Ideas For Decorating Your Home Like Mongolians

Morin Khuur

Morin khuur is the national instrument of Mongolia that is held in very high esteem. During the Naadam festival and other cultural events, Morin Khuur is the instrument of choice when it comes to connecting with Mongolian culture and roots.

While Morin Khuur is an instrument specifically made for playing, there are decorative versions that are much cheaper and solely made for making your home look more nicer. You can always hang one on your wall to give your home a Mongolian like feel and exoticness.

Mongolan fur rugs

Mongolian fur is one of the most popular products that is imported from Mongolia. Their cashmere and animal products are unmatched, so not only are Mongolian fur rugs extremely comfortable for your feet and skin, but it also serves as a great decoration piece.

You can hang it on your wall if you prefer as some Mongolians do or just opt the usual way, on the ground.

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Mongolian fur pillows

Another unique product that will give your home a Mongolian feel are Mongolian fur pillows. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colours, so you have plenty to choose from. Just make sure to get authentic Mongolian fur, rather than faux fur if you want the full experience.

Mongolian fur pillows are fluffy and will give your home a warm and welcoming feel whenever someone enters your home. Though they are specifically designed to decorate couches and sofas, you can use them on your sleeping bed or for snuggling purposes.

Buddhist paintings

Over 90% of Mongolians are Buddhists, and many of them hang a painting or picture of Buddhist Gods. Some pictures are scary, some are interesting to say the least, and some are just pure art.

Whichever you prefer, you can choose from paintings, sculptures, to even Buddhist texts and scrolls depending on how far you want to go with the Eastern religion feel.

Natural Landscape paintings

One thing most Mongolian families will do is hang a picture of their home province. It’s a way to remind themselves where they come from and to humble themselves wherever they are in life.

It has been less than 30 years since Mongolians became a democratic country and since then there have been a lot of migration and population shift between the provinces to the capital city. While many Mongolians moved to the capital for economic and practical purposes a lot of Mongolians are still attached and have a deep sense of belonging to their birth province.

Pictures on dressers

While Mongolian people do usually have photo albums and pictures saved on their computer, some people prefer to stick old printable pictures on their living room dressers. Those pictures can be of their kids, their loved ones, and family, to friends.

It’s like a time machine because once they place the pictures, they rarely take it off or change it, so some pictures that are 10-20 years old still remain on the dressers for the guests to see.

So hopefully that answers most of what you might be wondering about.

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