How to decorate your home with Mongolian Sheep Wool Pillows

If you have been considering about decorating your home and giving it an exotic touch, then you must give Mongolian sheep wool pillows a try.

These fluffy pieces of clouds make your room brighter and give it a cozy and warm look that other cushions are not able to provide.

What is Mongolian Sheep Wool?

nomad sheerming sheep

Mongolian sheep wool,as the name suggests, the fur that is sheared from sheep. If you have worried whether these are harmful to the sheep or cruel, you do not have to worry because it actually helps local suppliers and gives the sheep comfort during the hot summer months.

The wool is then used to make clothing products, most commonly the Mongolian deel, but pretty recently pillow covers.

Can It Be Used As Sleeping Pillow?

Though you can use it to nap and rest for a few hours, it is more of a comforter and something that you hug onto when watching a movie or just need to be lazy.

Sleeping on Mongolian sheepskin pillows may in fact give you some fogginess when you wake up because it conducts a lot of electricity and your hair can become very static.

These are mainly used for decoration, body comfort when laying down on the couch and just playing with them rather than using them as sleeping pillows.

If you are looking for best sleeping pillows, then check Sleep Restoration brand.

Where To Put The Cushions

Now that you know the main use for them, let’s get into the important part. The important question is, if you can’t sleep on it, then where can you put them or how should you use them to decorate your home?

Well, you can place it anywhere you like but mainly a couch or a bed is preferred.

Decorating a couch

BAD…. When decorating a couch with cushions, you need to make sure the sizing, shapes and colours go well together. Otherwise you will have a jumbled up mess like the one above.

Good… See how the colours and the sizing and the overall theme just match well with this version? For longer and rectangular sofas and couches, Saro Lifestyle’s brand fur pillows are the best fit because they have more rectangular pillows and some square ones to match.

mongolian fur cushion couch decoration

For short sofas, it’s best to go with smaller square shapes and bigger sizes to create symmetry and to balance things out. It’s a bit harder to decorate smaller sofas. Rose feather brand cushions are best for this particular set-up.

Decorating a bed

Decorating a bed with Mongolian wool cushion covers is possible if you are aiming for cozy and comfortable look for your bed, however it’s not the best choice for sleeping pillows, but moreso for snuggling and resting a little on the bed.

bed decorated with mongolian fur pillow

Aim for symmetry with bigger squares and some rectangular or smaller pairs to compliment the look. Try one of the best brands out there for this: SLPR pillows.

You can always compliment the look with mongolian fur pelts and throws to complete the full look .

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