Do Mongolians Wear Fur Collars or Scarves?

You might be wondering how authentic Mongolian fur collars actually are the matter fact is it is pretty easy to find sheepskin and wool for very cheap prices in Mongolia.

It’s so it makes a lot of sense that Mongolian people would decide to wear air clothes and accessories made out of material that is commonly available and cheap.

However, Mongolians just wear the traditional deel by itself most of the Times rather than having anything else worn.  you can sometimes find people wearing Mongolian fur scarves and collars during the wintertime, but it is something that is more for styling and prepping up.

While you won’t most Mongolians won’t be wearing bulging thick scarves and collars that are made out of fur, you will find a lot of them wearing modern brands such as Goyo cashmere that make thin and stylish scarves made out of cashmere and wool from sheep and goat.

It is Expensive

The brand Goyo actually sell cashmere products that are pretty expensive. You won’t be finding any product below $30. For $30 to $40 you can expect to get a small scarf made out of goat cashmere or sheep wool.

Comes Down To Style

It does not mean the bulging scarves and collars out on the market are inauthentic, those have their purpose and reason for making it that way. It can go amazingly with coats, jackets, etc. You just have to make the combination work.

Some Mongolians wear their bulgy and puffy scarves with big puffy coats to complete the look, and some others decide to choose a different style than looking all puffy.

In fact, there are coats and jackets that incorporate the puffy collar look with the jacket hats. However, the only downside is you can’t detach the collar from the coat itself, hence buying it seperately can give you some flexibility with your fashion choices.

East Asians Tend To Wear Them

There is something interesting that I observed though. While Mongolians themselves don’t necessarily wear collars and scarves for purely for fashion, a lot of East Asians like the style and wear them with their outfits.

And it’s not just to keep themselves warm, but for enhancing their overall look.

If you actually look at fashion models and classic oligarch like wives, they do tend to wear thick puffy collars. So it does have a sense of making people appear more elegant and classy.


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