Best Decorative Pillows You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now!

If you are looking for good deals for decorative pillows and improving your home decor, Amazon is a great place to start for discount and exotic pillows. You can filter through many different designs, prices, and products easily if you know how to navigate through the shop.

Mongolian Decorative Pillows

If you have not tried Mongolian fur pillows, you have to try them. They are one of the most exotic types of pillow you can use for your home decoration. It gives a sense of homeliness and a warm atmosphere.

They are amazing to snuggle and take a nap on. The fur almost tickles when you let it touch your skin.

Phantoscope Brand

You can find amazing deals from the Phantascope brand on Amazon. From pillow cushions, inserts, covers, to exotic decor choices, you have a lot to choose from.

They have all shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. They are however mainly well known for their faux fur pillows, quality cushions, and amazingly cheap pillow sets.

Home Brilliant

Home Brilliant offers you a variety of color choices and options from choosing bigger sizes for your home decor. They are indeed also a very well established company on Amazon and have great reviews from thousands of people.

Home Brilliant is mainly known for selling traditional decor pillows that are square, but you do get a lot of cool patterns, colors, and material to choose from.

The pillows and products never really exceed more than $20, so they are affordable and well worth the money spent because of the great value they provide for their customers.


MIULEE is the go to brand for exotic home decor. Their decorative pillows are usually made with interesting patterns and design choices. However, MIULEE is more well known for their velvet pillows, so if you are looking for something that feels high class and Victorian-era, then you have to try their products.

They are well received on Amazon and have hundreds to thousands of 5 star reviews for their certain products on Amazon.

Best of all, their products are reasonably priced and pretty competitive on the market, so you certainly will get your money’s worth.

What Are Usual Prices?

Usually exotic decor pillows such as faux fur made out of polyester range between $15-$20.

Traditional large sized pillow covers are also around $15-$20, but if you buy a smaller set of pillows, you can get them for a lot cheaper.

Mongolian real fur on the other hand, will cost you some money and are not cheap. The material is imported and you are getting the real deal, hence the premium prices. But you get what you pay for! The material quality is much better and feels a lot softer.

What Kind of Material Quality Should You Expect?

You should expect mainly polyester, cotton, and velvet for traditional brands. These are mainly mass-produced and pretty standard material. Though they are not necessarily the most comfortable, you should not have any trouble with allergies because they are actually synthetic and can last a bit longer than some organic materials.

However, real Mongolian fur is imported from Inner Mongolia, China, and Mongolia.

How Fast Do They Ship? And Fees?

Depending on your membership, you can get certain decorative pillows in a day or two. However, standard shipping takes 5-7 days, maybe 2 weeks if you are buying from overseas and imported products.

Shipping fees are usually free for orders more than $25, but in the case they do charge for shipping, it’s about $5.99.

How Big Are The Sizes for The Pillows?

You can find many different sizes, but normal decor pillows range from 18 x 18 inches to 20 x 20 inches.

If you are looking for bigger sizes such as 24 x 24 or even 26 x 26 inches, it is going to be more expensive and unless you have a king sized bed or a rather large sofa, you won’t be needing those huge decor pillows.

Anyhow, you should be able to find most of your desired size on Amazon.



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