How to dress a sofa with throws & pillows?

Before you decide to buy a pillow and place it on your couch there are a few things to consider and keep in mind. We go into greater detail here, but in short, you have to make sure the overall picture and the combination are a good mix.

You could have the most good looking high quality couch or pillow, but if they don’t go well together, it will just look weird and out of place, so here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

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Decorative throw pillows for brown, black, and red leather couch.

What Colour is your Sofa/Couch?

Depending on the colour, contrast, and brightness, you have to mix the colours together to create harmony and balance. It isn’t exactly a science, but the overall feel must be right. There are various combinations and different styles you can go for.

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Darker Colours

Darker colours would include black, dark grey, maroon, navy, forest green etc. They usually represent authority and dominance, but it has to be balanced with some brighter tones and shades that bring some life, otherwise too much darker colours make it seem bland and boring.

For a general rule of thumb, you can mix and match the dark sofa with a few pillows that are the same colour and majority contrasting brighter colours.

Brighter Colours

Brighter colours would include white, yellow, teal, blue neon green, etc.  They usually represent energy, character, and life, but too much colour can be distracting and overbearing, which is why it needs to be balanced out by darker furniture and pillows to give it some stability.

Bright coloured couches go really well with white pillows and throws, but to give it some character and balance, try a few darker pillows in the mix, but stay consistent. Too much variation can look can look ugly.

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours would include mostly earthy colours such as brown, grey, evergreen, silver etc. You could probably decorate a room with mostly neutral colours, but sometimes it will lack something special or something that gives it a unique character, so a mix of darker and brighter colours can be good.

What is your Couch Size?

Is your couch big or small? What sort of shape does it have? Based on those qualities you can mix it with different types of pillows.

Square Shapes

Square shaped couches that are short in length can be styled with a pair of big square shaped cushions on the both sides creating a symmetrical look. You don’t want to overkill and have to many pillows because you need it give your sofa a room to breathe.

Rectangular Shapes

Rectangular shaped sofas match well with rectangular pillows that are fluffy or big. Since rectangular couches can be long, you want to downplay its length and make it more balanced with rounder or square shaped throws and don’t be afraid to match your sofa with bigger pillows.

L Shapes

These kinds of sofas tend to be the most versatile and can be matched with different shapes, sizes, and colour of cushions and pillows. Feel free to experiment with this type as you will have much more freedom to mix and match.

What Material is it Made of?

The material of your sofa can also play a major role on how it can be dressed and styled.

Leather Sofas:

You have to be careful with leather sofas, because if you get it wrong with the wrong cushions, it looks quirky or as if something is just off. Usually it’s best to leave leather sofas as is without any other decoration.

If you have to, choose pillows that have more texture and in some ways contrast the main colour.

Fabric Sofas:

Fabric couches mostly go well with other fabric material cushions. It’s more versatile and you have more choices to choose from with fabric ones compared with leather sofas.

What is the Texture of your Sofa?

Texture can also play an important role when it comes to styling your couch with pillows. Bland sofas with no texture, are great because you can choose from different types of throws to give it life, but when it comes to textured sofas, you have to be careful.

Pillows & Throws That go Well with Everything

If you haven’t tried Mongolian fur cushions, they go well with almost everything! Though it’s fluffy and heavily textured, when you match the colours and sizes correctly it almost universally fits in with everything.

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