Places You Can Buy Mongolian Fur Jacket

So you are interested in buying Mongolian fur jackets that are real and authentic huh? Or you maybe want to purchase faux fur jackets for a reasonably cheaper prices? Well here are some ways you can find the best deals online today!

Shopping on Amazon

If you actually look around Amazon, you can find a few decent products for good prices. Most however are faux fur and real genuine Mongolian fur is rather hard to find on Amazon because it is a website that is mainly for American audiences. Vendors and businesses who import into the U.S are not that many, and if they do import Mongolian jackets, vests, and coats, usually it is more expensive than buying it from the source.

For faux and fake fur however, you can actually find decent deals for cheaper prices. There is a lot more selection for designs as well. The only downside is that you are not getting the real deal with faux fabric. Since they can be made with more common items and can be mass produced it is easier and cheaper.

Buying From eCommerce Websites

If you search online you can find a few brands and ecommerce websites such as westelm and crateandbarrel  that sell Mongolian fur jackets, vests, coats etc.

Though they are rather even more expensive compared to Amazon. Usually they are charging a premium. It is mainly due to the fact that they are working with vendors and suppliers that actually provide real genuine lamb wool and fur. On Amazon and eBay the sellers don’t necessarily have to go provide documents to prove their products are actual fur.

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Importing Jackets from China

It might be a little more difficult to pull off with the tariffs that are being placed on China, but you can find a lot of cheap jackets, coats, and vests if you shop around Chinese websites. Since there are many I won’t list them.

Just use Google Translator and you will find many online shops that will sell you Mongolian fur jackets at cheaper rates. Having the product shipped internationally might cause a few hurdles, but if you want the best deal online, you could try it.

Are AliBaba Products Any Good?

Another suggestion is buying from AliBaba. If you’re buying just a single unit, it will be more expensive compared to wholesale. However, if you are planning on wholesaling and making some profit by selling to other people, you can buy Mongolian sheep fur and wool for CHEAP prices!

It’s crazy how cheap it’s on AliBaba. However, for consumers who just want 1 or 2, you will have to perhaps purchase extra. Maybe you can agree with your family relatives, friends, and such and buy in a larger quantity to enjoy wholesale prices.

Buying Locally in Mongolia

If you happen to be traveling in Mongolia, you have to stop buy local shops. The best known Mongolian cashmere brand Goyo is a must visit. You can get sweaters, jackets, vests, and many other lamb or goat cashmere for very cheap relatively! Many tourists do exactly just that.

It will cost you around $40 to $300 or $400 depending on what you buy, but the authenticity and the quality is something you won’t be able to find online for similar prices.

How To Get A Discount

Just ask 🙂 Sometimes you won’t believe how effective it can be. What is the worst that can happen. They just say no or apologize for not being able to provide any discount. You would be surprised how often people are willing to negotiate and bring down their prices if you perhaps just bring up the topic.

Even if it’s online or from a vendor/supplier from overseas, you just go ahead and ask.


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