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How Do Mongolians Decorate Their Homes

Modern vs Traditional Mongolian Home Decoration

When it comes to traditional and modern interior decoration it varies. Some Mongolians opt for more modern way of decorating their homes. This is more common in the capital city where people are more in favor of modern way of living, however, this does not necessarily mean that Mongolians won’t use any of the following decoration styles outlined below.

Usually when it comes to modern Mongolian home decoration, it is like any other house around the world that is up to date with art and design. From simple and minimalist type of house to something more elegant, Mongolians are becoming more and more influenced by Western styles of interior design.

Traditional decoration however are simple and crude in some sense, but it does have character and its own unique look that other styles of interior decoration comes nothing close to.

For example Mongolian gers and cottage homes that are decorated in Mongolian traditional style, it has its own feel that transports you back into the times of the nomadic and Soviet type of lifestyle.
Using Rugs As Wall Decoration

Mongolian Fur Rugs & Pillows

One thing Mongolians are well known for is cashmere and Mongolian fur. Mongolian fur is unmatched when it comes to quality and plush softness, because Mongolian goats and sheep are specifically adapted to survive the harsh cold winters, so their fur is long, thick and a great insulator.

When visiting a traditional Mongolian home, you might find Mongolian fur rugs and pillows used as decoration around the house. While it may be expensive for non Mongolians to buy Mongolian fur products in their home country, for native Mongolians it’s plentiful.

Specially for nomad families, there is nothing more abundant than Mongolian fur since most of them sheer their sheep and goat during the summer and sell their fur.

Artfully Decorated Chest

If there is one thing that Mongolians MUST have in their traditional home, it is their chest. The Mongolian chest in a ger is a place where all their valuable belongings are kept. It does not necessarily have to be money or items worth a lot of money, but khuurug, diaries, books, etc, things of sentimental value.

Hanging Morin Khuur on Walls

If you don’t know what Morin Khuur is, it’s the national instrument of Mongolians. They have been playing the instrument for hundreds of years and Mongolian traditional music can solely be played on the Morin khuur, while the person playing sings in Khuumii or throat singing.

Morin Khuur captures the Mongolian festive spirit and hanging one on the wall is common for traditional and modern Mongolians.

There are Morin Khuur specifically made for decoration purposes only, so it will be unplayable.

Buddhist Sankrist Texts

Depending on the said family’s religion, if they happen to be Buddhists, which most Mongolians are, then you might come across interesting Buddhist texts on their shelves.

Some of them probably be able to read it, but some also use it as only decoration purposes, so it depends whose home you visit.

Food and Candy For Gods

You could almost call this a shrine, because some Mongolians are very superstitious and religious, so in order to please their gods and pay respect to their ancestors they will offer candy, food, and other edibles to their gods.

Sometimes you will find room specifically dedicated to their gods and if you are more of a feeler person, you can FEEL the room as holy and peaceful.

Want To Decorate Your House Mongolian Style?

Now that you know a few ways Mongolians decorate their homes, you might be wondering if it would be offensive to use some of their traditional and cultural items for decoration.

Good news is, you don’t necessarily have to be Mongolian in order to style your home in some Mongolian aspect.

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