and overall feel, you can buy the appropriate one for a very decent price.

Rosevera Home Gustavo Collection

Rosevera Duilio Collection Fabric Nailhead Club,...
  • Overall: 37'' H x 33'' W x 31'' D; Seat dimensions: 30'' W x 23'' D
  • Built in hardwood frame for added stability and strength

If you are looking for elegance and modern design, Rosevera should be your #1 pick. Beige can almost go with any other color, but if your room is decorated with lighter colors such as gray, ivory, or white, then beige especially can look amazing.

This chair is great for relaxing and enjoying the company of the people in the living room. Grab a book or a tea if need be and enjoy the softly padded cushions that come with the Rosevera.

Ottoman Chair for Sofa

When you are choosing an ottoman chair for a sofa, you want to make sure it compliments the overall layout of the sofa. There are two ways you can go about this.

A) A complimentary ottoman chair that plays a supportive role on the wing

This needs to be on the larger side so that it balances out the frame. A folding chair or a comfy standalone ottoman will do the trick.

Vonanda Sofa Bed, Convertible Chair 4 in 1 Multi-Function...
  • 💎CONVERTIBLE DESIGN:The convertible sofa bed can be used as a ottoman in normal. It can...
  • 💎STURDY WITHOUT ASSEMBLY:The Folding Ottoman is made of high-quality materials and...

Vonanda can go really well along with the wings. It can be a separate piece for the living room, however, the design and color is better suited as a complimentary piece to a sofa.

It looks gorgeous, but it can also serve as a reading or relaxing chair during the day, but did you also know that you could turn it into a guest bed?

With a few simple steps, you can make it into a twin-sized bed. If you prefer, you can fold it into an ottoman table that can put in the center of the living room.

However, if you are looking for something that is a bit on the affordable side, give DAZONE a try. The main function is to fill out any empty space that you might have in your living room.

The design is very modern and you have a footrest if you feel like just chilling in your home. Although it looks amazing, it’s fairly sturdy with thick wooden support legs, so it won’t be breaking anytime soon.

Christopher Knight Home Tafton Fabric Club Chair and Ottoman...
  • Includes: One (1) Club Chair and One (1) Ottoman
  • Chair Dimensions: 34.75 inches deep x 32.50 inches wide x 34.50 inches high

Another alternative is the Cristopher Knight brand. It truly brings the classical ottoman design to your environment.

The design allows you to fit it into almost any environment, and there is a lot of ways you can set it up.

B) A table/chair that completes the whole look.

Christopher Knight Home Ivy Glam Velvet and Tempered Glass...
  • This glam ottoman/ coffee table is the perfect Way to add something new A unique to your...
  • Includes: one (1) ottoman coffee table. Material: velvet. Composition: 100 percent...

Give your home with an elegant and royal feel with this one right here! It requires no assembly so it’s as easy as just putting it in the middle of your sofa for a chic and stylish look.

The tufted velvet material will shine and give sparkling jazz to your surrounding environment. It can go really well in modern and contemporary themed homes.

If you are not a fan of round and circular shapes, try rectangular ones instead. Though I personally prefer round and circular shape to balance out the design, sometimes people just prefer square shapes.

The BELLEZE brand can serve as a classic coffee table where you can put your cups, books, magazines, and other miscellaneous stuff. Otherwise, prop your feet up on the plump cushion and enjoy your favorite shows on the TV.

Ottoman Chairs for Entryway

When choosing ottoman benches or chairs for your entryway, it is crucial to choose ones that save space, practical and simple.

An entryway is an important place if you receive a lot of guests in your home as your benches have to be durable and sturdy. There are a ton of double duty ottoman benches for your entryway.

First Hill Storage Ottomans

Ottoman benches with storage is always a go-to option for your entryway. They are very multifunctional and practical while giving that sleek and modern look.

You can use them as a seat for changing your shoes, and use the storage or open bottom as storing your additional items, shoes, throws, etc.

Christopher Knight Home Storage Benches

As you can see, Christopher Knight is definitely famous for its affordable and practical ottomans as they’re always mentioned in our articles.

If you’re planning to place a more elegant ottoman chair in your entryway, I would highly recommend choosing one with rolled arms. Rolled arms add elegance and luxury to the bench and it surely complements your room.

Christopher Knight ottomans are also ideal for small spaces.

Choosing the material


Velvet is mainly suited for weddings or special occasion decorations as it looks high class and prestigious, but if you are going for a home that is Victorian or royal in nature, velvet is a good choice for material.


Leather brings a sense of authority and power. The material is good for conservative professionals such as lawyers, doctors, or bankers. When you mix and match with brown or warm colors, it can look really good and boost your confidence and power.

Polyester / Cotton

It’s one of the most common materials that don’t cost much. If you like the design of your ottoman chair, you can mix polyester material with almost any design as long as the color matches.

Choosing the style

There are various styles of ottoman chair, but knowing the nature and the theme of the room that you are trying to decorate will help you a lot in choosing the right design.

1. Modern and contemporary

Polyester, cotton, and microsuede are most likely better-suited materials for more of a modern look to your home. Good thing is that such materials are rather cheap and won’t cost a fortune.

Usually, square and rectangular shapes fit well rather than round shapes, but in some cases, rounder ottomans can look good and fit the theme.

2. Victorian and royal

You must go with velvet, silk, or material that gives a bit of glow and shine if you are decorating it to fit a Victorian theme. Red, navy blue, and ivory white are good colors for such themes.

Rectangular or square shapes won’t look as good, so opt for more rounder shapes that have curves and feminine in nature. Having proper patterns and texture is also important.

3. Cozy and comfy

Brown and darker colors definitely give you a cozy and comfy feel to a room. Opt for animal fur or faux fur if you want to give a cozy touch with other furniture.

A brown leather ottoman can go extremely well such as design and theme.

4. Creative and bold

Are you ready to make a statement? If you are, bright yellow, green, and sky blue will give your space a creative and imaginative feel. If you re a startup business or need an environment that fosters the creativity of young kids, be bold and don’t be afraid to make some outlandish choices.

Common materials such as polyester microsuede, and cotton, etc are just fine for this.

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