How to reupholster a settee bench?

Looking to save some money or want to find a new hobby? Try reupholstering a settee bench.

Step 1. Remove fabric

Remove all the worn out fabric and foam from the main frame and the settee bench.

Step 2. Paint the settee

Sandpaper and smooth out any rough edges. Then proceed to paint the bench with your favorite color.

Step 3. Take Measurements

Before you insert the foam, you need to take the proper measurements for the bench. Make sure the width, height, and length match the dimensions of the settee.

Step 4. Prepare foam and fabric

What material and foam you want to use is up to you. I would suggest you match your color scheme to the overall theme of the room in which you plan to place your settee.

Step 5. Put together the pieces

Now put all the pieces together. Glue, drill, etc to make sure the foam stays in place.

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