How many cushions should you have on a corner sofa?

I am sure most of you know a corner sofa, is an L shaped sofa that is a bit wider and mainly put in the living room.

Most of us have been there. We don’t want our couch to look too empty but at the same time, we don’t want it to look too full. or god forbid, we don’t have enough money to fill out our sofa. So what is the answer?

To answer this question, we will have to ask you a few questions on what it is you are looking for what kind of sofa you have.

What kind of back support does it have?

Is the back support firm and come with the couch itself? *(considered a part of the sofa itself). If so, you will need a few more cushions and throws to fill it out.

Whereas sofas and couches with no back support have to be filled in with bigger sized cushions hence it gives the illusion that it’s filled out more. You don’t need as much pillows for these types.

Determining the length of the corner sofa

There are short corner sofas and there are long corner sofas, so depending on the length and size, the amount of pillow you need to put on there will vary.

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Short Corner Sofas

If your couch looks something similar to the above, then you most likely have a short corner sofa. This example above does not have back support, but it’s filled out with cushions as you can see, so the sofa shown above can get away with 3-4 throws.

Long Corner Sofas

If your couch resembles the picture above, then you probably have a long corner sofa. Since this comes with back support, you will need a few more cushions and pillows to fill it out more. The image above is a bit of a poor example of how it should be decorated, because the colour matching is off, and there are only 3 pillows.

There should at least be 5-6 mix and blend of big cushions and small throws.

How do you match the colours?

Matching the colours of a couch can be fun and intersting. You get to define how you want to represent your living room.

For brighter coloured sofas, try mixing and matching neutral coloured pillows like brown, grey and 1 or 2 darker coloured cushions.

For darker sofas, you need to balance it out with lighter coloured throws. It can be lighter shade of your couch as well.

Depending on the color and how heavy they are, you might actually need less than you think. Bright and darker colors have heavier weight compared with neutral colors, so you have to learn how to find the right color for your cushions and pillows.

What kind of shaped pillows should you choose?

For longer sofas, you want to balance out the long rectangular look with square or rounded shaped pillows. Brighter colours tend to make it shorter, so don’t go too overboard with too many bright pillows.

For shorter sofas, try rectangular pillows mixed with square throws or cushions. That should give it a good balance.

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