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7 Best Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow & Cushion Cover

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Looking for the best Mongolian fur pillow cover? While these recommendations are not necessarily in order, the one NUMBER 1 BRAND is SLPR Home Collection.

They have the most selection with the most amount of reviews and sell for very affordable prices. Their material quality is great and guarantee authenticity.

1. SLPR Home Collection

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Looking for the top choice, well here it is! SLPR offers great choices when it comes to genuine Mongolian fur pillows. Their pricing is very reasonable, and you have the choice of choosing from varying colors such as white, blue, pink, etc with sizes that range from squares to rectangles.

Though the product mentioned above is white in color, but it’s actually more of a creamy white. If interested in other colors see here for variety of other choices you can pick from. The cover has a convenient zipper that allows for easy removal of the insert, this makes it simple to maintain and clean.

To top it off, there is no shedding! People have been very satisfied with this product and have left amazing reviews for it.


  • High quality with quarantee
  • Good for allergic people
  • In a great condition for the price
  • Luxurious lambswool which is guilt-free
  • Extra comfortable
  • No chemical odor
  • Beautiful color options
  • Free shipping
  • Color: Black, Natural, Grey, Beige, Nordic Blue, Sea Breeze

Size: Each pillow cover comes in three available sizes (16″ x 16″, 20″ x 20″ and 24″ x 24″)

2. Unite Down’s Lamb Wool

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Unite Down is one of the brands that try to stay true to the product shown in their images. What you see is what you will most likely get when it comes to colour choice. They fur quality is excellent, and the pink pillow shown above will go amazingly well with lighter coloured chouches, so for anyone going for a clean, modern, girly look then this can be a great addition to your collection.

They have interesting shapes and sizes to choose from. If you are looking for something smaller or rectangular, give the Unite Down brand a try.


  • High quality with 30 days of quarantee-You can take your money back without any question
  • Sweet soft fur
  • Luxury sheep wool 
  • Ultra comfortable
  • No chemical odor
  • Beautiful color options
  • Free shipping

Color: White, Light Grey, Grey, Brown

Size: 18×18 inch

3. Rose Feather’s 100% Tibetan

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Looking for something bigger that will fill out a bigger bed or a sofa, then Rose Feather brand is your top choice! Their sizing can go up to 26 by 26 so you are getting a good deal for the size.

Be wary of buying the Rose Feather from vendors that are VERY CHEAP, because people have reported that it’s a scam, but thinking about it, getting a Mongolian fur pillow for only $6-7 is too good to be true.

If you are purchasing the brighter colors from Rose Feather, sometimes it’s a bit darker than shown in the images, so it’s best to choose colors that are darker to be on the safe side with Rose Feather brand.


  • Super soft
  • Made with an eco-friendly way
  • Warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Extra comfortable
  • Durable
  • Beautiful color options
  • Free shipping
  • But zipper might be smaller

Color: White, Pink ,Brown,Light Bule,Gradinet Blue,Gradinet Pink,Green.

Size: 12 x 20 Inch (30 x 50 cm) ,18 x 18 Inch (45 x 45 cm),20 x 20 Inch (50 x 50 cm), 24 x 24 Inch (60 x 60 cm),and 26×26 Inch (65×65 cm).

4. Occasion Gallery

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Occasion Gallery is one of those brands that go all in with their color choice and style. There many variety of shades in rectangular sizes, so if you have a long couch or a sofa, their style might be well suited for your needs.

An advantage that is different from other products is it comes with the insert.  Long and curly wool with natural crimp. The hair has unique wave curves, like ripples of water, adds luxury and grace to any rooms. 

Their softness and warmth offer pure comfort. Available in a variety of vibrant colors to suit any style and brighten every room. An absolute joy to touch


  • Comes with insert
  • High quality
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra soft
  • Beautiful lambs wool
  • So comfortable
  • Has a 30-day warranty against defects and workmanship.
  • Free shipping

Color: Black, Ivory, Red, Eggplant, Gold, Mint, Blue Grey, Cobalt Blue, Dark Grey, Fog Grey, Oyster Grey, Rose-Pink

Size: 12 Inch X 20 Inch

5. Saro Lifestyle + Poly Filling

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Like Occasion Gallery, Saro’s Lifestyle has many great selection of patterns and colours you can choose from, just don’t be awestruck by the amazing Mongolian fur pillows you might from their brand!

On the downside, it is a little more expensive than the other Mongolian fur throws suggested, but if you love the shades and color choice from the Saro’s Lifestyle brand, that is well worth the money spent.

 Incredibly soft curly plush pillow is designed to be the ultimate in cuddly! 


  • In a great condition
  • Comes with the filling
  • Fluffy and soft
  • Warm
  • Luxurious sheep wool
  • Comfort
  • Beautiful color
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Shorter hair

Color: Grey

Size: 16″ Square

6. Fog Grey Selection

[amazon box=”B01DLRZW92″ template=”horizontal”]

The grey Tibetan fur pillow is a great choice if you are a bit of a lazy person, because it won’t appear dirty like the other colors. Sometimes dust accumulation and small stains look obvious on white colored pillows, but for grey colors, you don’t have to worry as much. On top of that, the quality and material is superb.

The color and size comes as described and show in the picture, but do try to keep it away from direct sunlight exposure because the color might lose its vibrance accumulation


  • Good quality
  • Durability
  • Luxurious lambswool which is guilt-free
  • Extra comfortable
  • Warm
  • Beautiful color options
  • Free shipping

Color: Black, Ivory, Red, Eggplant, Gold, Mint, Blue Grey, Cobalt Blue, Dark Grey, Fog Grey, Oyster Grey, Rose-Pink

Size: 12 Inch X 20 Inch

Products to Compliment Your Purchase

Now that we got that out of the way, you may be interested in completing the whole look. Matching and pairing your Mongolian fur can elevate your room to a whole new level.

Consider adding a Mongolian fur throw to go with your couch or bed, and a rug in your living room.

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What is Mongolian Sheepskin/Fur?

Mongolian sheepskin or fur is basically the wool and fur harvested and sheared from the sheep and the lamb. When it’s first sheared, it won’t look like anything like the products you see on store shelves, because they need to be processed first.

nomad sheerming sheep

All the fur and sheepskin are collected and sent to a factory where it’s cleaned, combed, and yarned in an organized fashion. Only then can it be used to make products that are sold.

Why Choose Mongolian Fur?

Mongolian lamb fur or wool as some call it is a great way to support local communities in Central Asia and nomads in Mongolia. So it’s both a win for you and for the people who work hard to provide you with quality material.

When it comes to quality, Mongolian sheep are a hardy bunch who have to endure tough and long winters, so they are adapted to the environment to grow thick and furry wool. On top of that they live a healthy life, free to roam around and eat organic grass, so compared with factory farmed animals, they are much healthier and robust, which is clearly evident in their quality of fur.

The fluffy texture, the smooth feeling on your skin is just one of the great bonuses besides making your living room light up.

Is The Wool Eco-Friendly?

Mongolian sheep wool is something that occurs naturally in nature and it biodegrades very easily, compared with polyester, and other faux fur products it does not have to go through other processes that are artificial.

The wool is sheared from sheep that shed anyways, so instead of having strands of lamb fur collecting dust, it’s put to a better practical use.

Why Decorate Your Home With Them?

Mongolian and Tibetan fur pillows are hitting the markets and is having great success. The unique style and character that real and authentic lamb fur can give is unmatched.

They are warm, cozy, and fluffy, which is great for snuggling and decorating your home with a welcoming atmosphere. It can be a great addition to your home interior, as Mongolian and Central Asian cultural blend can give your home an exotic feel and look that everyone will envy.

When choosing our top picks when it comes to Mongolian fur throw covers, we based it first and foremost, on authenticity and whether they are genuine Mongolian wool. Other factors include overall satisfaction from customers, choice of colors and sizes, and shipping service.

Is It Cruel or Ethical?

Most people would think that shearing an animal’s fur is cruel or ethical because the animal has to be slaughtered or killed beforehand, but that is not the case for sheep and Mongolian wool.

The sheep are simply bound for a few minutes until the nomad shears the fur from the sheep. This actually allows the sheep to stay cool and breezy during the hot summer months, so they are actually helping the sheep from torturing themselves in the heat!

For a detailed answer read: Is Mongolian Lamb Fur Cruel or Inhumane?

What Is The Wool Used For?

Besides making amazing Mongolian fur pillows with the wool, the nomads themselves actually use the fur to stuff their deel, their traditional robes, and ger, the nomad yurts.

The wool and fur act as great heat insulator for the winter months, so nomads and people who live in colder climates can enjoy the benefits of Mongolian fur greatly. Other products include, mongolian fur coats, jackets, rugs, and blankets.

How Do You Wash The Covers?

The best method is to not get it stained or dirty in the first place, but we all know that’s never going to be the case, so here are a few tips.

1. Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is the cheaper and more convenient way of cleaning your pillow. Just grab a damp cloth and dab it in non-enzyme/bleach free detergent and wash away away the stain. This is good for small spots and stains, otherwise you will have to get it professionally cleaned.

2. Machine Washing

This is never recommended and can ruin the fabric, so please don’t machine wash. BUT, if you need to and have no other choice, use cold water on gentle cycle with non-enzyme detergent that is not as harsh. Please DO NOT tumble dry or try to iron the pillow as you will be doing more damage.

3. Professional Cleaning

If you want to make your sheep fur pillow last, then professional dry cleaning should be the way to go. Though it may cost a bit extra, with professional dry cleaning you can have your throws and cushions last for years, whereas machine and hand washed pillows tend to lose their color and firmness. So please get it dry cleaned if you can.

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