How Are Fur Scarves Different From The Others?

Don’t feel like your neck is rubbing off against a grater when you don’t buy the appropriate scarf?

Some people just have sensitive necks and need a bit more appropriate care. So if you don’t want to be rubbing your neck with lotion and creams after wearing scarves that are not a right fit for you, here a few facts about Mongolian fur scarf.

You Will Stay Warm

First things first, a scarf’s main point and objective is to keep you warm. If you it can’t keep you warm and fuzzy, it’s failing at its job. Don’t let people tell you otherwise; there is no glory in catching a cold and skipping a few days on work and school.

Get yourself a scarf that will help you stay warm during the cold months. There is a reason why Mongolian nomads still barely wear anything besides Mongolian fur and sheepskin wool in their Deel (their clothes) during the hard winter months. There is a reason why the Mongolian ger (yurt) is insulated with sheepskin and fur.

It helps you stay warm and retain heat!

Soft and Comfortable Material

Don’t you just the feeling of smooth and silky material on your skin. Maybe the renaissance people had the right idea of wearing silk and slippery shirts. It might be considered too outlandish today, but who does not like feeling comfortable right?

Mongolian fur is especially comfortable on the skin and your neck will thank you for it. If perhaps can’t afford more than $20 no a scarf, then just go with the faux fur one. However, the material is not that amazing compared to the real deal, so you should ultimately go with the real fur, but it’s your choice.

Elegant and Stylish

Mongolian fur collars and scarves may not necessarily be for men fashion wise, but hey, no one is judging if you like to rock the chic and elegant look you could try a few on before making any judgments.

Either way, you are sure to turn into a fashionista with these scarves and collars. There is just something about them that jazzes up your whole look. For women it is a great way to look mature and grown up, perhaps a little hollywood-esque.

It Goes Perfectly With Coats

There is an exception however, when worn with the right coat or jacket, these fur collars and scarves can make you look like a badass. Think of a ranger or hunter who lives in the woods and wears one of these.

When the right colors are chosen with the right color of dark coat, it actually compliments the whole look and can help you look more rugged and manly. For women, it can also be very sexy showing off masculine touch with your outfit look.

The scarf can act as a trimming piece for your jacket or coat, so play around with it a little.

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