How Do Mongolian People Decorate Their Couch

If you have not read the previous article about how Mongolians decorate their homes, today we will be going a bit further into how Mongolian decorate their couches and sofas.

Depending on the family background, they might not even have a sofa to decorate but moreso beds, but most modern day families who live in the city and are sedentary usually have sofas and couches they decorate. Some of them are very basic and plain, but some go to great lengths to make it chic and stylish as possible.

Couch Decoration in Traditional Gers

In traditional gers, you won’t actually find a sofa, but you will find a few beds that are very basic and simple. Since nomads and most Mongolians in general are minimalist type of people they don’t really so much care about the appearance of their beds.

It just has a pillow, blankets, and something to cover up the bed from getting dirty.

Decoration Cabin Homes in Mongolia

There are a lot of people who live somewhat sedentary lifestyle with amenities of modern day technology outside big cities. They are called soums, basically a small village. While these homes are not necessarily decorated with the most modern luxuries, though they are pretty comfortably settled.

They are called Kressle, which means sofa or couch. There isn’t excessive decoration, just a place to sit for guests to sit down and enjoy some tea/food.

Sofa Decoration for Modern Day Mongolian Homes

Modern day homes in the capital vary based on their income distribution. If the family comes from a wealthy and well off background there is more of a tendency to focus on detail and appearance.

As like many other families modern day Mongolians living in cities have a living room. A basic couch decoration for the average modern day Mongolian is a couch with pattern or colors with a few pillows and throws to go with it.

Otherwise if we are considering more wealthier families, they go all the way in decorating their homes. For nationalistic and traditional people, they sometimes buy very Mongolian looking decoration items such as Mongolian rugs, best Mongolian fur throws, and paintings of natural landscapes with a shrine specifically built for their gods if they are religious.

Mongolian Decoration Mentality

At the end of the day, Mongolians are very practical and resourceful people. Most of the older generation of people don’t care much about how appealing or aesthetic something look, as long as things get the job done and are respectful towards the gods, they are fine with most things.

You will find that most of Mongolian homes especially the older ones are very basic and rudimentary so there is still a long ways to go until Mongolian people themselves develop a sense of their own style and decoration methods for the world to take inspiration from.

Only the future can tell whether that is going to happen or not because as a developing country there is still a lot of other things that takes more important in Mongolian families’ lives.

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